Possum Trot XIX Weekend  

November 17 and 18, 2018  


Photo credit: Pete Curtis


Saturday: Park University sprint, Parkville MO

A campus sprint with an underground component!

May want to wear a headlamp; NO SPIKES due to polished concrete floors

2 Courses: Short sprint (~1.5k) and Long sprint (~3k)

Sunday: Lake Jacomo Possum Trot: (Native Hoofed Animal Enclosure, Lees Summit, MO  map)

  1. Full Possum Trot - 12.5 km.  Skip 1 control. Map 1:10000
  2. Half Possum Trot - 6 km.  Skip 1 control. Map 1:10000
  3. Mid-Level Course (Orange) - About 3 km. Map 1:7500
  4. Beginner Course (white/yellow) – 2 km. Map 1:7500


SATURDAY Nov 17th, at Park University and Parkville Commercial Underground

11:30 Registration begins

12:00 First start

13:00 last start and registration closes

14:00 courses close

SUNDAY Nov 18th, at Lake Jacomo

7:45 Possum Trot and Short Possum Trot Registration begins

8:45 Pre-Race meeting and Count Down

9:00 Possum Trot and Half Possum Mass Start

9:10 Beginner & Moderate (orange) course Registration & Starts (Last start 10:30 a.m.)

~11:30 Awards shortly after 3rd place Long Possum finish

14:00 All racers must report back to finish


Saturday Sprints and Sunday Beginner/Intermediate Fees:

$10 standard entry, $6 OUSA members, no late fee

Possum Trot XIX Fees:

$24 entry ($20 for O-club members).

$2 E-stick rental

Fees for Possum Trot XIX  and Short Possum include Chili lunch.

+$5.00 late fee if registering after November 14, 2018.


Deadline is Wednesday, November 14, 2018. 

Register by this date to avoid late fee of $5.00 and to guarantee a pre-marked map.

Register for both Saturday sprints and Possum Trot XIX at:  https://goo.gl/Ehtu9j

List of registered runners

Please visit the Possum Trot XIX Facebook page page for useful information, discussion, and photos.  Share that you are racing with your friends.

Course Setter Notes

  • TBD

Special Possum Trot (and Half PT) Rules

  1. SPORTident e-punching will be used.
  2. The Possum Trot is a “Billy Goat” style race which is an extra-long distance and allows for limited skipping of controls
  3. Mass Start at 9am for Both Full/Half Possum Trot
  4. Following is allowed.
  5. Control Skipping: You must get all controls in order except:
  1. Full Possum Trot may skip 1 control flag
  2. Half Possum Trot may skip 1 control flag
  1. 5 hour time limit.  You must check in by 2pm at registration.


There will be no ‘team’ registration or awards; however, since following is allowed, informal teams are perfectly allowable.  Follow your friend!

Possum Trot Awards:

1st place Full/Half Possum Trot male and female wins the coveted Dead Possum! 

2nd place Full/Half Possum Trot male and female wins a can of Creamed Possum. (Yum!)

3rd Place Full/Half Possum Trot male and female wins Vegan Jerky (Now with less Possum Meat!)

Finisher medals for all Full Possum Trot and Half Possum Trot racers

Chili and snacks available at the finish line for Full and Half Possum finishers.  

Vegetarian chili available on a limited basis for those who request it ahead of time.

Directions to Saturday Sprint

Directions to Possum Trot XIX 


Co Meet Director and Registrar: Eric Shumaker 785-979-8725 rederic8@gmail.com

Co Meet Director and Registrar: Dick Neuburger

Course setter: Mike Shifman, Paul Clatterbuck

Course vetting: Paul Clatterbuck, Dick Luckerman

Refreshments: Nick Hockman and Reta Roe

Results: Mary Jones

Awards: Reta Roe and Eric Shumaker