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ETC FAQ 2015 v1.41

Updated: 31.7.2015

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Table of Contents

1 Deployment and Start of the Game

2 Movement

3 Magic Phase

4 Shooting Phase

5 Close Combat Phase

6 Magic Items

7 Special Rules

8 Terrain

9 Formations and Characters

10 Miscellaneous

11 Beastmen

12 Bretonnia

13 Chaos Dwarfs

14 Dark Elves

15 Demons of Chaos

16 Dwarfs

17 Empire

18 High Elves

19 Lizardmen

20 Ogre Kingdoms

21 Orcs & Goblins

22 Skaven

23 Tomb Kings

24 Vampire Counts

25 Warriors of Chaos

26 Wood Elves

27 The End Times

1 Deployment and Start of the Game

1.1.      Q: When do you declare unusual deployments? When do you generate spells?

A: The player who chooses sides declares unusually deploying units and generates spells immediately after choosing sides. The other player follows in suit.

1.2.      Q: Can you deploy units within 1″ of other units or impassable terrain or buildings?

A: No.

2 Movement

2.1.      Q: Are “virtual pivots” allowed?

A: Yes. Virtual pivoting means that whenever you pivot something, you effectively pick up the model and simply place it in its final position. Only the final position of the pivoting unit needs to abide by the 1 rule and avoid other obstructions.

2.2.      Q: What happens when a unit ends up within 1″ of another unit, building or impassable terrain? Can a charged unit enter this area by closing the door?

A: It ignores the 1rule with regards to that unit or terrain as long as it wishes to remain there, but cannot reach btb contact outside of close combat. Yes.

2.3.      Q: While charging, do I have to maximize frontage or supporting attacks?

A: Neither. You only have to maximize the number of models in base-to-base contact. You don’t have to maximize individual model’s or unit’s base to base contacts, as long as maximum amount of models is in contact with 1 or more models.

2.4.      Q: Can multiple characters charge out of the same unit in one turn?

A: No.

2.5.      Q: Can a character charge out from the second rank or further ranks? If yes, what Line of Sight and Front Arc does he use? Can he start wheeling inside the unit? Can he charge if he can’t clear the unit before hitting the enemy? What happens if he fails a charge and can’t clear obstructions (like his own unit)?

A: Yes. He uses just his own Line of Sight and Front Arc. He can wheel and move inside the unit. No. The unit and character stay in place, and both are treated as failing a charge.

2.6.      Q: Is closing the door a wheel?

A: No. The rulebook contradicts itself on this.

2.7.      Q: Can an already engaged unit ever close the door?

A: No. A charge requiring such a maneuver will fail or be an illegal charge declaration.

2.8.      Q: What is an impossible charge?

A: For considering whether a charge is possible take into account the current position of charger and target, as well as any other charge or reaction already declared. This means you may charge a unit despite it having 100% odds of escaping with a flee reaction.

2.9.      Q: Do characters charging out of a unit with a bonus to Movement or charge move benefit from the bonus?

A: Yes.

2.10.    Q: Non-marching character joins a unit that marched. Can the character shoot?

A: Yes.

2.11.    Q: Can a character leave a unit after it performs a swift reform?

A: No.

2.12.    Q: Because of the rule that forces characters to go on the front rank, can a character exceed its normal movement distance when he joins a unit?

A: Yes, but only if he can’t reach a legal position within the unit with his normal move (or march, if his marching) allowance and only by the minimum distance needed.

2.13.    Q: Can you Fly over a Vortex?

A: Yes.

2.14.    Q: What happens when you successfully charge a unit which is destroyed or panics while moving the charger into btb contact (for ex.  due to Fanatics)? What do units whose opponents are destroyed before the Close Combat Phase do?

A: Finish the charge before moving the charged unit. Any panicked unit is destroyed. In all cases, the remaining unit counts as engaged until the Close Combat Phase and is allowed to reform or overrun as if the unit was destroyed in close combat.

2.15.    Q: How do you take into account the Skirmisher and Fast Cavalry Free Reforms?

A: They don’t count towards the spent movement (measure the movement starting-to-endpoint as per GW FAQ), but you must be able to actually perform them.

2.16.    Q: How exactly do you work out whether a unit is in the front/flank/rear for a charge?

A: The unit counts as being in the zone the majority of its front rank’s footprint lies.

2.17.    Q: How do you measure the movement spent by Skirmishers or Fast Cavalry that makes an attack during its movement (Like Screamers, Terradons or Hexwraiths)?

A: Measure the distance each individual model moves, from its starting position to a position where it is over/through the target unit and then to its final, legal position. The total distance a model moved cannot go over its Movement value, or double that when marching. Free reforms cannot grant any extra Movement during the attack. Terradons and Screamers need only 1 model to clip the target unit for all to attack.

Generally speaking: Fast Cavalry free reforms not counting for spent movement is a rule only used for gaming convenience. Whenever a fast cavalry attempts to do something in a space it occupies, like trigger Fanatics, it has to spend movement to reach this space.

2.18.    Q: Do you have to minimize the distance the charger or charged closes the door?

A: No.

2.19.    Q: Which of the following is more important when moving chargers? Avoiding multiple charger, charger performing the door closing, or maximizing base to base contacts?

A: Avoiding multiple charges is the most important. Maximizing contacts the second most. This means you will maximize contacts even when it would require the opponent to close the door, but will not maximize if it would require charging multiple units.

2.20.    Q: When are charge redirects declared?

A: Each time the charged unit flees for any reason, immediately after resolving the flee move and any Panic tests, Dangerous Terrain tests and so on, declare whether or not to redirect.

2.21.    Q: Does the whole unit always stand & shoot at the maximum range of the shortest ranged weapon present in the unit, even if nobody uses it? Is cover determined as if the charger was in the range of the shortest ranged weapon? What is the max. range of template attacks such as Cinderblast Bomb or Death Globe for S&S?

A: Yes. No, cover and LoS are checked only from the charger’s initial position. Their range is any fixed range listed in their profile, ignoring the fact that small blast templates usually hit 1.5 further than their listed range. Note: Doomrocket for example does not have a fixed range.

2.22.    Q: What sort of moves trigger Fulminating Flame Cage, Usirian’s Incantation of Vengeance, Net of Amyntok, Venom Thicket and Dreadquake Mortar’s Quake? What sort don’t?

A: They are triggered by Stupidity failure, Charge, Failed Charge, Compulsory Movement, Movement during the Remaining Moves Subphase (or as in this subphase), Flight, Pursuit (and Overrun) and Reform. The Wolf Hunts, Bestial Surge and Screaming Bell’s move effect trigger it. They are not triggered by things not listed here.

2.23.    Q: Can charging flyers perform door closing above units or terrain?

A: Yes, they don’t land until the door closing is done.

2.24.    Q: When charging an already engaged enemy and maximizing contacts, can you ignore enemy models that are already engaged?

A: Yes, you only have to maximize unengaged models.

2.25.    Q: What moves are “unvoluntary” with regards to moving through Magic Vortexes?

A: Any Compulsory Movement, Stupidity, Flee, Pursuit, Fanatics, Bestial Surge, Animosity and failing a Frenzy test. Screaming Bell 2-4 is not.

2.26.    Q: Does a  Random Movement Charge or Pursuit fail if you barely manage to touch a Skirmisher unit, which then contracts out of range?

A: No. In Pursuit and RM the charged Skirmishers contract after the charge is found out to be successful, but before the charger moves.

2.27.    Q: Can strange shooty contraptions Stand & Shoot if they’re not specifically forbidden from doing so?

A: Yes, except Doomwheel and Arrow of Kurnous. This includes at least the Pigeon Bomb, Gyro’s Steam Gun, Brass Orb and Death Globe. Note that none of these are Quick to Fire. Templates are not placed if they can’t hit the target. If they hit the charger, they can hit other unengaged enemies too.

2.28.    Q: Unit unvoluntarily moves over a Vortex. There is not enough space to place the unit beyond the Vortex. What happens?

