Ecofootprint Report Form Cover Sheet

Date of Report:


MARC&D Project Manager: Colleen Oestreich

MARC&D Project Number: 1501026

Organization Information

Minnesota Dragonfly Society Name of organization

102 8th Ave North 46-2605380 Address Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Hopkins, MN 55343 City, State, Zip

952-931-0819 N/A Phone Fax Website

Crystal Boyd 612-247-5283

Contact Person Phone E-mail

Grant Information

Project Title Finding Minnesota’s Rare Dragonflies

Grant award amount Date grant issued: $ 50,000 11/1/2015

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☒ Quarterly Report

☐ Final Report

Narrative: (Reports shall describe the status of the project, compare actual accomplishments to the objectives established for the reporting period in the project work plan and recipient agreement, report reasons for deviation, and provide justification for timeline adjustment requests. The report narrative should include any significant events or activities. Photographs, media coverage and other documentation of progress accomplishments are desirable.)

As of January 15, 2016, the Minnesota Dragonfly Society (MDS) has completed the following tasks:

Activity Date Attachment Announced that MDS received the Ecofootprint grant through the MDS Facebook page and newsletter.

November & December 2015 Newsletter article

Featured on Enbridge blog: "Minnesota Dragonfly Society spreads its wings for conservation, biodiversity." 11/18/15 Blog post

Drafted a Request for Proposal for a project manager. 12/1/2015 Released RFP: 12/1/2015

Posted on Minnesota Council of Nonprofits job board Posted on the MDS Facebook page Emailed to all University of Minnesota Conservation Biology students Emailed to all members of University of Minnesota entomology club Received six requests for the full RFP. 12/18/2015 Received three responses to the RFP. 12/18/2015 Reviewed RFP responses with the Board of Directors. 12/20/2015 Conducted interviews for the project manager. 12/31/2015 Confirmed that there was no conflict of interest with the potential project manager’s employer. 1/11/2016 Drafted and signed the project manager’s contract. 1/12/2016

Grant announcement in MDS newsletter, December 2015:

Enbridge blog post, November 18, 2015: