Peter Snell’s Biography Writing

Peter Snell is an excellent middle distance runner representing New Zealand in the olympics in 1960. Peter Snell was born in 1938 17th of December in New Zealand and is known as a record destroyer because he has broken his own record of 1min and 44.3seconds.

When Peter Snell started running he weighed 80kg and was 1.79 meters tall. When Peter Snell was 19 his epic coach Arthur Lydiard convinced Peter that he could be one of their most legendary middle distance runners and Arthur was right.  

Peter Snell has won 5 really shiny medals and all of them were gold. 3 of them were at the olympics and the other 2 were won at the commonwealth games.He was the only person to run a mile in under 1 minute and 44.3 seconds and the most incredible pace.

When Peter Snell retired he signed to be a active orienteer and won his category in men aged 65 and older in the 2003 United States orienteering Championship.Snell worked for a tobacco company before moving to the United States of America for his education.He gained a B.S. for human performance from the University of California Davis and then a Ph.d. in exercise physiology from Washington State University.

Even though Peter Snell retired from representing New Zealand but he is still known as our legendary hero.