1. Version 4.4 release finalization.

    * confirm what we’re waiting on:

      + the c++ Getting Started amendments right? *Dave*

      + tech-talk announcement draft *Andrew*

      is that it?

 2. Agenda items for Oak Ridge meeting.

    *Bob* I hear you have been collecting agenda items?

 3. Annual virtual Christmas Party, closing with rousing rendition of the

    Philosophers Song with full chorus.



TOPIC: Version 4.4 release finalization

MK:’s comments on readiness:

Getting Started with EPICS V4

    Dave says he is working on it but not up to date

pvAccess protocol specification says 7-April-2014

    Suspect not up to date

pvAccess Configuration spreadsheet


AI: Matej save with view on 1st page and “make last page less puzzling”

Troubleshooting EPICS V4

    Last modified: Fri Sep 21 15:00:35 CEST 2012

Compatibility Tracker

     Is this up to date.


     suggest that README file has as first sentence


        make sure EPICS_BASE is defined and then

        sh configure.sh


Beginning of home page.

    Can the opening part with the blue background be improved?


MS: The Compatibility Tracker is up to date w.r.t. 4.4.0’s modules.

AI on GW: Try to make the banner page a little less shouty.


2. Agenda items for Oak Ridge.

GW: What things do we want to attack next year?

MK: Make a pvDatabaseJava, so it has same functionality as pvDatabaseCPP.

MK: Also, we have shared vector in cpp, so let’s at least discuss how to handle array in java.

MS: Difficult to do shared vector like behavior properly in java.

[asked what the issue is]

MK explains: with shared vector, one can minimize copy and memory, by only sharing pointers.

GC: I can share pvManager code that does array management

MS: The issue is really about reference counting.It’s more complicated than for garbage collection only. It’s about knowing how many users there are of a vector for deciding how to do array operations most efficiently at runtime.

GC: but then every client has to do its own management.

  1. MS: The biggest outstanding thing about pvDataJava is its array management. Really need to solve this.

AI on MK: start an email thread outlining the array management issue in pvAccess and pvData java.

Intention: try to get to status of having comprehensible problem statement and outline solution areas by the January meeting.


2. advancement of pvmanager based gateway.

AI on GC: Prep presentation and recommendations for use of pvManager web server plugin as application level gateway, in january f2f meeting.

3. advancement of dbGroup.

Meeting Ends: 8:56 PST