A: If the unit was fleeing, Fanatic or Mangler, it moves until it clears all obstructions. If it was pursuing or using Random Movement, it tries to charge the enemies blocking it. In all other situations the unit stops before the Vortex and all models that would move into it are affected.

2.29.    Q: When is the test for swift reform taken?

A: Before the reform.

2.30.   Q: How exactly do units that fail a charge move?

A: The charger avoids any obstructions while attempting to align itself to a path where its center moves directly towards the target’s center. Obstructions not reached are not avoided. If the charged unit is destroyed before moving the charger, mark the final center of the unit and move towards it. Unit failing a charge must respect the 1″ rule and may be forced to make several wheels to avoid obstructions.

2.31.    Q: When reforming and determining whether a model moves over 2x Movement, where do individual models measure from?

A: From center to center.

2.32.    Q: How do units completing a Charge against a fleeing unit move?

A: Attempt to move the charging unit by the shortest route to a path where it moves with its center directly towards the fleeing unit's center. If you can't properly align during the move, align as close as you can. After contact, do not close the door, simply remove the unit.

2.33.    Q: Do you deploy and move multiple Reinforcement (Ambush, etc.) units one at a time?

A: Yes.

2.34.    Q: When resolving a stand & shoot against a character charging out of a unit, is he affected by spells and other effects on the unit?

A: Yes. He is still in the unit and affected by things normally. Only the hits from stand & shoot are allocated as if he was outside the unit.

2.35.    Q: When characters are leaving a unit, does each test separately for marching? If a character fails, does he still have to leave the unit?

A: Yes, and the unit later tests separately too. Yes, if he still can. If he cannot, he doesn’t prevent other characters in the unit from trying to move.

2.36.    Q: When a character moves inside a unit during the unit’s move, can he use his own Move characteristic if it’s higher?

A: Yes.

3 Magic Phase

3.1.      Q: Do model's under Okkam’s Mindrazor treat their Leadership value as their Strength value for any effect regarding close combat strength, such as the Bretonnian Blessing? What Leadership value does a model use?

A: Yes. The same it would use for ordinary leadership tests, including any modifiers and highest in the same unit.

3.2.      Q: Can direct damage spell templates be placed with the centre out of a unit?

A: Yes, but some part of the template must touch a target unit

3.3.      Q: How do spells that force characteristic tests (Purple Sun, Dwellers, etc.) affect multipart models?

A: Each part of the model tests on its own characteristic and suffers the effects if it fails. Note: This Q&A doesn’t concern Warpflame or Final Transmutation.


3.4.      Q: Does a character get the 4+ Look out Sir! against spells that cause hits?

A: No, you can only get 4+ Look out Sir! against shooting or templates.

3.5.      Q: How do the old lores’ spells work with the general casting restrictions?

A: Unless specifically stated otherwise, they can’t be cast into combat, don’t require front arc or line of sight, and can target both friends and enemies.

3.6.      Q: Who gets to act first if at the start of Magic Phase Remains in Play spells are on?

A: In these situations, follow this procedure: After Start of the Phase effects have been resolved, starting with the non-active player, both players alternate choosing actions. Actions are: casting a spell (active player only), dispelling a RiP and passing. The Magic Phase ends if both players pass in succession. Resolve all end of the Magic Phase effects.

3.7.      Q: If a non-template, non-sniper spell causes a hit or a wound on a multi-part model, is it randomized?

A: Yes.

3.8.      Q: If I Windblast a HPA/Doomwheel into another unit, does the other unit take the Impact Hits?

A: No, it only takes the D6 S3 hits due to the spell.

3.9.      Q: Is Winds of Magic rolled before or after applying any items/special rules which do not generate power or dispel dice that are triggered at the start of a Magic phase?

A: Active player decides.

3.10.    Q: Are spells that draw a straight line templates? Do they have a target?

A: Yes, which can only hit one model per rank. Yes, all affected units are targets.

3.11.     Q: Net of Amyntok. Can a unit/model retry the same action until it succeeds? Does a character failing the test prevent other characters in the unit from trying to do the same action? Can it prevent actions that are not movement, shooting or casting? If a character tries to do an action, who takes the test and the hits? Does a fleeing unit count as fleeing if he fails the test and is unable to actually flee?

A: No. No. No. The character takes the test on his own S but the unit takes the hits, unless the character was trying to leave the unit. Yes, bump it 1'' away from combat if there were no pursuers. Note that a wizard passing the test can cast any number of spells, and none at all if he fails.

3.12.    Q: What Leadership value do you use with regards to Spirit Leech?

A: The highest written Leadership value within the unit or on a model with Inspiring Presence in range. No modifiers from Standard of Discipline, Doom & Darkness, Treason of Tzeentch or similar, ever.

3.13.    Q: Do the Curse of Anraheir and Usirian's Incantation of Vengeance make units treat Open Terrain as Dangerous Terrain? Can they damage Ethereal units?

A: Yes. No.

3.14.    Q: Can a single casting result in several miscasts?

A: No.

3.15.    Q: Do spells ever grant magical attacks to the model(s) benefiting from them?

A: No, unless specifically stated.

3.16.    Q: Are all hits/effects/damage caused by magical items magical attacks?

A: Items that directly cause damage and magic weapons cause magical damage. For example: Dragonhide Banner, Black Dragon Egg and Wyrmlance Breath attacks are magical.

3.17.    Q: Does the order of characteristic modifiers effects (bonus, penalties, and setting it to a certain value) matter?

A: Yes. Any effect that sets, increases or reduces a stat is applied chronologically.

3.18.    Q: Do spells affecting a model affect its Stomps or Breath Weapons?

A: Yes, although Special Rules granted still have no effect on Stomps or Breath Weapons. Breath Weapons have fixed Strength and are not affected by stat boosts.

3.19.    Q: Do the effects of multiple copies of the same spell stack?

A: Yes. Net of Amyntok or Pha’s Protection for example would require two tests each time

3.20.    Q: Does the Heavens lore attribute affect characters with Fly special rule inside units without it?

A: No.

3.21.    Q: Do champions’ magic items return with the Regrowth spell?

A: Yes, as long as they are not used one use only items.

3.22.    Q: Can you increase basic Movement Allowance beyond 10 with Birona’s Timewarp?

A: No.

3.23.    Q: Can Smoke & Mirrors be used to join or leave combat? What happens if the swapping models would end up in illegal positions, such as mismatching based models inside formations?

A: Yes, though other restrictions, such as joining an Ethereal or Unbreakable unit, still apply. Place the model in the unit as close as possible to his swap partner’s old position. If there are no legal positions inside the unit or enough space, the swap doesn’t happen.

3.24.    Q: Can characters and champions take a Look Out Sir! from miscast templates?

A: Yes, except the miscasting wizard himself.

3.25.    Q: Can you use the Look Out Sir! to transfer a hit to a unit that is simultaneously being hit by the same template?

A: Yes.

3.26.    Q: Do the Savage Beast of Horros and Pann’s Impenetrable Pelt affect a character’s mount?

A: No.

3.27.    Q: Does Regrowth round up on Cavalry? Is Monstrous Cavalry also affected by this? What if you cannot widen the front rank to 5 wide due to no space?

A: No, any spare wound is lost. Yes, MC also requires 2 wounds rolled per wound healed. Model’s that don’t have space are not placed.

3.28.    Q: Are the special attacks of units that inflict hits with a set Strength affected by spells or other effects that alter the Strength like Soulblight or Frostheart Phoenix’s Aura?

A: Abomination and Giant are affected (as per GW FAQs), as are all Stomp attacks. No other special rules or special attacks (like Fanatics, Manglers, Screamer slashes, Troll vomits, any Breath Weapons, Nurgle’s Rot, Hexwraith slashes, …) are affected.

3.29.     Q: Can a unit wheel, reform or have characters leave it when under movement spells such as Vanhel’s Danse Macabre, Walk Between Worlds, Breath of Darkness or Khsar’s Incantation of the Desert Wind? Can you Fly or use Free Reforms? Can it move sideways/backwards?

