Greenwood School Student Code of Conduct 

We are all part of one school community. We will treat each other as we wish to be treated: with kindness, honesty and respect. When asked to stop a behavior that is perceived as disrespectful or unkind, we will listen and do our best to stop; we will strive to find the courage to speak the truth when we witness such behavior in others. We will honor and uphold the dignity of all people with noble work and right action.

General Expectations

To honor and uphold the Greenwood School Student Code of Conduct

To contribute positively and constructively to the learning environment of the classroom

To be at school on time and in the classroom on time for every lesson

To hand in all required assignments on time

To perform class work to the best of one’s ability

To keep school books in good order, up-to-date, and in good condition

To treat all property (not only personal property) with care

To help keep the classroom and the school grounds clean and tidy

To remain in class and under the teacher’s supervision unless the teacher has given permission to leave

To remain within school boundaries while at school and never leave school campus without permission

To not bring disruptive or dangerous items to school or to school functions

To honor the school’s Media Guidelines

To honor the school’s Dress Code

Items Allowed at School Under Specific Conditions

Cell Phones should be kept out of view at all times, may not be turned on or used on school grounds and, if seen, will be submitted to the administration and may only be claimed by the student’s parent. Repeat offenses will be met with an escalating scale of response.

Personal Computers, other digital and electronic devices, and magazines may be brought to school only with permission, and they may be used at school only with permission. If used inappropriately, they will be submitted to the administration and may only be claimed by the student’s parent.

Items Never Allowed at School

Knives, guns or weapons of any kind; objects that can injure someone. Alcohol, tobacco or any restricted drugs are not allowed.

Response to Student Misbehavior - Grades 4–8

The Reminder Phase: Teachers follow a ‘3-strike approach.’ The student is reminded once (for example, “Please check yourself”). A second reminder is noted as such.  A third reminder triggers Step 1 below.  Successive steps are undertaken, as needed, if the behavior continues.

Step 2: Another communication goes home, and the student is scheduled to do some restorative work outside of school time.  Again, parents are asked to acknowledge their understanding of the matter by signing the form, again the teacher contacts the parents and again the student is asked to reflect on his or her action in writing and to deliver that reflection to the Class Teacher, who sees that a copy goes to the administration.

Step 3: The student is sent home immediately. A meeting with the Head of School, the teacher, the student, and the parent(s) is convened before the student may return to school.

Step 4: The student receives a one-day suspension or equally serious consequence.

Step 5: The student is suspended for a longer period of time, or may be expelled.