115th Sea Scouts Paddling Nights

From the month of May to the end of August, the members of 115th Sea Scouts Troop gather, every Monday, for canoeing instead of the regular indoor meeting. The Troop meets at Base Rideau (our canoe shed) from 6:45PM to 9PM (6:15PM to  8:30PM after July 31st). Base Rideau is located at the end of Nesbitt Place and can be reached by taking the path on the left.

Drop-off, Pick-up and Parking

Parking spaces on Nesbitt Place are very restricted. There is usually room on Prince of Wales Drive. However, some parents drop-off their Scouts at the end of Nesbitt Place. If this is what you plan to do, be warned that by 7PM (6:30PM after July 31st), the canoe shed door is closed and whoever arrive after that will not be able to participate in the evening. Do not leave until you know your Scout is participating.

We compete with other organizations to access the pier. Therefore, we can not delay and miss out on our window to put the boats in the water.

What to bring

  • clothes appropriate for weather
  • bottle of water
  • water shoes (old pair of running shoes)
  • bathing suit and towel
  • insect repellent and sunscreen
  • life jacket (optional, only if you have your own)


When Scouts arrive at the shed, they should first select fitting PFD and paddles, and help bring out required equipment. Personal belongings not taken on the water can be left locked in the canoe shed.


Part of the canoe training is to swim along the canoes and practice rescues. Scouts should expect to go in the water and swim while wearing a PFD. Therefore, clothes and shoes appropriate for these activities should be worn.

The water in the Rideau Canal system should not be consumed. When returning home after swimming, we encourage Scouts to bath or have a shower.


The paddling nights are hosted “rain or shine”. Unless otherwise notified, the paddling night takes place. Paddle nights are cancelled under lightning conditions for safety reasons. When this happens, the Troop reverts back to the regular meeting place and the members are notified by e-mail.