Station 1: Corpus Callosum

Function: allows the two cerebral hemispheres to communicate with one another

Station 2: Frontal Lobe

Function: Concerned with reasoning, planning, parts of speech and movement (motor cortex), emotions, and problem-solving.

Station 3: Parietal Lobe

Function: Concerned with perception of stimuli related to touch, pressure, temperature and pain

Station 4: Occipital Lobe

Function: Concerned with visual processing

Station 5: Temporal Lobe

Function: Concerned with perception and recognition of auditory stimuli (hearing), memory, and speech

Station 6: Cerebral Cortex

Function: accounts for the sensations, voluntary movements, and thought processes that we associate with consciousness

Station 7: Thalamus


Station 8: Hypothalamus


Station 9: Cerebellum

Function: balance, posture & body coordination – voluntary movements

Station 10: Brainstem