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Superhuman Physique Transformation System

By Jeremy Williams

Nutrition and Training Program

The book on Getting in Shape

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Your Guide to Getting Back on Point

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  1. Introduction / Overview
  2. How to use this this program to maximize your results
  3. Quick Start Guidelines
  4. Getting Started
  1. Goals
  2. Assessment / Evaluation
  3. Program Plan
  1. Diet
  2. Training
  1. Tools Needed
  2. Success Principles / Habits / Tips / Tricks
  3. Reassess / Reevaluate / Make appropriate changes
  4. Stay on Track
  5. Ergogenic Aids
  6. Recipes
  7. Personal Success Journals
  1. Assessment Journal
  2. Diet Journal
  3. Workout Journal
  4. G.I.D.T Journal
  1. Notes
  2. Keeping it Light - Humor / Entertainment
  3. Closing
  4. Additional resources
  5. About Author Jeremy Williams
  6. Images
  7. Bibliography / References
  8. Index

Introduction / Overview

Congratulations! You have obviously made a decision to either: get in shape, get back in shape, or in some capacity, improve upon your current level of health and fitness. I am honored, and take great pride in helping you succeed on this journey.  

I am going to share with you a variety success principles that have been used to influence dramatic changes in the physical fitness level of both men and woman.  These principles have been used by successful professional athletes, advanced coaches, trainers & experienced nutrition consultants.

The info that I will be sharing with you to help you along your path is the result of over 30 years of my personal research, experiences,  education, mentoring, coaching, applications, trials and errors, in a wide variety of experiences in Health, fitness, medicine and public servic.  My obsessive studying of bodybuilding began very early in life. My quest in bodybuilding began at 8 years old. I wanted a weight set or a skateboard for my 8th birthday. I received the weight set for my 8th, membership to a gym on my 11th, began competing in bodybuilding competitions at the unheard of age of 12,  and the rest is history.  It has been over thirty years since I received that first weight set and I am excited to share the lessons I have learned from the experts that mentored, instructed, coached and shared with me. I have taken what feel to be some of the most effective lessons used to influence dramatic advances one's fitness level, and constructed a series of valuable guidelines I am going to share with you. These are the guidelines that I use

when I personally clients in their goals of losing fat, building muscle, increasing their physical performance level. These guidelines have been used by men and woman from a wide range of age groups. I have used these guidelines to successfully coach clients with a variety of goals including but not limited to:

Over the years just like you I’m sure, I have tested a variety of different Nutrition and exercise programs based upon varying theories. I have also tried a variety of these different philosophies on various clients. I have discussed the pros and cons of the application different theories among my coaching peers. These experiences combined with the formal education, training and experiences have led me to the principles I currently promote.

As my interests, experiences and responsibilities  have changed with age over the years so has the valuation on different factors of health and fitness.  This is reflected in my currently promoted guidelines.  I definitely place a different value on my health  than i did as a younger competitive bodybuilder. As a young competitive bodybuilder I definitely cared more about the physical appearance of my physique than  and indirectly concerned with my internal health and fitness as it pertained to how i looked. Now, years later with the current state of life I place more value on health, vitality, longevity, energy, convenience and balancing life.

I promote the goal of frequently eating a large variety of healthy foods providing a wide range of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, and trace elements. My goal is to provide the nutrients necessary to allow organs, glands, hormones and in turn the overall metabolic rate to function at its full current potential. My program is not about starving or depriving the body and resulting in organ function set backs and decreased metabolic rates. My goal is to provide more food and nutrients, systematically in an organized fashion.

NW Fit Club

Williams Program

“Hollywood Corn Diet”

The Book on Getting In Shape

Jeremy Williams Quick Start Guidelines

The Quick Start Guidelines give you enough info and goals to start making some positive changes. Start implementing these guidelines now. As you take in more information and learn more you will adopt new changes and make adjustments where necessary. For now master the basics and implement the Quick Start Guidelines.  Chances are you are not succeeding in all of these 8 basic goals.  It is likely that to initiate some major changes in your physical appearance and performance you do not need to implement a extreme training or complex nutrition program.  Most of the people I have come across that seeking improvement, from the stay at home mom desiring the youthful body of her past to the advanced competitive bodybuilder, have similar habits hindering their success. They fail to consistently succeed at these Basic Guidelines the majority of the time. Study these 8 Quick Start Guidelines and reflect back on your current lifestyle. Think about your average day, not your best day, not your worst day but the way your training and nutrition is the majority of the time. Reflect back and look at your past week as a whole. How consistent were you at succeeding in the guidelines?  Could you do better more often? Yes! Now find a way to do it! Make the decision and start now! Its go time! Get on point