A: It can always wheel and move sideways/backwards, but only the Khsar’s Incantation allows Reform and Dark Breath Swift Reform or characters leaving. Flying and Free Reforms are always allowed. Units moved in this way count as having moved for shooting purposes.

3.30.    Q: Can Arcane Unforging affect magical unit standards? Can it completely destroy the standard? Can it target mount (War Altar) items without randomizing to the rider?

A: Yes. No, unlike with other magic items, standards and battle standards simply revert to ordinary standards and battle standards. Yes.

3.31.    Q: Does “unmodified” mean anything in Metal’s attribute Metalshifting?

A: No. Ignore it and use whatever armor save the model would normally use.

3.32.    Q: Last member of a unit dies. Are all spells on any remaining characters ended?

A: Yes, except for permanent effects like Plague of Rust and Wither.

3.33.    Q: Can a player remove a r&f model (other than Champion) made Stupid with Fate of Bjuna as a casualty whenever he suffers a casualty?

A: Yes.

3.34.    Q: Is the length of lines of random length spells rolled after choosing the direction? Can they be aimed towards close combat or friendlies?

A: Yes. They’re never allowed to hit close combat unless specifically said so. They can hit friendlies, unless they have a unit type that forbids it, such as Direct Damage.

3.35.    Q: Can you cast movement spells such as Vanhel’s Danse Macabre, Walk Between Worlds or Khsar’s Incantation of the Desert Wind on units that are fleeing, have failed a charge, rallied or failed Animosity?

A: Yes to all. A fleeing unit cannot move with the spell, though.

3.36.    Q: Do characters joining a unit with Plague of Rust cast on it earlier suffer its effects? Does Plague of Rust turn 0+ armor save into a 1+ armor save?

A: No. No, because 0+ armor save cannot exist. It will be a 1+ save, that turns to 2+.

3.37.    Q: Where do you measure the range of recurring spells (ie. Chain Lightning) if the unit is killed?

A: Measure the range before removing any models.

3.38.    Q: If a unit with alternative miscasts effects (such as Pink Horrors) is forced to roll on the miscast table, does it use its own alternative miscast effect instead?

A: Yes. Hellhearts and similar cause Horror units to take 2D6 S10, Doomfire Warlocks D3 wounds, and so on.

3.39.    Q: Do Harmonic Convergence and similar spells give benefit to spell wounding rolls?

A: Yes.

3.40.    Q: Are you allowed not to specify a target and instead randomize damage with a sniperish spell such as Caress of Laniph when targeting multi-part models?

A: No. You must declare either rider or mount as target.

3.41.    Q: Can you reroll the wounding rolls of Comet with Harmonic Convergence?

A: No.

3.42.    Q: Are all spell versions with larger casting values Boosted spells?

A: Yes. This includes at least the Aspect of Dreadknight and Undeath spells.

3.43.    Q: Can you cast Steed of Shadows on a character in a unit? Can you cast it on a character with a mount? Can he march? Can you cast it into close combat?

A: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, but the character can’t move.

3.44.    Q: How do caster units (Doomfire Warlocks, Horrors, etc.) react to Glean Magic, Greedy Fist and similar magic level-draining effects?

A: The unit is drained as a whole and permanently loses levels and spells, even if a single model is targeted and even if the model is later killed.

4 Shooting Phase

4.1.      Q: What is a Shooting attack?

A: Any attack done in the shooting phase, stand and shoot reaction, or attack specifically noted as being a shooting attack. Arrow of Kurnous is a shooting attack.

4.2.      Q: What is a Ranged attack?

A: Any attack which can be done while not being locked in base contact with the target of the attack, including using a Breath Weapon outside of Close Combat.

4.3.      Q: Can a shooting attack be made if the model marched?

A: No, unless they are Skirmishers, Fast Cavalry, or otherwise specifically stated.

4.4.      Q: Does a model on a large base prevent models from being hit by a cannon in every rank it occupies? A cannon hits two models in the same rank, which one takes the hit?

A: No. For these purposes, a model on a large base is in the rank it is first hit by the cannon. When hitting multiple models in one rank, the model that was first hit takes the hit.

4.5.      Q: Can shooting attacks that do not use scatter dice fire in a way that has a chance of hitting friendly models or models in close combat?

A: No, unless hitting friends is only possible due to misfires (such as Doomrocket).

4.6.      Q: Can you place a template partially outside the table? If a template scatters by a fraction outside the table, does it still hit with the part on the table?

A: Yes. Yes.

4.7.      Q: Can a character use 4+ LOS! to transfer hits to and from close combat?

A: Yes to both.

4.8.      Q: Do I need 5 Monstrous Infantry/Cavalry/Beasts to gain Look Out, Sir! ?

A: Yes, excluding special cases like Look-out Gnoblars.

4.9.      Q: When allocating hits to a unit with a character who is the controlling player?

A: Controlling player is the one who owns the unit.

4.10.    Q: How do War Machines choose targets?

A: War Machines see 360 degrees and don’t pivot towards their target. You may choose any spot on the machine base to measure the LoS and range from each time it fires. Stone throwers and similar may not target any spot that is within minimum range to any part of the base.

4.11.    Q: How do non-War Machine units that fire like War Machines choose targets?

A: They never pivot towards their target and fire like troops using BS shooting. The target must be in the front arc, LoS and range. The Steam Tank may still only fire directly ahead from the center of its frontage. Hellcannons and similar may not target any spot that is within minimum range to any part of the base. They can use indirect fire at targets outside the front arc.

4.12.    Q: Does a War Machine have front, side and rear arcs? Can they charge with Random Movement?

A: No, war machines don’t have arcs for any gaming purpose. No.

4.13.    Q: When simultaneously suffering Heavy Casualties and a Panic test of other form, in which direction does the unit flee it it fails the Panic test?

A: Directly away from the source of the attack which caused Heavy Casualties.

4.14.    Q: When exactly is a Bolt Thrower single shot randomized between rank members? How are characters with mismatching bases hit?

A: Randomize which model in the rank takes the hit if either of these applies:

a) The whole unit has less than 5 r&f models

b) The rank is composed entirely of characters and/or champions

If neither applies, a r&f model will take the hit.

A mismatching character is treated as being in the front rank when shot from the front/rear. When shot from the flank, the character is an additional member of the file he’s next to. If his base covers the whole flank, he instead forms his own file and is hit automatically.

4.15.    Q: Is all the shooting of a unit simultaneous in shooting phase?

A: Yes. If you have templates and regular shooting, place the template(s) first (including Salamanders, Wind Launchers, etc.) and then roll to hit. Then allocate hits, if needed. Any template hits are ignored while allocating hits to models. Then roll to wound with everything.

4.16.    Q: Are the Gyrocopter Dive Bomb, the Terradon's Drop Rocks, the Screamer's Slashing Attack, the Flamespyre Wake of Fire or the Hexwraiths's Soul Reaper Shooting Attacks?

A: No, except for Screamer’s Slashing Attack. They’re all ranged attacks.

4.17.    Q: If a model fires like Stone Thrower but doesn’t have any crew, what bs does it use?

A: Use the highest found in the profile. This is bs 3 for Hellcannon and Soulgrinder.

4.18.    Q: Do existing wounds on R&F models help cannons and bolt throwers penetrate monstrous units?

A: Yes. If an Ogre unit has 2 existing wounds, a cannonball needs to do only 1 wound to penetrate to the next ogre. And if the cannon rolls 3 or more, the 2 existing  wounds remain on the unit and make the penetration to the third ogre easier too.

4.19.    Q: If a unit has characters, champions and less than 5 rank & file, can the champion be removed as a casualty if it’s allocated shooting hits (or similar) that wound and kill it?

A: Yes.

4.20.    Q: Are weapons that fire like Fire Throwers flaming attacks?

A: Yes. This includes Salamander and Exalted Flamers.

4.21.    Q: Can a character fire Multiple Shots while his unit fires single shots and vice versa?

A: Yes, but only if the other doesn’t have the Multiple Shots option. If it has, all must fire either multiple or all must fire single.

