Belleville Running Club

Organization Meeting

Monday, Mar 10, 2014, 7:30pm

Nichols Center



Call to Order 7:33

Dan Trapp, James Turner (JT), Angela Turner, Sara West, Kevin Horcher, Penny Horcher, Meghan Trapp, Doug Havlin, Pat Hasenstab, Toby Trap, Anthony Rosetti, Billie Jean Denny, Chris Anderson, Andrea Powell, Dave Chady

67 people signed up for couch to 5k tonight.

Committee Reports

        Membership (Andria) - 63 for 2014.

Group Run  (Meghan)  Spring Trashy Run Looking for dates. Thinking May rather than April.

Treasurer's Report (Pat) $3086.43 rec $860 for couch to 5k, plus $100 from andrea. $4046.43

PR Committee - Quarterly Newsletter will come out in March. Sarah is working on it. March 31st. She is looking for submissions and ideas for articles.

Old Business

        River to River Relay (4/12, 2 teams accepted) - Signup in Progress - 13 people signed up. 3 spots left.

BRC Freebie for committee members - BRC stocking caps. Had it at the meeting. It’s grey with the BRC logo.

New Business

BRC Annual Dinner/Banquet - went well - any comments for next year? Possibly looking for a new venue. Pictures on with music would be nice. The hard part is collecting all of the images. Build a place for the website to collect images. Room was too crowded. The sound system was bad. Pitchers had nothing ready. Shenanigans might work for next year. There are a lot of places that could work for us. Mostly we like the format, where people can mingle and talk. Pat wants to up the price to $10 to make it easy for cashier, and that could be a way where we could afford a bigger room.  

Weekly Calendar Updates - Meghan The Calendar has been updated. Mon C25k, Wed C25k SWIC, Thur Run, Sat Run, Sun Hills.

Tue is open for speedwork, hills at the shrine, or running at SWIC. Tue will be Shrine during Daylight Savings time and then SWIC for the lights during Standard Time.

Couch to 5k - In progress. First session cancelled. Second session tonight. Offering Wednesdays this year. Successful this year so far. Great turnout for the first session. Meeting at the tennis courts at SWIC.

Blood Drive (4/14) - 2pm - 6pm, will also have a bone marrow drive. Working on a breakfast fundraiser at Tavern on Main.  It will be at the Parks and Rec building. Every person that registers to be a bone marrow donor, we’ll have to pay a little to have them on the registry. We’ll have a fundraiser to raise money March 29th. Save your blood for the blood drive.

April 25 - Belleville Bicentennial Run 5K Friday night run. Should be a great time and a good race. We’ll bring the tent.

Next Meeting - April 14th (same day as blood drive and couch to 5k) Next meeting might be at a location where they will serve food. Cutters?

Open Discussion

If anyone wants to bring the tent to a race, just contact Dan or Toby.

The go half and full marathon will be setting up unofficial aid station. Contact Toby if you want to join in the fun!

Heather won the 5k at 19:05 Toolens. Meghan won her AG! Glen also placed. Dave also beat Mark Kettler.

Adjournment 8:07pm