1. Preliminaries

2. Sinisa Veseli presentation
   Using Message Broker with EPICS -- SPX Controls Use Cases

3. Fall Timetable
   Release dates, absences, attendances.

(Bob gets to leave now if he wishes)

4. Release Pro(gr|c)ess shouting match
   Who does what when, documentation needed


Present: AJ, DH, GW, GS, MK, NM, TK, SV

Scribe: GW, AJ

Chair: AJ


NEW TOPIC: Fall Timetable


GW will be away 14/Sep - Friday before ICALEPCS

TK not present at Wed or Thu  of EPICS V4 Workshop

SV not present at EPICS V4 Workshop

GS: NM, MD, BD, KS, GS will be at the SLAC workshops, EPICS mtg, and ICALEPCS

AJ: Need a release candidate (RC) [at least] out before the ICALEPCS meeting

So, must solve release procedures and implement it.

That’s 3 weeks from today.

SV: Arguments about release can be captured in ISSUEs rather than delaying release.


NEW TOPIC: Using Message Broker with EPICS -- SPX Controls Use Cases

Sinisa presented messaging system based on AMQP developed for 4th gen light source SPX

and compared performance of it with PVA and raw TCP async plugin.

Basic result was that PVA is ~6 times faster than AMQP, though only half as fast a raw TCP async. AMQP does have nice integration with APIs eg to Python etc which makes it nice

to use from perspective of journeyman user.


NT: Release Progress


DH: -pre2 a bit of a mess. Resolution needed on building modules separately, creating individual RELEASE.local files hard work. Supply in tar-file? Instructions? Channel Archiver? exampleCPP which is different.

GH: Answer these yourself, hard to do everything as a group. Doing nothing is legitimate, putting an example in getting started document is legitimate.

NM: Will 4.3 be released by the SLAC meeting?

GW: Yes

<lots of discussion not minuted>


AIs on DH, MK and GW





Meeting ended after 2 hours