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New Member Application UFKB&S United Finnish Kaleva Brothers & Sisters
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United Finnish Kaleva Brothers & Sisters


New Member Application


Date _______________                                             Lodge #__________                                      


I hereby apply for membership in your Association, subject to conditions specified in your Constitution:


Name ___________________________________        Date of Birth_______________


Address _________________________________

City ______________________State _____ Zip ______


Phone Number (_____)________________ E-mail address_____________________


Occupation ________________  Present Employer ___________________________


Place of birth ___________  Finnish Connections or family history?_______________




Why do you wish to join our Lodge?________________________________________


Recommended by (Signatures of three (3) current members in good standing)


1. __________________________ 2. ________________________  

3. _____________________________


Are you willing to sign an Agreement with this Association, recognizing that you will not offer religious or political opinions or upset your duty to your family?  __________


Will you keep the secrets of the Association to yourself even after withdrawal or expulsion from the Lodge?  _______ (please initial here)


Name and address of an emergency contact





I hereby affirm and declare that the above answers are true and correct, and that I shall hold all these promises and obligations sacred.  But, if it should be proven that my above answers are not true facts, or that I have violated my pledge, I agree to forfeit all my rights to benefits together with all dues that I may have paid to this Association and the United Finnish Kaleva Brothers and Sisters shall have an uncontested right to expel me from its membership.


Dated at ______________________________,  ____________ (city & state),

this ______________day of _________


Signature of Applicant ________________________________________


Initiation fee-$5    Annual dues-$25