4.22.    Q: Can a single model make several shooting attacks in single shooting phase?

A: Yes, if the attacks and weapons originate from separate entities. Examples: Both riders of a mount can shoot and the mount can shoot while the riders shoot. A single model can still only ever use one Breath Weapon per turn.

4.23.   Q: Can and must characters and champions be assigned hits from shooting, if their unit has 5+ r&f and is joined by a character with a different unit type?

A: No. Assign hits normally (1 on everyone, etc.), but any hits on characters with the same unit type and champions go on the r&f instead.

5 Close Combat Phase

5.1.      Q: How are close combat casualties removed inside Squig Herds and other mixed units?

A: Remove targeted type of model. Wounds do not carry over between types.

5.2.      Q: Does a flaming wound in close combat prevent Regeneration from other non-flaming attacks with the same initiative?

A: No.

5.3.      Q: Can a model make a supporting attack if it couldn’t normally make it from its rank?

A: No.

5.4.      Q: Can units use combat reform to slide sideways? And to turn their side or rear to the enemy? Can a model in a challenge reform in such a way that it is not in physical base contact with his challenger? Can you unengage any individual model, regardless of if it is a command model, rank and file, or character, if it was engaged before the reform?

A: Yes. Yes. Yes, but will still count as being in contact. No, but you can temporarily unengage a model if you’re doing multiple combat reforms and at the end of all your reforms you’ve engaged that model again.

5.5.      Q: Are combat reforms of a player simultaneous? Can you break the 1″ rule with them? Can you jump over units?

A: No, which means units cannot completely swap places. No, except to units involved in the combat and those units/terrain already within 1. Yes.

5.6.      Q: When “Fighting a Challenge”, should any mention of character be read as character or champion? Can you attack a model that refused a challenge, if he’s exposed?

A: Yes. Yes, if he’s exposed after removing casualties.  

5.7.      Q: Can a challenge-accepting model displace another model and put it anywhere? Can attacks (including Impacts & Stomps, Nurgle’s Rot, Blazing Body, etc.) done in the combat phase from outside the challenge affect models in it?

A: It may only switch places with the displaced model. No, apart from wounds carrying over from unit to champion. Neither do these attacks work out of challenge. The Other Trickster’s Shard, Nightshroud and similar debuffs work because they’re not attacks.

5.8.      Q: Can a model have a WS of 0? How does this work regarding to hit rolls?

A: Yes. Regardless of any to hit modifier, it will hit on 6’s and be automatically hit in close combat. Models or their parts with no written attacks still cannot gain or make any normal attacks.

5.9.      Q: A unit has a model with a deeper base than the unit sitting on one flank, and gets charged to the other flank. Do the models count as being in base-to-base contact across the gap?

A: Yes.

5.10.    Q: Should units in pursuit stop when they come within 1″ of obstructions, not just when they hit them, assuming no enemy would be reached further away?

A: Yes.

5.11.    Q: Unit breaks from combat but is immediately ”Caught!”. How do the pursuers move?

A: Simulate the final position of the fleeing unit. Pursuers move towards that point and beyond.

5.12.    Q: Can you parry special or unusual Close Combat attacks?

A: Yes, unless otherwise stated (such as Stomps and Impact Hits).

5.13.    Q: How many models does a model on a 50x50 base displace when doing Make Way in a 25x25 unit?

A: Up to 4.

5.14.    Q: When several units are pursuing a fleeing enemy, they tend to bump into and block each other when pivoting to face the centre of the fleeing enemy. Does this mean they do not move at all?

A: Not necessarily. There are various situations, see Worst Play 10 for play guidelines.

5.15.    Q: Is a unit in a multiple combat that drops out of it nudged back into combat?

A: When removing casualties, you have to try to keep fighting units in base contact with each other, if possible. What sort of nudges should be done is clarified in Worst Play 9.

5.16.    Q: When can you do a Make Way move?

A: At the start of any combat round.

5.17.    Q: Is the direction of flight determined before deciding whether to pursue or restrain?

A: Yes.

5.18.    Q: Do unbreakable or steadfast units have the option to use the general's Inspiring Presence for testing to combat reform on lost combats?

A: No.

5.19.    Q: Can you combat reform while fighting a war machine. If yes, how?

A: Yes. The model(s) in base contact with the WM cannot move at all.

5.20.    Q: Can a unit under “No More Foes” situation still reform, or overrun if applicable?

A: Yes.

5.21.    Q: When do characters in illegal positions due to Make Way or challenge refusing-moves return to legal positions? When do challenge-accepting characters return?

A: As soon as they’re out of combat, even before making any pursuit or overrun moves. As soon as the challenge ends. Remember that the controller player can also voluntarily move his characters with Make Way moves at the start of any CC phase.  

5.22.    Q: Are Multiple Wounds capped by the model’s wound stat in a challenge?

A: No. 1 wound champion taking a hit from Fellblade can suffer extra wounds for overkill.

5.23.    Q: Can you declare you want to combat reform but then choose not to after the roll-off?

A: Yes.

5.24.    Q: Can a model attack twice or not attack at all due to effects that alter initiative or remove ASL or grant ASF while resolving initiative steps?

A: Neither. If a model has already attacked normally, it doesn’t get new attacks even if its Initiative step comes around again. If a model would attack in the past, it instead attacks immediately in the next possible step.

5.25.    Q: Who decides in which order pursuing units move? What if both players are pursuing?

A: The player owning the units. The active player decides the order of all both sides’ units.

5.26.    Q: What Leadership can a challenge-declining character use in the Break test, if his unit has been killed?

A: Only Inspiring Presence from another model. If not in range or if he’s the general, he auto-fails Ld tests.

5.27.    Q: Can Monstrous Infantry claim ranks and be Steadfast while 3 or 4 wide if joined by a character who’s not Monstrous Infantry?

A: Yes. The BRB uses an unexpected term ‘purely’, which we deem to mean nothing.

5.28.    Q: Various models can inflict wounds on friends while attacking. Do these wounds count for the opponent’s combat resolution?

A: Yes.

5.29.    Q: When refusing a challenge, can either player choose where the character goes and who he displaces?

A: Owner puts the character furthest back he can out of btb. If the character was in 1st rank, it’s possible a command member or character in back ranks is now forced to move up. The retreating character must attempt to avoid displacing command group and characters. Characters on mismatching bases can retreat if they can move to the other flank of the unit, possibly displacing a character there.

5.30.    Q: When attacking simultaneously, how do effects that result directly from wounds work with dying models (Soul Feeder, Red Fury)?

A: The models are removed at the end of an initiative step. For example: Soul Feeder can save a model from dying, and Red Fury can make extra attacks despite dying. If both are facing each other, simply pool all wounds caused and healed to see if the model lives.

6 Magic Items

6.1.      Q: Do close combat wounds to r&f models affected by the Other Trickster’s Shard carry over to unsharded models? Does the OTS affect Impact Hits, Stomps and similar?

A: Yes. Yes, but only if the hit is allocated to a sharded model. Always allocate all hits to sharded units, even if they have 5 or more r&f, though you still can’t allocate hits to champions or characters if you normally weren’t able.

6.2.      Q: Can a model ever benefit from a magic weapon or shield it is carrying but not currently wielding? Can you use a one use only magic shield as a shield after its special effects have been used?

A: No, this overrides the GW faq on Fencer’s Blade. Yes.

6.3.      Q: Do magic items carried by Hidden Models work?

A: No.

6.4.      Q: Does Earthing Rod and similar items cancel out effects that force re-rolls of miscasts?

A: Yes, though only once for Earthing Rod.

6.5.      Q: Can a magic weapon ever gain Flaming Attacks or Poisoned Attacks where the magic weapon itself does not confer such benefit?

A: No.

6.6.      Q: Does a mounted character with a magical lance or spear always use it?

A: No, it is only used on the charging round. Note that none of the Bretonnian magic weapons are lances.

6.7.      Q: Does a Wizard turn into a frog if the Sivejir’s Hex Scroll is used on him while casting Transformation of Kadon? Is any mount transformed too? Does his unit type change?

