2013 Faculty/Staff Technology Training
Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon and Helix

The ITG group has put together the X1 Carbon Training Pages for WFU Faculty and Staff. Please start there when looking for information on your X1 Carbon.


You can see the specifications on the IS Knowledge Base webpage.

A visual tour of the X1 Carbon is available on the ITG site.


The X1 Carbon runs Windows 8, 64-bit Operating System. If you are unfamiliar with Windows 8 features and functionality, please see the Windows 8 resources available on the ITG site.

The X1 Carbon comes with most of our licensed standard load software. A list of preinstalled software is available as a pdf file.

Because of hard drive size, not all licensed WFU software could be pre-installed on the X1 Carbon’s hard drive. See the list here. Contact the IS Service Desk to request installation.


WFU has pre-configured the standard load software to save within the Windows User Profile. The User Profile is located at C:\users\{your username folder}. The contents of that folder are what IS would attempt to rescue in the event of a disaster. Please back up the information in there on a regular basis.

Important or Significant Changes

Useful Hotkey Combinations

Knowing the Hotkey combinations for Windows 8 will help improve user satisfaction and productivity.

Getting to the Charms

Windows Key + C: Opens Charms Bar

Windows Key + I: Access the settings or control panel for active app

Windows Key + Q: Search your applications

Windows Key + F: Search your files

Windows Key + Z: Open the apps bar to see all your installed programs (on Metro Screen)

Display Controls

Windows Key + P: Switch displays

Windows Key + D: Switch to Desktop (Show Desktop)

Windows Key + Comma(,): Peek at Desktop

Search and multitasking

Windows Key + Tab: Like Alt Tab, but for Windows 8 apps

Windows Key + Number (1,2,3…): Runs (if not active) or Selects (active) applications on taskbar

Windows Key + Shift + Period(.): Snap current app to the left side

Windows Key + Period(.): Snap current app to the right side

Windows Key + T: Changes cursor focus to pinned applications on taskbar

Active window

Windows Key + Shift + Period(.): Snap current app to the right side

Windows Key + Left/Right Arrow: Snap current window to the left/right

Windows Key + Up Arrow: Maximize window

Windows Key + Down: Minimize window

Windows Key + Home: Minimize everything but the active window


Windows Key + Pause/Break: View machine and system info

Windows+ X: Menu of advanced options for system management, command prompts, etc.

Windows Key + E: Open Explorer

Windows Key + R: Open Run command

Windows Key + L: Enable Lock screen


Windows Key + Plus or Minus(+/-) Key: Enable magnifier to zoom in and zoom out

Windows Key + Enter: Enable Narrator to read out text in active apps.