  1. Stop eating and drinking the obvious bad things
  2. Eat within 90 min of waking
  3. Eat every 2 – 3 hour
  4. Do not go to bed starving. (Eat within 90 min of going to bed)
  5. Every meal needs a protein & carbohydrate source. Strive to eat a vegetable with each meal as well.
  6. Drink a Glass of water with every meal, and during exercise.
  7. Do Cardio at least 3 times per week
  8. Weight train at least 3 times per week

In reviewing these guidelines many new questions may come up for you. You may think you need to have the answer to a few more questions per guideline to properly start out on the right foot. If this is the case, you are not giving yourself enough credit. You are smart enough to get started within these 8 parameters. There is so much information out there on nutrition and training that it seems to overwhelm people and they tend to overcomplicate everything. So many people over complicate it to  the point that they never start.  It is very likely that the answer to your question will come later in this program when necessary. I will provide you with information and goals in a systematic orderly fashion strategically designed to build upon the principles and skills that you previously will have learned and mastered. Strive to make each day and week better than the last.

Williams Basic Food Tier Guidelines

Food Source Examples - What to eat - How much to eat


Goal per serving generally 20 - 60 grams of protein per meal.

Strive for Tier 1 sources for quickest results  


Tier 1 (Best) Protein examples

Meat of any kind:

Beef,  4-8 oz                                    Buffalo 4-8 oz

Chicken 4-8 oz                                 Turkey 4-8 oz

Pork 4-8 oz                                      Seafood  (clam, crab, shrimp, ect) 4-8 oz

Fish (any kind) 4-8 oz                       Eggs 2-6

Protein Powder

(1-2 scoops or 20-60 grams of protein)

Tier 2 protein examples

Cottage Cheese                                 Almonds, Legumes, ect

High Protein Yogurt                            Protein bar

Meal replacement drink.                      Milk


Goal per serving generally 20 - 60 grams of carbohydrates per meal.

Strive for Tier 1 sources for quickest results

Tier 1 (Best) Carbohydrate  examples

Sweet Potato                                      Quinoa

Yams                                                  Lentils

Oatmeal (plain whole, slow cook)

Beans (red, black, kidney, pinto, refried, ect)

Tier 2 Carbohydrate  examples

White potato                                       Rice

Red Potato                                         Yellow or Gold potato

Tier 3 Carbohydrate  examples

Most Fruit                                           Milk

Pasta                                                 Yogurts

Tier 4 Carbohydrate  examples

Breads ( Bread, muffins, bagels, ect)

Crackers (Saltines, Ritz)

Strive to eat a large variety of vegetables throughout the day, with as many meals as possible.

Strive to eat Tier 1 Protein and Carbohydrate sources in each meal for quickest results.

Williams Program Basic Weight Training Guidelines

  1. Train each body part once a week to with intensity (to failure).
  2. 3-6 sets per body part
  3. 1-3 sets per exercise
  4. 1-6 exercises per bodypart
  5. Train each set to failure
  6. Train with good form
  7. Do not do movements that hurt do to a pre-existing injury

Bodypart workout template example

Warm up set  20-40 reps

Exercise # 1

1-2 sets

12-20 reps

Exercise # 2

1-2 sets

8-12 reps

Exercise # 3

1-2 sets

3-8 reps                                                        













(Upper & lower)




(Delts & Traps)





Week one


Mon         (Quads & Calves)


Standing calf raises

Tue         (Chest & Abs)

Bench press

Wed         (Back)

Bent over rows

Thu         (Hamstrings & Calves)

Straight leg deadlifts

Standing calf raises

Fri        (Shoulders (Delts & Traps)

Side lateral raises

Front lateral raises

Rear lateral raises


Sat         (Biceps & Forearms)


Wrist curls

Reverse grip wrist curls

Sun         (Triceps)

Overhead tricep extensions

Examples of weekly body part groupings

7 days/week program option

Day 1 Quads, Calves

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Hams, Calves

Day 5 Shoulders

Day 6 Biceps

Day 7 triceps

6 days/week program option

1 Day off per week. You may adjust where your “Off day falls depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves)

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 5 Biceps

Day 6 Triceps

5 days/week program option

2 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 5 Biceps, Triceps

4 days/week program option

3 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves

Day 2 Chest, Triceps

Day 3 Back, Biceps

Day 4 Shoulders  (deltoid, trapezius)

4 days/week program option

3 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves

Day 2 Chest, Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Biceps, Triceps

4 days/week program option

3 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves)

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back, Biceps

Day 4 Triceps, Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

3 days/week program option

4Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves)

Day 2 Chest, Triceps, Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 3 Back, Biceps

The Following is an example of an Elite daily meal plan following the Guidelines of the “Hollywood C.O.R.N” Diet. Keep in mind the portion sizes listed below are an example of the quantities for a male such as myself. You may cut the portions back if you are a female. Depending on what your daily intake is when you start it will likely be hard to get in the quantity of food listed below. If that is the case, start out with smaller meals and be sure to get in protein, carbs, and veggies. Balance is the key.