A: Yes. Yes, unless the mount can be targeted separately. No.

6.8.      Q: Does Scroll of Shielding protect every target of the spell? And all the Comet of Cassandora victims (ie: Does the Comet of Cassandora target the affected units?)? Against Warpflame?

A: Yes, to all questions. More information on Worst Play document, section 11.

6.9.      Q: Does Ironcurse Icon work against Anvil of Doom? Does it work against weapons that fire like war machines?

A: No. Yes. Among others, this includes anything that is fired or whose shots are resolved “like a Bolt Thrower”.

6.10.    Q: Is Gleaming Pennant lost if the unit re-rolls its first failed Ld test due to other reasons? Is Gleaming Pennant activated, if a character inside the unit fails a Ld test?

A: Yes. Yes.

6.11.    Q: Does Opal Amulet count as used if the first wound is deflected by the armor save?

A: No.

6.12.    Q: How does the Other Trickster’s Shard work in Building assaults?

A: OTS-bearer’s opponent chooses one of his models to be in contact with the OTS-bearer (“sharded”). Player controlling the OTS-bearer can choose 4 other friendly models to attack the sharded model, just as if the target were character or champion. None of the OTS-bearer’s friends are sharded.

6.13.   Q: Do strange shooty contraptions that are not Magic Weapons gain Flaming Attacks from Banner of Eternal Flame?

A: Yes. This includes at least the Banshee Scream, Death Globe, Pigeon Bomb and Hail of Doom Arrow. Enchanted Arrows count as if fired from Magic Weapon so are not included.

6.14.    Q: Do Magic Items chosen from outside the normal Magic Item or Demonic Gift allowance (ie. “may purchase up to 50 points of...”) count towards the unique rule?

A: No. Multiple such units can each take the option.

6.15.    Q: Fleeing models can’t use magic items. What does that mean?

A: They can’t use any items that require an activation decision, such as scrolls and potions. They can still use any items that have triggered effect (Charmed Shield, Gleaming Pennant) or constant effect (Talisman of Preservation).

7 Special Rules

7.1.      Q: Is a unit with the Random Movement special rule affected by Movement modifiers? What happens if a unit has two sets of the Random Movement special rule? Can a unit with Random Movement move in the Remaining Moves sub-phase (or as if in it)?

A: Yes, modify the result of the roll. Use the slowest one. No.

7.2.      Q: Does a monster, chariot or unique mount die if the rider is slain with Heroic Killing Blow? Does the rider die if the mount is slain?

A: No to both questions

7.3.      Q: Are Handlers counted towards unit size (Heavy Casualties, rallying, VPs, ...)? Do wounds from Handlers carry over to their Monster? Do you remove the Handlers for a slain Monster if there are other Monsters alive in the unit? Can all Handlers fight if just one Monster is engaged?

A: No. No, any excess are lost. No. Yes.

7.4.      Q: Does immunity to Killing Blow also protect from Heroic Killing Blow?

A: Yes.

7.5.      Q: Do charging units suffer Impact Hits if they charge a unit with the special rule, that also charged?

A: No, Impact Hits, Devastating Charge bonus attack and other charge bonuses can only ever be used against charged units.

7.6.      Q: Can frenzied units avoid the leadership test by declaring a charge?

A: Yes.

7.7.      Q: Can a mount and his rider both use a Breath Weapon on the same turn?

A: No.

7.8.      Q: Is having to take a Stupidity test the same as having Stupidity?

A: Yes, whenever a unit takes a stupidity test it is subject to Stupidity and Immune to Psychology for one game turn.

7.9.      Q: Is a unit with the Hover special rule affected by things that affect Flyers?

A: Yes, they are for example affected by Roiling Skies and can’t fly under Stormbanner.

7.10.    Q: Does Killing Blow cause a wound?

A: Yes.

7.11.     Q: Can models grant Hard Cover to members of their own unit against Sniper attacks? Can you combine Sniper with Multiple Shots?

A: Yes, the targeted model counts as its own, separate unit with regards to cover. Yes.

7.12.    Q: Do you have to take the Terror test if only some models of the charging unit cause it?

A: Yes.

7.13.    Q: Can Magic Resistance go over 3?

A: Yes.

7.14.    Q: Can you Fly or Free Reform during Vanguard? Can characters leave or join units?

A: Yes. No.

7.15.    Q: Can Always Strike First models re-roll to hit against units with both ASF and Always Strike Last? Does a single ASL cancel any amount of ASF and vice versa?

A: Yes. Yes.

7.16.    Q: When an ASF model is fighting against a model with split profile, of which only one part has ASF/higher initiative, how do you determine whether you can reroll to hit?

A: Compare the ASF/Ini against the part whose WS you’re attacking against.

7.17.    Q: Where do units that fail Stupidity move if they don’t have a facing?

A: In random direction. Units in buildings do not move.

7.18.    Q: What is the Movement value of a unit with Random Movement in Combat Reforms? Can such units enter or leave buildings?

A: Use the minimum value rollable and remember, despite the center not having to stay the same in Combat Reforms, no model may move over 2x Movement. No.

7.19.    Q: Do all parts of a model with Devastating Charge get +1A when charging?

A: Yes, except those parts with no Attacks characteristics, like chariot chassis. Potion of Foolhardiness grants the special rule only to the drinker, though.

7.20.    Q: What Movement do Flyers use in Reforms?

A: Their ground movement, unless doing a Free Reform in Movement phase while doing a Fly move.

7.21.    Q: Can you declare you want to Vanguard but then choose not to after the roll-off?

A: Yes.

7.22.    Q: Can Scouts elect not to Scout?

A: No.

7.23.    Q: Does Loremaster in a lore prevent other wizards from taking spells from the lore?

A: No.

7.24.    Q: Do characters lose Fast Cavalry in a non Fast Cavalry unit?

A: Yes.

7.25.    Q: If Skirmishers are contracted, when must they resume their loose formation?

A: As soon as they get a reform outside combat (rally, etc.), or if they can move normally in the remaining moves. If you do nothing but resume a loose formation, you are not considered moving with regards to shooting or 2.22.

7.26.    Q: Can you choose not to Stomp an enemy?

A: No.

7.27.    Q: Can non-Unbreakable characters join Unbreakable units, if they would gain Unbreakable while in the unit? Lord Kroak, Banner of Naggarythe, etc.

A: No. Note: In deployment you can simply place the Unbreakable granting things last.

8 Terrain

8.1.      Q: Can a unit enter a building using a movement spell or effect? Can a unit that left a building move later in the turn? Can a character leave a unit in a building?

A: Yes. Yes, but not in the same Phase. No.

8.2.      Q: Can mixed units comprising entirely of Infantry, Monstrous Infantry, Warbeasts, Monstrous Beast or Swarms garrison buildings?

A: Yes.

8.3.      Q: A unit stands weirdly, sideways, on, or next to an obstacle. How does the obstacle give penalties in close combat?

A: The obstacle will only protect models clearly lined against it and in base contact with it.

8.4.      Q: Can a unit ever have to take several Dangerous Terrain from a single piece of terrain?

A: No, but it may have to take a DT test from each piece of terrain it moves through.

8.5.      Q: When exactly do you take Dangerous Terrain tests?

A: When you enter a Dangerous Terrain with all models that would enter it.

8.6.      Q: Do Cavalry, Monstrous Cavalry and Chariots treat Rivers as Dangerous Terrain?

A: Yes.

8.7.      Q: Do chariots suffer D6 individual wounds or 1 wound with the Multiple Wounds (D6) special rule after failing a Dangerous Terrain?

A: They suffer D6 individual wounds.

8.8.      Q: Does a failed charge trigger Dangerous Terrain?

A: No.

8.9.      Q: Can you avoid Dangerous Terrain tests from Dreadquake Mortar, Usirian’s Incantation of Vengeance, Venom Thicket and Curse of Anraheir if you have Strider for the terrain?

A: Yes, except for Dreadquake Mortar’s Quake! test. However you can avoid Quake!’s test if you have all-purpose Strider rule.

