Some Like It Too Hot - Evaluation Summary

In the spring of 2010, Greener Leith helped to put together a project called Some Like It Too Hot, in partnership with Out of the Blue, Scottish and Southern Energy, Port of Leith Housing Assocation and Changeworks.

We decided that we'd try a slightly different approach to domestic energy efficiency, by holding an exhibition of local residents homes, where the residents had volunteered to tell their energy story. The exhibition took place for two weeks in Out of the Blue.

We'd especially like to thank the volunteers who gave up so much of their time, particularly if you were one of the people who bravely shared your energy story with the world. The folk involved at Out of the Blue also deserve special credit for all the work they put into preparing the exhibition.

So, the project in numbers goes like this:

A very conservative estimate of the impact this project would suggest that has generated combined annual savings for Leithers of:

Below, there is also a selection of comments that we received in the visitors book: