MOC General Meeting

October 23, 2013


The MOC game of musical rooms continues!!!! Yes Colin, your jokes are HILARIOUS.


Trip Reports

Aziz just joined the club and did trail mapping with Sarah at the house! He was joined by Anna, a seasoned veteran of the MOC exec. Sarah divided everyone into teams and it was fun. They did 20k the first day! They also didn’t pay for food, transport, or house stay. Hooray for FREENESS. The trail workers had fun scaring and scarring the acapella people…


Clio and various others went hiking with Hossein. It was supposed to be a race. Except Hossein made the race and was the only one who participated so he won by default. Lame. Someone may have obtained a trail sign and Hossein climbed the cross at the top of Mont Ham. Unfortunately there were no ham sandwiches.


Someone just returned from a 2 month road trip from Montreal to Vancouver to San Francisco and returning through Arizona and Colorado. While he logged 16,000km, we still don’t think he is cool because it was done in a car.


Caroline went to Rimouski and walked along the St. Lawrence River for half an hour without a coat. She had a dentist appointment.



Trip Announcements


A Wilderness First Aid course will be taking place in Burnside Hall on the downtown campus the weekend of November 16th-17th. It is going to be a $150 deposit and $250 total fee. The deposit is due by October 30th. Sweet thing to have to your name! It is a 20 hr course including CPR. Probably the CHEAPEST you’re ever going to find! Good for 3 years.


For those of you who don’t already know… Trip Leader Subsidy! It is our way of encouraging you to plan your own trips. Bring MOC members on your planned trip and we will give you money up to the cost of the trip for you. $5/person, $10 if you have WFA. Woo!



There will be a horseback overnight trip the weekend of November 2nd-3rd in Gatineau. You should be comfortable with a walk, trot and canter. You may also visit a petting zoo! Whoaaa! The trip cost is $180 with an $80 deposit. There will also be a beginner trip on November 9th. This is the trip to go on if you have never been on a horse before and want to learn! $60, $30 deposit. If you want more info, her office hour is Thursday at 4pm.



Come to the Intermediate Rock Climbing trip! They are looking for more cars - if there is another driver there will be more spots.


Halloween party this weekend at the house! Drivers needed. Badly. PLEEAASSEE. If you are biking, you have to bike to the house in your costume. Leith will be leading a bike group up there! He is going to leave at around 9:30am on Saturday morning. He will be going mountain biking at the house that weekend! There are 2 questionable mountain bikes at the house if you don’t have one. AND


The Halloween party is free this weekend if you want to do trail work with Sarah! Stop people from drowning in the marshy wetland near Paradise Lake by building sweet bridges. 7am start time on Saturday the 26th. Who’s in?


Leith will be going biking next weekend (November 2nd-3rd) to Mont Saint-Hilaire. He will be taking the Route Verte going east. He promises he won’t get lost but probably will. That’s the fun in it, right guys? Approximately 100km day trip, no fee!


If you went on Hossein’s Ham trip last weekend, come and pay him if you haven’t already!


Most important!!! There is the MOC concert tomorrow at 630pm. It is at 3812 Saint Laurent (Trois Minots – a karaoke bar!!!) There will be 4 acts, as well as an auctioning off of various exec and their affiliated skills. I believe half-naked salsa dancing and special maid services are on the menu. Tickets are $10 at the door and $8 in advance. Come chill with awesome people and maybe get to see Max sing karaoke afterward!


Signing off.

Have a great week and enjoy the fall leaves!