Estimated Time

Results Availability


ACT Plus Writing






3 hours and 25 minutes

English 45 minutes

Mathematics 60 minutes

Reading 35 minutes

Science 35 minutes

Writing 40 minutes


Results are available in the students ACT web account.

Results will also be posted on parent portal.

Sample Questions


Study Guide: Preparing for the ACT


ACT Test Taking Tips (bottom of page)


ACT is a national college admissions examination designed to measure academic achievement in English, mathematics, reading, science and writing. ACT includes a profile and education/career planning section to help students plan for life after high school.

Who Uses Data

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Counselors
  • Principals
  • Deans and Assistant Principals
  • College Admissions Officers

Current Use of Data

  • College entrance test, measuring what students learn in high school to determine academic readiness for college.
  • Inform program decisions
  • Inform curriculum review needs/priorities.
  • Compare our performance across schools and districts.
  • Inform staff development needs/ priorities