SAMPLE COFFEE PRO SHOP         Kitchen closes at 2.30pm mon-fri, last drinks at 3.00pm        Spring  2018

Zucchini and walnut loaf  5 
w/ house made lemon rosemary butter

Ham and cheddar croissant  8.5

Sourdough toast 7 

w/ cultured pepe saya butter and a choice of orange and lime marmalade, mixed berry jam, vegemite, p.b. or lemon rosemary butter

Nonie’s gluten free bread instead +1

Nonie’s gluten free fruit toast 8

w/ house made lemon rosemary butter

Bircher  12

Organic steel-cut oats; fresh fruit; natural yoghurt, berry compote, honey, sesame, and coconut praline

House made granola 11

w/ apple puree, yoghurt, seasonal fruit and your choice of milk

Free-range poached eggs 12 
on sourdough with a side of seasonal salsa

Nonie’s gluten free bread instead +1

Avocado and feta on toast  14

Nonie’s gluten free bread instead +1

Seasonal tomatoes (gf) 14

w/ sheep's curd, basil on gluten free charcoal bread

Mushrooms 17 

Shiitake, swiss, and king brown mushrooms w/ pine nuts & herbs on toasted sourdough

Egg, mushroom and white bean plate 15 

Local swiss brown, shiitake, and king brown mushrooms, white bean puree, pickled radish, and free-range poached egg



Ham and egg roll 11

Thick cut ham off the bone, poached egg, cos, aioli & spiced tomato chutney

Chermoula-roasted eggplant
 sandwich 13

Sheep’s curd, cauliflower, zucchini pickle & fresh herbs

Poached chicken sandwich 15

Citrus aioli, walnut, chives, celery, pear & roquette

BOWLS Half Bowl 11, Full Bowl 15

Charred broccoli, roasted carrot, white bean puree, snow peas, pickled radish & puffed wild rice

Organic barley and lentils, cauliflower, green beans, almonds, & chermoula vinaigrette


Croissants and danishes by Penny Fours

Daily muffins, cakes and slices made in house

Panini with house made filling 9.5


Poached chicken +6,

free-range ham off the bone +5,  avocado +5,

Mushrooms +5, free-range poached egg +2.5ea


Milk coffees 4 / 4.7

Made using ‘Pacemaker’ blend
Flavours of vanilla, caramel, and malt

extra shot; bonsoy; oat milk; mocha +0.5

Black espresso 3.7 (espresso) / 4 / 4.7

origin coffee rotated daily

Filter coffee 3.7 / 4.2

origin coffee rotated daily

Venezuelan Hot Chocolate 4.2/4.7


Assam Breakfast Tea 4
Amber colour, sweet malt, fruit buns

Grown in Assam, India

Yunnan Red (Dian Hong) 4
amber colour, malty flavour with hints of spiced fruits and chocolate
Grown in Fengqing District, Yunnan, China

Cloud & Mist (Yun Wu) 4.5
light jade colour, buttery, macadamia, coconut, pina colada
Grown in Gonshu, Zhejiang, China

Heal (herbal) 4
golden, lemon & lime zest, honey, hint of cassia
lemongrass, ginger, calendula petals, fennel seeds, peppermint

Peppermint (herbal) 4

Chamomile (herbal) 4

Masala Chai latte 4 / 4.7
Ground and hand-crushed whole spices combined

with Assam tea, combined with honey and steamed milk

Bonsoy, oat milk +0.5,

Sparkling water  3 glass / 5 carafe


Tonicka’s raw & organic vanilla cola kombucha



Tangelo & Lime

Pink Grapefruit

Freshly squeezed orange juice 5


 Chocolate malt 8.5

Raspberry 8.5

Caramelised fig 8.5

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