From Brandon Fouché

As a professional rehabilitation and behavior modification specialist, I believe strongly in

rescues who don't give up on dogs. I can say emphatically that Scooters Pal's does

great work and understands the importance of rehabilitating dogs in order to keep them safe and out of high kill shelters. Solid behavior rehabilitation is a big part of what makes rescue a reality for dogs and simply stated.... it saves lives and truly improves the quality of the lives of these dogs in need. It takes commitment and resources to do this kind of work day in & day out and I applaud Scooter's Pals for doing what they do.



From Blake Donovan of ResQPet

Hello my name is Blake Donovan and I am the founder of a dog rescue in Los Angeles, Ca.  I work with many rescues throughout the US and I must say that it is always an honor to work with Susan Wallace and Scooters Pals. I enjoy working with them because I can always count on what they say and do,  I do not know any rescues with more integrity or commitment to helping abandoned animals than Scooter's Pals.  

They have rescued and provided vet care for more than 1750 animals, mostly dogs, providing these poor abuse and neglected babies with the love and care they need until forever homes are found for them. Most of the animals saved by Scooters Pals were on death row in some cold and uncaring shelter.

There are a lot of animal charities out there but few, work in the trenches like Scooter's Pals does, They do the heavy lifting and hard work and deserve our wholehearted support, Please if you can donate to help to keep Scooters Pals doing the fabulous life saving work they are known for..


Blake Donovan, Founder

ResQPet Dog Rescue


From Johanna Operschall Retired physician and animal lover

I've worked with and supported many rescues over the years and I truly  believe Scooter's Pals to be reliable, responsible and frugal and still does a tremendous job at providing medical care  for so many animals, both theirs and others. They have the integrity and the heart to help the most helpless among us which is no small feat.  They deserve our support and the sufficient funding necessary to continue to doing this good work.



From Puppy Love Dog Training

As professional trainers we know the value of training. Often times dogs are passed along or given up on when all they need is an experienced trainers help and consistency in their home environments. With a little time and effort, these dogs can be trained to be excellent family companions and even Canine Good Citizens.


Join us in helping Scooters Pals through a donation or volunteer work and receive a tremendous reward, helping an animal in need!"


Erin :)