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King of the Hill

King of the Hill Schedule

Check in:          9:00 AM

Practice:           9:45 AM      

Start:               10:00 AM

Cost:  $20.00

October, Tower Lanes will have 2 squads

Tower 9AM Squad will be limited to 64 bowlers! If you’re not checked-in by 8:40 AM your spot will be given to the next person on the waiting list and you will have an option to bowl the 2nd squad.


Tower – 8AM and Noon


Tower – 8:45AM and 12:45PM 


Tower – 9AM and 1PM



Daffodil – 8:30AM


Daffodil – 9:15AM


Daffodil – 9:30AM

October 14, 2018

Tower Lanes

6323 Sixth Ave

Tacoma, WA 98406

(253) 564-8853

November 4, 2018

Narrows Plaza Bowl

2200 Mildred W

University Place, WA 98466


December , 2018

None scheduled

January 6, 2019

Bowlero Lanes

3852 Steilacoom Blvd SW

Tacoma, WA 98499

(253) 589-9000

February 10, 2019                                          Daffodil Bowl

1624 Main St

Puyallup, WA 98372

(253) 845-9166

March 3, 2019

Paradise Lanes

12505 Pacific Ave

Tacoma, WA 98444

(253) 537-6012


April 7, 2019

Pacific Lanes

7015 South “D” Street

Tacoma, WA 98408

(253) 474-0594


King of the Hill Tournament Rules


  1. This is an invitational handicapped and scratch tournament. Bowlers are selected in each division based on either a Bowler of the Week contest or on achievements earned during the previous month in league as determined by the Youth league officer or Coordinator for any South Sound USBC Center.  

  1. League officials, coaches or house coordinator must send in list of qualifiers names, gender, average, and average verification sheet to the tournament Manager no later than the Tuesday before the tournament.  Failure to do so could result in the qualifiers not being eligible to participate for that tournament.
  1. League Standing sheets maybe posted at bowl.com or league secretary by the required date for average verification.

  1. USBC rules and regulations as well as the South Sound USBC Youth  tournament rules will govern the monthly and Coronation Tournament. USBC Youth division code will be enforced and the tournament will be certified (sanctioned). All participants must be current SSUSBC cardholders, bowling a South Sound Youth League in good standing and present their South Sound USBC youth card at check-in.  SSUSBC Youth Tournament Rules can be found at SouthSoundUSBC.com/Youth.html under Youth Tournaments.

  1. Entry fee for the monthly tournament will be $20.00 ($11.00 lineage/expenses,  $5.00 Coronation scholarship funds, $1.00 to Youth All-Stars and $3.00 prize / trophy fund. Any remaining money from prize fund will go into the coronation scholarship fund. Any remaining surplus after expenses have been paid be split 50/50 for Youth Programs and Youth All-Stars. Distribution to the youth programs will be made within 30 days of completion of the Coronation.  

  1. Divisions will be based on the averages and are as follows: (one each for boys and girls)
  • Division 1:
  • Division 2:
  • Division 3:              
  • Division 4:  
  • Division 5:            
  • Scratch * All star points *
  • 150 and up (Handicap)
  • 126 – 149 (Handicap)
  • 101 – 125 (Handicap)
  • 100 and below (Handicap)

6.        Division 1 will be SCRATCH. Divisions 2 through 5 will be HANDICAP at 100% of 210.

  1. Monthly winners will be awarded trophies within 30 days of the event. Prize fund to be returned 100% and trophies will be awarded on a 1:3 ratio in each division. Winners will be entered into the Coronation Tournament on April 7, 2019 at Pacific Lanes.

  1. Bowlers will compete in the monthly tournament in the division in which they qualified at the league level. If a bowler qualifies in more than one division at the league level, the HIGHEST division will be used.

  1. If a bowler wins in more than one monthly tournament, the month with the higher division will be used in the Coronation Tournament. If the winner is already entered into the Coronation Tournament, the next bowler in that division will get an invitation to the Coronation. (No monthly trophy). Bowler can only win ONE TIME in the same division. Alternates may be invited at the discretion of the tournament Manager.

a.  Bowlers can only progress one HANDICAP division over their current average.

Example: (A bowler qualifying in Division 5 with a 100 or under current average may not advance past Division 4 until the bowlers average is over the Division 4 Minimum Average of 101. Even if they have placed 1st in Division 5 & 4).

         b.  HANDICAP Bowlers that qualify in October ONLY, can be subject to a re-rate and division adjustment based on the difference between last years Average and your current Average at time of Coronation.  If your current Average is more than two Divisions away from your qualifying Division, then you will be bumped into the Division below your current Average even though they might not have qualified in that division.  

Example:If a bowler Qualifies in October in Division 5 with last years Average of 95 and by Coronation time the bowlers Average is 135 which would be Division 3. The bowler will be automatically advanced up a Division at Coronation to Division 4, if the bowler has not qualified in a higher Division after the October KOH.

  1. In the handicap divisions, a total series of three (3) games plus handicap will determine monthly winners. In the scratch divisions, a total series of three (3) games only will determine the winner. Only your first squad scores will be counted per event.

  1.  The highest youth league average based on a minimum of 12 games shall be used as of Tuesday before the tournament when coordinators are required to turn in League Standings sheets. Exception is October 2018 tournament, in which last year’s 2017 – 18 USBC bowl.com average will be used. A bowler who does not have an acceptable average under tournament rules will bowl scratch unless at least 9 games have been bowled in their current league (exception to 12 game requirement to 9 games only for October 2018 tournament).

  1. King of the Hill tournaments are NOT walk-in Events. You MUST be registered by your center to participate!

  1. The SMART Program – Account #9009. Refer to the South Sound USBC Youth Tournament Rules for details.

  1. Coronation Tournament: April 7, 2019 at Pacific Lanes. Invitation only, based on monthly qualifiers.



Please sign up to volunteer at one of our tournaments.


KOH Tournaments can be paid online without a convenience fee at:


“Live Tournament Standings” and Lane assignments for prepaid bowlers will be available at:

KOH.SouthSoundUSBC.com under the Month you are competing in.

South Sound USBC Office

Attn: King of the Hill

4517 South “M” Street

Tacoma WA 98418


(253) 473-4822

(Make Checks payable to South Sound USBC)

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