8.13.    Q: Can you place the Herdstone, the Folding Fortress or the Ambush from the Worldroot's Forest inside, within 1" or on top of another terrain feature?

A: No.

8.14.    Q: Can flyers march if they take off or land in a River during their move?

A: No.

9 Formations and Characters

9.1.      Q: May an incomplete last rank contain gaps? Where is the centre of such a unit?

A: No, unless specifically stated. Assume the last rank is complete.

9.2.      Q: If an incomplete last rank is charged to the rear by a slim unit, at a location where there is no last rank models, will the last rank models shift sideways to ”block” the unit if possible?

A: No. The charger stops at the level of last rank and fights over the gap. Distances (charges, etc.) to the unit are still measured normally. Virtual contact across the gap is exactly the same as physical base contact. This also applies in a situation where a character with mismatching base is on the flank of a unit.

9.3.      Q: Does command group’s priority to be in the first rank only apply to the first rank, allowing characters to fill the second rank and push the rest of the command to the third?

A: Yes.

9.4.      Q: Can a character join a skirmisher unit if the unit and character have different-sized bases?

A: Yes. The character is placed as in a non-skirmishing unit, except he’s roughly half an inch apart from the skirmishers.

9.6.      Q: How many characters with differing base size can join a unit?

A: Only 2 characters with differing bases can join such units. One on each side.

9.7.      Q: Does a character on a Flying mount have the special rule Flying Cavalry?

A: No.

9.8.      Q: Can characters join Unique units? Can they get Look Out, Sir! from Unique units?

A: Yes. No.

9.9.      Q: Is a Look Out Sir! roll mandatory?

A: A 2+ LOS! roll is mandatory for both characters and champions. 4+ LOS! roll is voluntary.

9.10.    Q: Is there space in the front rank for a character that should displace 2 models from it, if there’s 2 non-command, non-character models, but they’re not next to each other?

A: Yes. Move the Command and/or other characters and put the big character in the front rank.

9.11.    Q: A spell is cast at a unit with a character, who later leaves the unit. Is he still affected? What if the unit was made of characters?

A: When he leaves the unit, he ceases to be affected, except for any movement effects for the clearing move and Wither, Plague of Rust and Warpflame. Last character remaining keeps any spells.

9.12.    Q: Can a character’s chariot mount use the character’s Weapon Skill when it’s hit?

A: No, the character is not part of the crew. Use mount’s WS if there is no crew present.

9.13.    Q: What happens if only flying characters are forming a unit of characters?

A: They are immediately split into lone characters.

9.14.    Q: A character joins a unit in a single rank. Can you choose whether or not to widen the formation with the character? Can you choose differently next time?

A: Yes to both.

9.15.    Q: Do units of characters have a unit type? For Stomping and such.

A: Yes. Use the majority’s unit type. If there is no majority, the unit is Unique.

9.16     Q: How long do I keep track from which side of a single rank unit was the last casualty removed? Does a character at the end of the line stop me from removing from that side?

A: Keep track until the end of a Player Turn. No, remove the next eligible R&F model and shuffle models inwards if a gap forms. Note that you might occasionally remove models from the same side twice in row due to command group removal order.

9.17.    Q: Can you ever assign Stomp hits on characters that are not Infantry or Warbeasts? Can you Stomp characters that are stompable but in an unstompable unit?

A: No. No, unless you would stomp the character in a challenge.

9.18.    Q: Do characters count as original members of a unit when determining whether it’s at or under 25 % strength for rallying purposes?

A: Yes.

9.19.    Q: Can you have a character in your army that has the highest leadership, but is forbidden from being the general due to being BSB or other reasons (Assassins, etc.)?

Q: Yes.

9.20.    Q: Can BSB re-roll his own rally test?

A: No.

9.21.    Q: If BSB breaks from close combat, does any separately targetable mount die as well?

A: No.

9.22.    Q: Can you have a different general each game?

A: No. A list that has multiple eligible generals and doesn’t declare one is illegal.

9.23.    Q: How exactly do you place a character whose mount is slain?

A: Unless in close combat, place him in the middle of the mount’s base, with the same facing as before. If in combat, place him touching as many enemy models he was in contact with before, possibly sliding units as decreed in WP 9.

9.24.    Q: Are characters base to base to their mounts?

A: No.

9.25.    Q: Do large characters inside units dictate a minimum width the unit can reform into?

A: No, unless otherwise mentioned (Cauldron of Blood, etc.). If the unit reforms to a formation that is less wide than the character, the character is simply mismatching based. Units with 3 or more such characters cannot reform to such formations, as there’s no space for all the characters.

9.26.    Q: If a single rank of troops is joined by several large matching-base characters, must the characters be next to each other to avoid gaps in the 2nd rank?

A: No.

10 Miscellaneous

10.1.    Q: What happens if a unit needs 7+ to hit and is under an effect that forces it to reroll 6’s to hit?

A: Reroll all natural 6’s both in the first roll and in the second.

10.2.    Q: Are unused points in an army list automatically awarded to the opponent as VP?

A: No.

10.3.    Q: When do you have to decide whether to use Inspiring Presence for a leadership test?

A: Before rolling the test. If no declaration was made, assume highest available ld was used.

10.4.    Q: What is a hit?

A: Anything that would then roll to wound, or auto-wound with poison or similar effect. All templates cause “hits”. Feedback Scroll, Spirit Leech, Death Shriek and Dangerous Terrain do not cause “hits”, as an example.

10.5.    Q: Do you always round any fractions up?

A: Yes, except for unit prices and victory points awarded.

10.6.    Q: How do you work out the % left of the starting unit size?

A: Divide the remaining number of models by the starting size, multiply by 100 and round up to a percentage.

10.7.    Q: Do you receive the +100 VP if you kill the General but not its mount?

A: Yes.

10.8.    Q: When Abomination or Flamespyre Phoenix resurrect or place new models, do they have to abide by the 1 rule? Do they have to be wholly within the distance marked?

A: Yes. No, they only have to be partially within the distance.

10.9.    Q: For lord, hero, core, special and rare percentage minimums and maximums, do you count the percentage from the actual army size or from the maximum point allowance (2400/2600/etc.)?

A: From the maximum point allowance.

10.10.  Q: A model takes several hits/wounds simultaneously. In what order are they resolved with regards to Charmed Shield, Golden Crown or similar effects?

A: Randomize.

10.11.  Q: If there are no enemies on the board, where do you flee from panic tests?

A: In a random direction.

10.12.  Q: Do you get the BSB or unit Standard bearer “seized banner” bonus points if the standard bearer dies while in close combat but outside the Close Combat phase?

A: No.

10.13.  Q: Can Beasts of Nurgle, Hammerers, etc. ever get Underdog Challenge points?

A: No. They are not champions, despite being able to fight in challenge.

10.14.  Q: Can Bloodgreed, Wand of Whimsy, etc. grant Attacks or Strength over 10?

A: No.

10.15.  Q: Must you always write your lore in your army list for all wizards?

A: You don’t have to write the lore of those wizards that don’t have any choice. Note that many wizards with 1 lore (for ex. Horrors) previously now have access to Undeath!

10.16.  Q: Do markers have size?

A: No. They’re points.

10.17.  Q: Can units that die at the end of game (Scabscarth, Ambushers failing to turn up, etc.) cause an army to break in Blood & Glory?

A: Yes.

10.18.  Q: Do units with unusual deployment rules (Scout, etc.) use them normally in Meeting Engagement and Blood & Glory?

A: Yes. They can go within 9 of table edge in Blood & Glory for example.

11 Beastmen

11.1.    Q: What is the Herdstone?

A: The Herdstone is an impassable terrain which must fit inside a 5″ diameter circle and be shaped round or rectangular.

11.2.    Q: What is basic strength with regards to Ramhorn Helm or Many-limbed Fiend?

A: The Strength of the model, like in a Stomp attack.

11.3.    Q: Do the Tuskgors and Razorgor pulling a Chariot benefit from Primal Fury?

A: Yes.