Example below is my new personal Meal Plan Goal, Following the  “Hollywood C.O.R.N” Diet Guidelines:

Large glass water with fresh lemon or lime

 Thermo Alert by Altered Image Supplements

 Stamina Elite by Altered Image Supplements



Protein shake

50 grams of low carb protein powder S.O.F Series Protein Blend powder from Altered Image Supplements

1/2 cup oats

1/2 cup fresh or frozen fruit

1 serving Greek yogurt

1 cup tea with fresh cut lemon and 1 tbls Apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp coconut oil, aloe vera gel


4-6 whole eggs or 8-12 whites (onion, garlic, peppers, mushrooms) and any other fresh herbs are a bonus

Oatmeal  (1/2 cup when measured dry) add cinnamon, and 1 tbsp almond butter

1/2 grapefruit


6-8oz meat

6oz sweet potato/yam with cinnamon or Apple pie spice or any other spice you may like

1 cup veggies or large salad with Apple cider vinegar/olive oil

6-8oz meat

1/2 cup beans (examples; pinto, kidney, red ,black)

Large salad with Apple cider vinegar and olive oil

1/2 avocado or hand full of almonds

Pre workout meal

6-8oz meat

1/2 cup beans (examples; pinto, kidney, red ,black)

1/2 cup veggies

1 piece fruit

Post weight training workout

6-8 oz meat

6 oz potato (examples; white, reds, yellow/gold)

1/2 cup veggies or Large salad with assorted veggies and

1 serving cheese

6-8 oz meat

1/2 cup beans (examples; pinto, kidney, red ,black)

1 cup veggies or Large salad with Apple cider vinegar and olive oil

Assessment tools


A.M weight

P.M  weight

Tape measurement










Caliper skin fold measurement

Inner calf


Inner thigh

Ab horizontal

Ab vertical


low back






Bodyfat % if calculated


Resting heart rate A.M

Blood Pressure  A.M

Progress pictures reminder

Energy level

Sense of well being

Mental clarity





Getting in all meals

Cheating on extra junk

Weight training (days/wk)

Cardio (days/wk)

Cardiovascular endurance

100 meter

400 meter



Flexibility / Stretching


Notes - Look back on the week. Give a short explanation expanding on any needed from above, so proper goals can be set. What did you do right?  What did you do wrong? What did you learn?


Training Journal



Body Weight


Full Body Warm Up -        Yes / No                Comments

Pre Workout Stretch -        Yes / No        Comments





Post Workout Body Part specific stretch / massage         Yes / No        Comments

Cardio / Activity


Yes / No





Post Cardio/Workout Total body Stretch/massage          Yes / No Comments

Focussed Meditation         Yes / No        Comments

Diet Journal


Wake up/ Time


Food / Drink / Supplements / Exercise/ Activity / Work

Total daily water

Bed Time

Grateful / Thankful

Intentions (What kind of person do i intend  to be? What traits, qualities and emotions do I intend experience)

Dreams / Goals

Tasks / Todo’s 

Keeping it Light - Humor / Entertainment

“You might be a meat head”

You have to admire and respect the extreme desire dedication & determination that individuals of our sport posses. To the rest of the public your level of commitment may come across as a bit unusual.

Sometimes you just need to keep it light and laugh at yourself. I myself am an old school recovering “meat head” so I feel I can post the following jokes,  as at one point in my life a lot of these applied to myself or my close friends. The following comments are meant in good humor and in no way meant to offend anyone. My kids and their friends have come up with many of these having been surrounded by silly “meat heads most of their life.”

Feel free add any “You might be a meat” jokes in the comment section below, just don’t be offensive.

