What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), debit cards and cash are accepted methods of payment.  

We do not accept checks.

How much are your shipping and handling charges?

Our shipping and handling costs are easy to calculate. For most orders, shipping will be $7.95 for the first item, and between 25 and 95 cents for each additional item in that order. The wheeled backpack has an additional fee. We usually use USPS priority mail and UPS ground shipping and provide tracking numbers via email. Free ship orders may be shipped via 1st class mail.

I placed an order on the web site and changed my shipping address but when I received the email confirmation it showed the old address. Is it going to be shipped to the wrong place?

If you changed the address at the time you placed the order it will go to the new address.  There is a bug in our system that sends the old address on the confirmation email and we cannot seem to get it fixed by the system providers.  They say it is because it might be just a temporary mailing address … so we go in and update your address in the customer database manually after we receive your order.  

What is ScholarWear's Return Policy?

You may return most items*  for a refund or exchange within 30 days of the delivery date.  Items returned must be unworn, unwashed and unaltered with original tags attached and a receipt/packing slip.  Items returned without tags attached may incur a retagging/restocking charge before a refund is issued.  Exchanges shipped to you will incur a shipping charge. We recommend using insured pre-paid mail or UPS service to return your items. Returns and exchanges may also be made at a ScholarWear store. Nevada customers may bring returns to the on-campus sales for exchanges or refunds. Merchandise presented with original receipt/packing slip will be issued a refund in the manner of the original transaction.  Refunds for credit card purchases will be applied to the card.

*Note: Items sold as clearance items or recycled items are sold "as is" and are considered final sales and are not returnable for an exchange or refund. Please examine these items carefully before purchase.

What if my item is defective?

Each of our garments is guaranteed against manufacturer's defects when they are returned within 30 days from the date of purchase.  Use and care practices vary by customer so we do not guarantee against buttons falling off, hems falling down, holes in the knee area or bicycle chain area, or elbows, nor a strap or handle breaking after months of use, or shrinkage. We do not guarantee replacements for wear and tear. We do not guarantee our uniforms for a year. You may return a defective item, within 30 days of the day you received it, for a refund or exchange.  Upon our receipt of the defective item, and confirmation of the defect, (our employees are experienced at telling what is wear and tear and what is a manufacturers defect), we will reimburse you for the cost you incurred to ship it back to us and refund your purchase price or exchange the item.

The seam ripped under the arm on my child's sweater during the first week of school. Can I return the sweater for a replacement?

Scholarwear does not replace sweaters or other items of clothing that have been worn and torn or ripped or snagged creating holes. Some buttons may come off when children pull on them as normal wear and tear. As detailed in our return policy, we will replace an item that has a manufacturer's defect. There is a time limit for reporting and returning an item with a manufacturers defect. Damage from wear and tear, even if it occurs during the first week of school, is not a manufacturers defect. The best thing to do is look over the item purchased closely before wearing it. If there is a button missing before it is worn, or a seam that is poorly sewn or a zipper that won't zip, please return the item for replacement or repair before removing the tags.

If the garment has been worn, and it is brought to the store within 30 days from the purchase, the employees at ScholarWear can use their judgement to determine if the problem was caused by wear and tear or not. If an item looks used and worn, the problem was most likely caused by the child, not by the manufacturer, and we recommend that the parent repair the item or have it repaired. I have repaired hems that have come unstitched or seams that have ripped for many of the items that have been donated and the items have gone on to be worn by children who are grateful for the clothing. A hem on a jumper that comes loose calls for a needle and thread and a few quick stitches to secure the hem so the problem will not continue around the rest of the jumper. It is not appropriate to ask for a new jumper because a hem was snagged on a shoe or a chair. We do have buttons available for minimal cost if you lose a button and hemming tape available to purchase for repairing loose hems.

If a sweater comes back looking like it was only worn a few times and a hole is under the arm pit where the seams meet, it probably was caused by the manufacturer not finishing the seam properly and may be replaced by ScholarWear. The decision is up to the ScholarWear employee and their experience with what is typically caused by wear and tear and what may be a manufacturer's defect. We are not trying to sell faulty merchandise, but we will not replace items that a child has worn and torn or items that have been improperly cared for. Since the items are the same from year to year there have been occasions where parents have brought items from previous years asking for replacements only to find that the item was really an old item confused with the newer purchases made that year. There can be confusion with items that were an older sibling's used item or friend's sweater mixed in with the clothing from the newer purchases. Since there are no serial numbers on each item, it is up to the employee's judgment in issuing replacements even if the parent thinks the item is newly purchased. Keep in mind that if an item is heavily worn it may not be exactly the same item you recently purchased and listed on the receipt.

Some problems are caused by improper care. It is the parent's responsibility to read and follow the manufacturer's care instructions. There was an item brought to ScholarWear that the parent thought that there was some problem with the material. It was wrinkled and bumpy and the parent asked for a replacement. We found that the item had been washed or dried in extreme heat and we were able to repair it by some careful steam pressing. The item was returned to the parent looking like new.  Following the fabric care tips is the parent's responsibility as is pressing care. Tips for fabric care are given below. Some children are tougher on clothing compared to others and they may ruin an item of clothing after only a month. Some parents realize this and take precautions by adding fabric patches before the knees are torn or tightening buttons when they become loose. Some children wear our clothing for the entire year and the items still look great with no holes in the knees.We do not guarantee the items will last an entire year.

I attended a school event, where a child was wearing a sweater with holes in both elbows. I was concerned that the sweater had appeared to to have worn out and that it was allowed to be worn during a special function event or even any school day. The dress code states that "all uniform items must be clean, in good condition and worn as specified". I asked my child about the sweater and was told that the child had cut the holes into the elbows with scissors.   A piece of a uniform that is no longer up to the Challenger Uniform Code is not to be worn to school and should be replaced before it is needed at an assembly.  While I understand the reluctance to replace an item that a child has deliberately ruined, a nice recycled sweater might have been purchased from the ScholarWear store  for for the rest of the year.  Some children are harder on their uniforms than others. We can not guarantee the items will last an entire year.