11.4.    Q: Does Hagtree Fetish work on miscasts?

A: No.

11.5.    Q: Can you destroy the Herdstone with Arcane Unforging or by killing the bearer?

A: No. You can destroy the Shard of Herdstone, but this does nothing.

11.6.    Q: Does Slugtongue’s Curse of the Famine-fiend cause Panic tests?

A: No.

11.7.    Q: How does Primal Fury work if a character joins a unit without it?

A: The unit tests, but only the models with the rule gain effects.

11.8.    Q: Does Slugtongue’s Curse of the Famine-fiend damage Ethereal units?

A: No.

11.9.    Q: When exactly does the Slugtongue’s Curse of the Famine-fined activate?

A: After Scouts are deployed but before Vanguard moves are made. In case of multiple Slugtongues or other similar effects (Arrow of Kurnous), randomize which goes first.

12 Bretonnia

12.1.    Q: What do Knights in the 3rd+ rank of Lance Formation attack, if the front model is touching only characters and champions?

A: Divide the attacks evenly between the models in base contact, randomizing the excess.

12.2.    Q: How does the Twilight Banner work?

A: When activated, it allows the unit to move as if it were Ethereal.

12.3.    Q: How does the Insignia of Quest work? Sometimes it seems to allow 2 ward saves.

A: If the bearer has more than 1 wound left and fails a Ward Save against a Multiple Wound that would kill him, he may indeed take a second Ward Save with the Insignia. If he regains wounds, he stops using the ward until reduced to 1 again.

12.4.    Q: Can Slaanesh spells that grant Random Movement prevent Trebuchet from firing?

A: No, they can’t force immobile War Machines (Trebuchet, WM in forest) to move.

12.5.    Q: Can Green Knight appear from Ruins?

A: Yes. He can appear from Ruins, Forests and Rivers.

13 Chaos Dwarfs

13.1.    Q: Are any Chaos Dwarf war machines or Iron Daemon Daemonic with regards to lore of light?

A: No, not even with the Hellbound upgrade. The Hellcannon is Daemonic.

13.2.    Q: When can the Chalice of Blood be used?

A: Whenever you could perform an action, either before the action or after completing the whole action, including spell resolution, miscasts, etc. See Q3.6 for actions.

13.3.    Q: Can a wizard cast area spells that only target himself and/or his unit while under Ash Cloud? What if the spell also targets other units?

A: Yes. No, if other unit’s are targeted or could potentially be targeted, such as with spells of random range, the spell can’t be cast.

13.4.    Q: What is the Infernal Engineers’ War Machine Look out, Sir!?

A: 4+. It works the same way as a normal LOS! while outside a unit.

13.5.    Q: What is Eternal Hatred?

A: Hatred that grants re-rolls every round of combat.

13.6.    Q: Are both Taurus affected by the Fuelled with Fire and errated Blazing Body rules?

A: Yes.

13.7.    Q: Does every model in a unit under Quake! effect have to take a dangerous terrain test if it only moves regularly? What if a character charges out of the unit?

A: Yes, the unit tests if it moves at all. No, only the character tests.

13.8.    Q: Can Iron Daemon shoot after moving 6+2D6? Can it enter forests or ruins? Can you react to its declared charges? How much does it move if it fails a declared charge? Can it wheel to maximize models in contact while entering combat? What terrain can it destroy?

A: No. Yes. Yes (but not against an accidental charge). 2D6. No, the FW FAQ makes an incorrect reference to wheels. Only Obstacles.

13.9.    Q: Hellbound granted wound is not a crew member. How does it work?

A: The WM has an extra wound. You must remove it first, before removing any crew.

13.10.  Q: Does a unit under Quake! effect test for each terrain it moves through?

A: No. It tests only once per phase.

13.11.  Q: What happens if a Hellcannon fails its Rampage test and its pivot is blocked?

A: If blocked by an enemy, fudge charge it as in WP 8. Otherwise pivot as far as you can and then move 3D6 forwards, possibly charging stuff.

14 Dark Elves

14.1.    Q: What kind of ward saves can be used against Arnzipal's Black Horror? Can you use Regeneration?

A: You can use only generic, all purpose Ward Saves and Magic Resistance. The spell doesn’t cause wounds so Banner of the World Dragon, Cloak of Twilight, and other Ward Saves against wounds caused by magic and similar do not work. No Regeneration.

14.2.    Q: Does Strength of Khaine allow rerolling wounds not caused by close combat attacks? Does it work with chariot Impact Hits or beasts?

A: No. No, only the elf parts of multi-part models benefit from the rule.

14.3.    Q: Can Cauldron of Blood or Bloodwrack Shrine join Skirmishers or units with mismatching bases, like cavalry?

A: Neither. If in multiple ranks, the unit joined must be at least 60mm wide.

14.4.    Q: Does Bloodwrack Shrine really affect the leadership of specific models?

A: No. It affects units within range.

14.5.    Q: Do the Reign of Chaos result Dark Prince Thirsts! and Slaanesh Forsaken ignore the ward save of Doomfire Warlocks?

A: Yes.

14.6.    Q: When do you select Tome of Furion spell? Can you use it to get a duplicate spell?

A: Before rolling spells for the wizard. No, Tome of Furion is effectively an ordinary spell generation die that always gives the number you want.

14.7.    Q: Do Cauldron of Blood and Bloodwrack Shrine ever affect the unit type of a joined unit?

A: Only if the joined unit is made of only characters, see 9.15.

14.8.    Q: Does Cauldron of Blood really have Leadership of 0?

A: Yes. When riderless & alone, it has ld 0 and automatically fails Leadership tests.

14.9.    Q: How does Witchbrew work in units where everyone is (was) not Frenzied? What happens when you lose a round of combat while under Witchbrew? What happens if Witchbrew bearer leaves the unit?

A: Previously Frenzied models get +2 and non-Frenzied +1 attacks from their Frenzy, but the unit gets -3 to Berserk Rage tests only if the majority would be frenzied without the Witchbrew. If the unit loses a round of combat, Witchbrew ceases to function and all Frenzies are lost. If Witchbrew leaves the unit, the unit reverts to its previous state of having or not having frenzy.

14.10.  Q: Does the Ring of Hotek work against Comet of Cassandora? Does it check dice that are not power dice, like Night Goblin Mushroom dice and Neferra’s Scroll?

A: No. No.  More information on Worst Play document, section 11.

14.11.  Q: Are Great Eagles, Phoenixes, Dragons and Griffons considered High Elves?

A: No.

14.12.  Q: What happens if you roll a double and a triple for the Dark Magic Lore Attribute?

A: 3D6 hits are are inflicted if the spell is successfully cast.

14.13.  Q: Can characters be allocated wounds from Warlock miscast? Do they benefit from the casting bonuses? Do any non-warlocks contribute to the ranks and casting bonuses?

A: No. No. Yes.

14.14.  Q: Does the opponent get +4 to dispel Augments that target Hellebron’s unit?

A: Yes, the bonus is for all spells, including Remains in Play spells already in play.

14.15.  Q: Do you need to write Morathi’s lores in the armylist?

A: No.

14.16.  Q: Does Scourgerunner’s bolter ignore armor saves and penetrate ranks?

A: Yes.

14.17.  Q: Can Malekith’s Supreme Spellshield deflect spells that were cast on his unit? Can Malekith destroy magical unit standards by targeting them in cc?

A: Yes, except for those spells that only affect specific non-Malekith models in the unit. Yes, they revert to ordinary unit standards.

14.18.  Q: Can Lokhir Fellheart use his Daring Leap if he can only make supporting attacks? Can he attack into challenge? Can he attack models in units not in btb to his unit? Can anyone attack him back due to Daring Leap?

A: Yes, and he makes his full attacks. No. Yes. No, enemies need to be normally able to attack him.

14.19.  Q: If Noxious Breath is used against multiple wound models in cc, how do you determine if it caused casualties if other wounds were also caused at the same initiative step?

A: If it was possible the Breath contributed to casualties, assume it did.