  1. If you open your fridge and you got prepped meals in zip lock baggies… you might be a meat head
  2. If you are extremely proud of the pics you post on Facebook or Instagram of your prepped meals in neatly stacked tupperware or zip lock baggies… you might be a meat head
  3. If there are no condiments in your fridge door, normal people have items in the door such as BBQ sauce, teriyaki sauce, dressings… you might be a meat head
  4.  If you open your fridge/freezer and it that contains less than 5 items but in large quantities… you might be a meat head
  5. If you bring your own food to a restaurant… you might be a meat head
  6. If you order food at a restaurant and ask your server 50 questions about how your food is prepped and whats in it… you might be a meat head
  7. if you make up random excuses not to go to: parties, bbq’s or family gatheringst because you do not  want to subject yourself to the food these “pigs” are eating… uhhhhh your definitely a meat head
  8. if you wear posing trunks under an everyday outfit… you might be a meat head
  9. if you put a coat of competition tan on just to go to an event… you might be a meat head
  10. if you own a tank top that does not cover your nipples… you might be a meat head
  11. If you’ve quit your job because you can’t get your meals in, and they expect you to “work”… you might be a meat head
  12. If it angers you at the gym when someone tries to talk to you when you were “in the zone”… you might be a meat head
  13. If you’ve ever found a 2 week old rotten protein shaker in your car… you might be a meat head
  14. If the intro of the majority of your conversations start with your weight and competition goals… you might be a meat head
  15. If you’ve ever bragged about the fact that you can’t bend over to tie your shoes… you might be a meat head
  16. If the sound of people eating popcorn in a movie theater irritates you, because you can not have any… you might be a meat head
  17. If this list offends you in any way… you might be a meat head
  18. If when, you got company over and you cook for for yourself, and no body else… you might be a meat head
  19. If you show up and someone’s house and the first thing you ask is “can i use your microwave?”… you might be a meat head
  20. If your profile pics consists of you in a posing suit… you might be a meat head
  21. If your “business” card has a pic of you in a: posing suit, bikini, or your shirt is off… you might be a meat head
  22. If it makes you mad when a stranger asks if you work out… you might be a meat head
  23. If there are half naked pictures of you or someone else on your fridge or pantry door… you might be a meat head
  24. If the highlight of your day consists of “getting your meals in”… you might be a meat head
  25. If you obsess over peanut butter… you might be a meat head
  26. If you’ve ever stood in the candy or cookie aisle in sheer amazement… you might be a meat head
  27. If you get excited about MEEEEEEAAAAAAT… you might be a meat head
  28. If you can quote lines from the movie “pumping iron”… you might be a meat head
  29. If you’ve ever been late to anything because you had to “prep” your meals… you might be a meat head
  30. If chewing gum has ever been the highlight of your daily diet… you might be a meat head
  31. If you wear a lifting belt in the grocery store… you might be a meat head
  32. If you have ever worn a fanny pack to the gym… you might be a meat head
  33. If you still own baggies (the pants)… you might be a meat head head
  34. If your a dude and wear spandex pants… you might be a meat head
  35. If you carry a gallon of water with you everywhere… you might be a meat head
  36. If you can not leave your house for 3 hours without binging a cooler packed with enough food to feed a family of 4 … you might be a meat head

About Author Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams is a Fitness Expert, Author, Publisher, Promoter, Educator, Public Speaker, Researcher / Developer, in the field of nutrition, Supplementation,  training, and competition preparation for physique type contests as well as a variety of other athletic specialties. He has also worked as a medical professional in a variety of capacities.  Jeremy shares unique perceptions based on knowledge and experience he has gained from a variety of platforms. His passion for bodybuilding at the age of 8 led him to begin as a dedicated  competitive bodybuilder by the time he was 12. Over the years he studied the success traits and principles of those who have mastered the ability to take control of their physique. Jeremy has assumed many roles in the realm of bodybuilding, from a competitor, to coach, judge, and promoter of the N.P.C WA State bodybuilding, Figure, Physique, Championship. Following high school this passion for fitness led him toward the study of nutrition.  Jeremy’s compassion and desire to truly help others, directed him toward becoming an EMT and Firefighter. It was here in the world of emergency medicine, a new passion developed. Jeremy became a Paramedic and then onto an Anesthesia Technician at the University of Washington Medical Center, Followed by Seattle Children's Hospital.

“I have had the unique privilege to be a part of many people's: best, worst and unfortunately last day on earth. I have had the opportunity to work on a medical team of some of the most brilliant medical professionals conducting a vast amount of medical research and development at a large prestigious medical center.  This has given me a very unique filter that I now am able to look through and provide something very unique.  My passion now lies in sharing with others how to prolong the ” quantity of quality life” through effectively managing your own health and fitness with intelligent lifestyle choices that impact all of us in varying degrees. I believe that most people have a good idea of what they should be doing but they just are not doing it. The true key and “secrete to success” is balance and constancy of the basics that most people truly already know. I provide information to back up what you already know, until you have enough leverage within yourself, to just do it. Believe in yourself, strive for consistency with balance and don’t get discouraged to the point of quitting. From my experience, statistically speaking, many are likely to have a bad day and fall off course. It happens to the most everyone. Champions recognize it and pull themselves back on course and don’t quite! Learn from your downfalls as this is where you gain true wisdom and strength.”                Jeremy Williams

Community Service / Volunteer

Certifications / Credentials  obtained / Special training

Awards / Recognition / Titles

Community Events - Public Relations - Appearances

Publicity - Media - Advertising - Modeling - Sponsorships - Endorsements

Committee / Memberships - (Past and or present)

Hobbies / Interests / Activities

Watersports, Snowsports, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Outdoor sports/activities, survival skills, guitar, gardening, dance, public service, new adventures, stepping out of my comfort zone and experiencing as much as I can, while contributing the a greater good.

Jeremy Williams is available for seminars, demonstrations, & workshops.