6/10/14 Rely to Friends of Discovery Park from Mayor Murray’s Office

Hello Julia,


Thank you for writing to us. On behalf of our office, I would like to personally apologize for the lengthy delay and lack of communication.


I have just started here to fill Bennett’s role, and currently our stance is accurately reflected by the draft language you attached. I’m copying it below so that you may have it directly from us.


Again, I apologize for the delay – I will ensure our future communications with you are timely and accurate.






Discovery Park is both a natural and historic treasure. The City of Seattle is committed to preserving its dual character; first and foremost as a tranquil public refuge, but also as home to important landmarks of our City's past.


The City's policy goals and priorities regarding Discovery Park are clearly stated in the Discovery Park Master Plan. These include the City's aim to eventually acquire all lands comprising the former site of Fort Lawton and to respect the primary purpose and objective of the Park, which is the preservation and creation of open space.


It's clear that the City ought to have found a way to put in place a management structure for the historic properties in the park (Montana Circle and Washington Avenue) which would have ensured public control. Notwithstanding previous administrations' support for that approach, the lack of funding prevented that and continues to prevent it now.


As it stands, the City does not own the land in question and is not able to acquire it. The historic properties on that land will be private residences. Residents will be constrained in the use of these properties by their designation as historical landmarks. It is our understanding that there will also be a homeowner's association in place.


That being the case, Mayor Murray and the City will do their best to see that these properties' private ownership, and all that will entail, has as little impact as possible. We will ensure that Discovery Park remains the crown jewel of Seattle's park system.






Mike Gore

Correspondence Writer

City of Seattle, Office of the Mayor

O: 206.684.7991 | M: 206.437.2471 | mike.gore@seattle.gov