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Moodle 101 for Faculty
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Moodle 101 for Faculty

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Moodle Open Hours - Virtual Tech Help

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Link to Procedures

Add Participants to Your Class

Adding Participants to Your Class (print)

Activating the Self-Enrollment Feature in a Moodle Course (print)

Adding Words and Pictures to Moodle

See Labels

Advanced Forums (obsolete)

See Forums


Posting Announcements (print)  

Assignments and Feedback

Creating Assignments (print)  

Setting Up Google Docs to Share with Your Class (print)

Enabling the McGraw Hill Moodle Plugin in Your Course (print)

Alternative Grading Procedure (print)


Attendance in Moodle (print)

Backing Up a Course to a File

Backing up Courses (print)  

Restoring a Course (print)  

Restoring Selective Content to a Course ‌(print)

Note: See Importing Material into a Course


See Google 101


Books in Moodle (print)

Cloning/Copying Your Course

See Importing Material into a Course

Completion Tracking (Checklists)

Completion Tracking using Checklists (print)  


Click here to access Moodle's copyright resources

Course Design

Best Practices for Teaching Hybrid Classes

Recommended Tools for Hybrid Teaching

Usability/Accessibility Checklist

Curriculum Map Template

Download Student Work from Moodle

Download Student Work from Moodle (print)  

Duplicating/Copying Labels and Assignments

Duplicating Labels and Assignments in Moodle 2.6 (print)

Evaluation Kit

Evaluation Kit - Adding Questions (print)

Faculty Quick Start Guide

Moodle Quick Start Guide for Faculty (print)  

Feedback for Assignments

See Assignments and Feedback

Feedback Survey

Moodle Feedback Survey (print)


Reports to Run on Forum Participation (print)  

Advanced Forums Graded (print)    

Advanced Forums Ungraded (print)

Advanced Forum with Video Links in Moodle (print)

Changing Notification Preferences for Moodle Forum Posts (print)

Changing Your Moodle Profile's Forum Settings (print)

Files and Folders

Reorganizing Course Content (print)

Renaming a File in Moodle (print)


Excluding Items From Final Course Grade (print)

Gradebook - Setup/Categories (print)


Group Choice - Allows Students to Pick Their Group (Print)


Adding H5P Modules (print)

Headings in Moodle

See Usability/Accessibility

Help with Moodle

If you encounter a problem while using Moodle, submit a helpdesk ticket explaining the problem or call 414-382-6700.

Student workers in the computer lab (RC 109B) are also available to help you.

Drop-in help is available weekdays at Noon via Zoom.

Hiding a Course

Hiding a Moodle Course (print)

Importing Content into Moodle

Importing Content into your Moodle Course (print)  

Importing Content into your Moodle Course (video)

Labels for adding Text and Pictures

Adding Text and Pictures in Moodle(print)  

Applying standard styles to your Moodle headings (video)

Library Resources

Library Resources for Moodle A-Z (link)

Library Resources for Moodle by Department (link)

Adding a Library Block to Your Moodle Class (video)

Adding a Library Block to Your Moodle Class (print)

Linking to Web Resources in Moodle

Linking to Web Resources in Moodle (print)  

Linking to Videos

See Videos

Look and Feel of Your Class

Applying standard styles to your Moodle headings (video)

Changing custom headings back to the standard format (video)

Changing headings from standard colors to custom colors

Adding a “Meet Your Instructor” Block to Your Moodle Course (print)

Adding a Timeline Block in Moodle (print)

Moving Elements in Moodle

Moving Elements in Moodle (video)

Moving a File in Moodle (print)

Navigating in Moodle

Coming soon!

OneDrive for Business

Using OneDrive for Business (print)

Online Course Design

Moodle Accessibility Part 1 - Designing for a Screen Reader (video)

Polls in Moodle

Choice Poll


Feedback Survey


Updating Your Moodle Profile (print)  


See email (video)


Quizzes - Part 1 Creating the Quiz (print)  

Manually Grading Quizzes in Moodle (print)

Extending a Quiz Deadline for a Single Student (print)

Rearranging Classes on Moodle’s Home Page

Rearranging Classes on the Front Page of Moodle (Updates Coming Soon!)


Available Moodle Reports (print)


Adding a Respondus Block to a Moodle Course (print)


Instructions for Creating Screencasts (print)


Using the Moodle Scheduler to Create Appointment Slots for Students (print)

Student Folder

Using the Student Folder in Moodle to Share Documents (print)

Student View

See Viewing Your Moodle Class as a Student


Uploading Your Syllabus (video)

Editing the Syllabus Template (Print)

Download Syllabus Template here

Templates for Moodle

Moodle Accessibility Template (click the template link, and download the file by clicking this icon  Restore the file into your blank class using these instructions.)


Moving and Hiding Topics (video) Coming soon


Creating a Turnitin Activity in Moodle

Enabling Turnitin in a Moodle Assignment

Usability/Accessibility in Moodle

Usability/Accessibility Checklist

Moodle Heading Levels/Accessibility Handout 


Uploading a Video to Google Drive and Sharing It In Moodle (print)

Setting Up a Zoom Meeting in Moodle (print)

Video Feedback Using Medial

Video Feedback for Moodle Assignments with Medial (Video)

Video Feedback for Moodle Assignments with Medial (Print)

Viewing Your Moodle Class as a Student

View Your Class As A Student (Print)