Theseus And The Minotaur

Have you heard the story of the brave prince who defeated the evil, ferocious Minotaur?

If not, I’ll tell you now!

Many years ago, in the beautiful  land of  Crete there was a king, named Minos. He had a attractive daughter named ‘Ariadne’ and owned a ferocious, evil monster. It had the body of a human, but the head of a bull, and it was locked away in the Labyrinth, so it wouldn’t escape to cause chaos.

Minos loved that monster.

Whenever Minos got bored, he would attack a city called Athens. Athen’s didn’t stand a chance against Crete because Crete had stronger armies, which were also bigger. One day, the king of Athens, Aegus got sick and tired of being attacked, so he made a deal with Minos. “If you stop attacking our city, then we’ll send 7 Athenian boys and 7 Athenian girls every 9 years to be tributes to the Minotaur.” Minos agreed with the deal, and shook on it.

9 Years later, 14 children from Athens had to be sent to Crete once again. Prince Theseus, the son of Aegeus, disapproved of the deal, and hated it whenever they had to send children to be fed to the evil Minotaur.

So, Theseus told his father with determination, “I’m going to be the 7th Athenian boy to be sacrificed to the Minotaur.” King Aegeus was shocked, “You’re a prince! You can’t be the 7th boy! You’ll die!” Aegeus cried out shocked. “Father, don’t worry, I’m not going to be the one to die, besides the gods will help me. ” He smirked. “Good luck my son. If you succeed then change these black sails to white ones, then I’ll know you're coming home alive.”

Soon later, the 14 Athenian children left for Crete. Minos and his daughter, Ariadne came out to greet them. “Welcome, you will not be eaten until tomorrow, enjoy your lives while you still can.”. Princess Ariadne stayed silent, and got lost in her thoughts. The moment Ariadne set eyes on him she fell in love. She decided to help him.

Late that night, Ariadne slipped a note under Theseus’s bedroom door. Do you know what the note said?

Dear Prince Theseus of Athens,

As you have probably noticed, I’m a beautiful princess.

I’m also a beautiful bored princess.

I have a deal in store for you. If I help you defeat the horrific Minotaur, then you must take me far away from this horrendous place.

Meet me at the Labyrinth, before you are fed to the Minotaur.


Princess Ariadne of Crete

Theseus read the letter, and met her at the Labyrinth. “Prince Theseus, are you taking up the deal?” she asked. “Yes.” He answered. She handed Theseus a large silver sword and a ball of string. She held up the sword, “This is to help you kill it,”, then she held up the ball of string, “This is for you to find your way out. Even if you do kill it, you’ll be lost in there.”. Theseus took the items. He made his way into the dark maze, and felt his way around. Suddenly he bumped into a hairy creature.

He heard a strangled growl. Theseus blocked his ears from the horrid sound and fought against the Minotaur. They tumbled, and tumbled on the ground. The Minotaur sat on top of Theseus and got ready to send a hard blow to his stomach.

Luckily, Theseus rolled over just in time to avoid the punch that would surely knock the wind out of him. Theseus got up and held the heavy sword. Using all his power he swiped the sword, against the Minotaurs neck.

Blood splurted everywhere, and the Minotaur’s head fell down to the ground, and rolled away.

Blood was splattered all over Theseus’s clothes, and scratches lined his face and arms. Huffing, Theseus found his way out.

Ariadne’s face was relieved when she found out that Theseus survived.

With the rest of the children and Ariadne, Theseus fled from Crete in a large ship. “I can’t believe how much my life has changed over the past 2 days.” She sighed, the wind making her hair fly everywhere.

“Now I’m getting married to a handsome prince” she said thoughtfully. Theseus widened his eyes in shock. “M-married?” He stammered in shock. “Yes of course!” She said in a bubbly tone. They stopped at a small island, and Ariadne went to gather fruits and bread.

Theseus left her at the island, because he definitely didn’t want to get married.

Unfortunately, the gods didn’t approve of his decision, and bad luck was coming his way.

While travelling back home, he forgot to change his flag into the white one, and when Aegus saw the black flag, he cried in despair “My son has failed!” and he flung himself from a steep cliff into the deep blue water.


He drowned slowly, and eventually died.

From this day on, the place where Aegus drowned was named Aegean Sea.

The End.