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FROM DARKNESS - Installation Instructions & How to play (EN)
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FROM DARKNESS - Installation Instructions & How to play

FROM DARKNESS - Installation Instructions & How to play

Installation/Game Requirements

Installation PC

Installation MAC OS

Installation Linux (coming soon)

Troubleshooting & FAQ

Windows Smartscreen pops up.

MAC Gatekeeper prevents running the App

Resetting Registry

How to play: Tutorial


Installation/Game Requirements


Minimum: Intel Core 2 with Dedicated Video Card, 8GB Ram, 3GB Free Disk Space (6GB for Installation), Mouse, Keyboard

Installation PC

Download Installer

Download File, Double-Click to Install, press Windows-Button and type “From Darkness”, start. DONE.


Download Compressed File

Installation MAC OS

Installation Linux (coming soon)

Troubleshooting & FAQ

This should not happen anymore, since we have signed the software with an officially recogognized certificate. If it happens still,  the Workaround is simple: 
Solution: Click on: “More Info”, and then  “Run anyway”

More info on disabling Smartscreen.

Despite gold extra being a certified software developer, this happens because Apple has decided to not accept any Software Certificates other from Apple Inc itself. There is however, an easy workaround solution.

Gatekeeper can't open app OS X Mountain Lion

  1. Solution: Ctrl+click or right click on the app and select Open from the contextual menu.

RIght click to open bypasses Gatekeeper in OS X mountain Lion

  1. This time you'll see the popup below instead of a message saying the app can't be opened at all.

Gatekeeper confirm open app dialog box

3. Click Open if you're sure that the app is from a trusted source. The app will open and you'll be able to use it normally now. You may get one more popup from time to time verifying that you're sure, but you can confirm them as well, as needed.
Even more info here

Resetting Registry

Sometimes resetting the registry can be useful. To do this, press Windows-R and then type regedit. The Register Editor will open.

Go to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE -> gold extra > From Darkness

Mark everything and delete!

How to play: Tutorial




zum herumlaufen folgende Tasten:

w – a - s - d (Blickrichtung mit der Maus)

Dialog starten/auswählen

Auf Person blicken, dann, sobald weiss umrahmt:

Leertaste oder Linke Maustaste

Weitere Tasten:

b: → Öffnen / Schließen des Notizbuchs

ESC -  Taste: → Spielmenü


to walk around, use these keys:

w - a - s - d (Use mouse to look around)

Start / choose Dialogue:

Look at Person, then click

Space or Left Mouse Key when person is highlighted

More Keys:

b: Open and close notebook.

Esc - Key:  game menu

Beispiel: Kibera Level. Mit manchen Personen kann man „kommunizieren“ zB die Person im Bild. Wenn man diese mittig vor sich hat, wird sie green ge-highlighted → klicken → dialog sollte entstehen. → man kann unten im Textfeld klicken (sollte ebenfalls -ge-highlighted sein)

Die Personen, mit denen man in dieser Form zB in Kibera kommunizieren kann, sind folgende:

Example: Level Kibera: You can “communicate” with some people, e.g. with the person above. When in the center of the screen, the person will be highlighted > click > dialogue will be initialized. > you can choose and click your desired answers & replies at the bottom of the screen

Below are examples of persons you can communicate with:


If something doesnt work, please report to our Feedback form, including your System Specifications(see below)

To find them, press Windows-Pause Key