Impact Baseball Youth Rules

National Federation High School Rules will be used with the following notations. If there are conflicts with the printed NFHS Rules, the Impact Baseball Youth Rules listed herein shall govern play.

Impact Baseball  reserves the right to change the format or schedule of an event as needed to accommodate weather or other causes beyond our control.  .

Table of Contents:

  1. Player Requirements
  2. Team Requirements
  3. Pool Play & Tie Breaker Regulations
  4. Game Length - Run Rules
  5. Starting A Game
  6. Delaying A Game
  7. Batting Order
  8. Pitching Limitations
  9. Balks
  10. Courtesy Runners
  11. Bat Rules
  12. 7&8U Coach Pitch Rules
  13. 9U Modified & Open Base Rules
  14. Filed Dimensions
  15. Catchers Helmet
  16. Ejections


Player Requirements

Team managers must have in their possession a Birth Certificate for each active player on roster. The controlling date for all age divisions is May 01, 2017. See guidelines that follow;

Scholastic Divisions:

Team managers must have in their possession a Birth Certificate for each active player on roster.

2) Team Requirements

Roster Rules:

Illegal Players:

Important: If your team roster is challenged and you do not have in your possession a birth record for each player it will be difficult to validate a player's eligibility. In addition to this, you will need a current report card for scholastic division 13U-18U for any player meeting the grade exception. To avoid  potential forfeit or removal from the event PLEASE have these documents with you at all times and make sure your online and printed rosters are up to date. If you have reason to believe that a team is using an illegal player you must make it known to the tournament staff immediately. We cannot assist you with any challenge once the event is completed.

Team  Insurance

3)  Pool Play & Tie Breaker Regulations

The following determine how teams advance from pool play. Once a tie is broken with 3 teams or more, remaining teams advance to the next tie breaker until all ties are resolved

  1. Win-Loss Record
  2. Head to Head Play*
  3. Fewest Runs Allowed
  4. Highest Total run Differential **
  5. Coin Toss

* Head to head is considered only when 2 teams are tied. When 3 teams are  tied head to head play is skipped in order as listed above until the tie is broken.

**The maximum run differential per game is +8 or -8. The total run differential is the sum of each game’s differential.

NOTE: When pool play is affected by adverse weather conditions and teams in an age group or specific pool did not play equal games we revert to winning percentage to determine seeding for bracket play.

4) Game Length - Run Rules

Time Limits For Pool & Bracket Play

        Championship Games

        Run Rules

Tie Breaker

5) Starting A Game

6) Delaying A Game

 Intentionally delaying a game is unsportsmanlike and will not be tolerated. Our umpires as well as the tournament coordinator reserves the right to eject players and/or coaches who intentionally delays a game. In extreme cases, Impact Baseball staff reserves the right to declare a forfeit to the responsible team.

7) The Batting Order

NOTE: The on deck batter may position themselves in the safest on deck area, even opposite of his/her  dug out.

8) Pitching Limits

        Illegal Pitcher:

        Visits to the mound

9)  Balks

10) Courtesy Runners

11) Bat Rules

12) 7U & 8U Coach Pitch Rules

 A. There shall be a thirty (30) foot safety arc drawn from first (1st) baseline to third (3rd) baseline in front of home plate. Infielders must stay behind this line until the ball is hit.

 B. There is a pitching plate or line 40-feet from the tip of home plate from which the coach must pitch.

C. There is a circle drawn with a 10’ diameter with the pitching rubber or line in the middle. This is a safety area for the player in the pitching position. The defensive player listed as the pitcher cannot leave the pitching circle until the ball is hit.

  1. Note: In bunt situations only, the player pitcher and defensive players may enter the safety arc before the ball is batted to defend the bunt.
  2. Fake Bunt / Swing:  Is not allowed and any batter who attempts such will be declared out. The ball shall be declared dead and no runner may advance.                                                                                         

D.Teams can use either nine (9) or ten (10) defensive players. One (1) player must be a pitcher and one (1) player must be a catcher.

E. All teams must roster bat. • Because teams must roster bat, there is free substitution on defense. The batting order must remain the same. • The batting order shall constitute all present players on the team roster at the beginning of the game. Late arrivals shall be inserted at the bottom of the batting order. All players on the roster shall bat before returning to the top of the batting order.

F. Each batter is allowed six (6) pitches or three (3) strikes. If a batter hits a foul ball on the sixth (6th) pitch, he or she is allowed to continue batting until he or she either does not make contact with the ball or puts the ball in play.

G. Scoring Runs: Each team may score a maximum of 5 runs in the first inning of play. Thereafter in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th innings, the team that is leading  may score a maximum of 5 runs per inning and the team that is behind may even up the score and score 5 additional runs. In the 6th inning or any additional innings thereafter teams may score unlimited runs.

H. A fair batted ball hitting a coach pitcher is declared a foul ball if the umpire rules that the coach pitcher’s contact with the ball was unintentional. If, by the umpire’s judgment, a coach pitcher intentionally makes contact with a batted ball, the batter is out, and no runner can advance.

 I. Umpires call time after every play and declare the ball dead. Time should be called as soon as all three of the following occur: • The lead runner stops attempting to advance. • The ball is in the possession of a fielder in the infield. • No defensive play is imminent. Time does not have to be called by the defense for the purpose of this rule.

J. Teams must have a minimum of eight players to start and finish a game but must take an out for the ninth player. With less than eight players, the game is declared a suspended game and is not rescheduled. The suspended game is then ruled a forfeit by the tournament or league director. Umpires have no authority to forfeit a game.

K. The catcher must be located in the catcher’s box, no more than four (4) feet behind home plate.

 L. In 7U & 8U coach pitch, there are no: •

 M. Courtesy runners are allowed for the catcher only. The Courtesy runner should be the last batted out.

N. A coach that is in the pitching position is prohibited from coaching while in that position either physically or verbally.

O. Runners shall not lead-off or steal bases. A runner is out for leaving the base before the ball is hit or before it reaches home plate.

13) 9U Modified & Open Base Rules

(check with director prior to signing up for each tournament)

14) Field Dimensions

15) Catcher's Helmet

In all age groups, the catcher's helmet should cover and protect both ears. Skull caps are not to be used.

16) Ejections