15 Demons of Chaos

15.1.    Q: How does a Beasts of Nurgle work in a challenge?

A: Treat the model as it were an champion for the duration of the challenge. The Beast in challenge starts unwounded if it’s not the last member of its unit. Wounds do not carry over from challenge to rank & file models. After challenge, merge the wounds in the unit.

15.2.    Q: What happens if a unit is on the Portalglyph?

A: The unit in the Portalglyph may enter the battlefield having its rear rank as close as possible to the Portalglyph rather than touching it. Other restrictions still apply.

15.3     Q: What wounds count towards the Souleater daemonic gift?

A: Those caused by close combat attacks, including unusual ones like Stomps or Breath Weapons

15.4.    Q: Can Daemons ever suffer wounds from Daemonic Instability if they roll double 1?

A: Yes, if they lost combat by enough, they can lose up to 2 additional wounds.

15.5.    Q: Do Daemons ignore all Leadership modifiers on Instability and Combat Reform tests while steadfast?

A: No, they only ignore Combat Resolution.

15.6.    Q: Do non-steadfast Daemons ignore the Combat Resolution when doing a Combat Reform?

A: No.

15.7.    Q: Do you use the mount’s Leadership or Ld values of “-” under Treason of Tzeentch?

A: Use the lowest Leadership value of the unit that could be used in some situation. This means you never use a cavalry or monstrous cavalry mount’s Leadership. You might have to use chariot beast’s leadership (crewless chariots like War Altar) or “-” values (Cauldron of Blood). 

15.8.    Q: Does Skullcannon’s Grapeshot make Flaming Attacks? Can the Skullcannon chassis attack to the flank or rear?

A: No. No.

15.9.    Q: Does Magic Resistance or Cloak of Twilight work against Warpflame wounds?

A: Both work against the spell version, only the Cloak works against the shooting version and neither works against the close combat version.

15.10.  Q: What happens to your natural Frenzy when Hysterical Frenzy ends? Do characters that leave the unit keep the Frenzy or suffer hits while the spell is on?

A: You revert to your previous state of Frenzy, regardless of having lost combats while under the spell. Neither.

15.11.  Q: How does Warpflame interact with temporary Regeneration like Earth Blood?

A: You get +1 to any Regeneration for each successful Toughness test. If you passed the first test while under temporary Regeneration, you get +1 to Regeneration while the effect is on, but 6+ regeneration when the effect ends.

15.12.  Q: How do you place terrain from Rock of Inevitability, if all the terrains are destroyed?

A: If you can’t place the terrain next to another Cursed terrain, you don’t place any terrain.

15.13.  Q: Can you repeat the same Daemonic Gift throughout the army?

A: No, Magic Items are Unique and can’t be repeated. Re-roll any duplicates.

15.14.  Q: A daemon unit’s r&f is killed in close combat and only its heroes remain. Do the r&f resurrect if the heroes roll double 1 on instability?

A: No. The characters have already left the unit at that point.

15.15.  Q: Does Blue Scribes need to use power dice to beat the casting value of his spell? Is he a wizard and can he channel normally? Does he re-roll 1s to channel? Are Scrolls of Sorcery destroyed if they miscast?

A: Yes. No. No. Yes.

15.16.  Q: Is Epidemus’ Tally of Pestilence tracked while he’s off-table (Portalglyph, pursuit)?

A: No.

15.17.  Q: If demons fail an instability while under Shroud of Despair, do they lose an extra wound because their leadership goes down?

A: No.

15.18.  Q: What happens if you cannot place all the returning models in a unit that rolls double 1 for Instability?

A: Place as many as you can without moving other units. The rest are lost.

16 Dwarfs

16.1.    Q: Does BSB Rune of Slowness stack with a unit Rune of Slowness? Does RoS reduce the failed charge distance? Does the third RoS always grant ASL on a unit which is having its first round engaging the dwarves, regardless of who charged? Does it affect Random Movement or Pursuit Into Fresh Enemy charges?

A: No, only use the highest instance of RoS. No. Yes. No.

16.2.    Q: Can the Steam Gun or Cinderblast Bomb Stand and Shoot?

A: Yes, but only if the unit is in range of the weapon. As long as you clip the target unit with the template, you may cover any amount of other enemies.

16.3.    Q: Do Runesmiths and Runelords grant Armor Piercing to shooting attacks?

A: No.

16.4.    Q: Can you fire the Flame Cannon template in weird angles?

A: No. Place the tip of the large end furthest and tip of the thin end closest to the machine and then move the template directly away.

16.5.    Q: What happens if Gyrobomber’s Bombing Run misfire result 2-3 rolls a misfire?

A: Reroll the artillery dice until it’s not a misfire.

16.6.    Q: Can you take multiples of runes with no defined effect to bypass the Rule of Pride?

A: No.

16.7.    Q: Does Arcane Unforging completely destroy a runed Gromril Armor? War machine?

A: Yes. No, the War Machine simply loses all runic effects.

16.8.    Q: Can Grimm Burloksson use Superior Volley on War Machines?

A: Yes.

16.9.    Q: Do Dwarves always hate Stormfiends, End Times Vermin Lords and summoned Undeath in O&G and Skaven armies?

A: No.

17 Empire

17.1.    Q: Can the Steam Tank freely split fire between targets?

A: No, all the shooting weapons must at least have a chance of hitting the same target.

17.2.    Q: Does Van Horstman’s Speculum swap the Toughness of any mount? How are characteristic modifiers handled?

A: No. Ignore all characteristic modifiers. Only swap written, unmodified, base stats. Then add any modifications from spells and other effects.

17.3.    Q: When does the Steam Tank make its grind attack?

A: During the Compulsory Movements sub-phase.

17.4.    Q: Can War Altar use the horse’s leadership of 5? If the Archlector dies, for instance.

A: Yes.

17.5.    Q: How does Soulfire from Archlector on War Altar affect friendly units in 6″?

A: They gain Flaming Attacks, but only the enemies in contact with War Altar suffer hits.

17.6.    Q: How is Steam Tank affected by the Slaanesh spells granting Random Movement?

A: The Steam Tank only ever moves if Steam was assigned to its Steam Engine. If under these spells, the Tank moves just D6 regardless of how many points it assigns.

18 High Elves

Note: Questions concerning High Magic spells are in the High Elves section.

18.1.    Q: Do Frostheart Phoenix Blizzard Auras stack?

A: No.

18.2.    Q: Does the High Magic Lore Attribute Shield of Saphery stack with conditional Ward Saves like Parry? Does a unit with such a save also receive the 6+ Ward Save?

A: Yes, any and all Ward Saves are improved. Yes, if it doesn’t have a general Ward Save.

18.3.    Q: What effects does Drain Magic end?

A: Drain Magic dispels all RiP spells and ends any effect which lasts "until the start of the caster's next Magic phase" or "until the end of the next player turn". It doesn't end any other effects. It doesn’t end Howling Warpgale, since it doesn’t target anything.

18.4.    Q: Does Fireborn 2+ Ward Save to Flaming Attacks extend to a monster or chariot mount?

A: No.

18.5.    Q: Does the Golden Crown of Atrazar count as used if the first wounding hit is deflected by the armor save?

A: No.

18.6.    Q: Can I see how many hits I cause before choosing to use Gem of Sunfire? Can I activate it after rolling to wound and apply the +1 to the already-rolled die?

A: Yes, you may activate it after rolling to hit or rolling the amount of hits with a spell. No.

18.7.    Q: Can Drakemaster carry the Star Lance?

A: No.

18.8.    Q: Does Flamespyre Phoenix get +1 to its rebirth test if the rider is killed with the same shot or in the initiative step?

A: Yes.

18.9.    Q: Do you need to write Alarielle’s or Teclis’ lores or spells in the armylist? Can Teclis’ spells be duplicated by other wizard? Can he choose a spell from Undeath in addition to the 8 common magic lore spells? Can Teclis be reduced to level 0 while he has the War Crown? Does he lose spells if the Crown is destroyed?

A: No. No, unless he’s Loremaster. Yes. Yes. Yes.

18.10.  Q: Can Alith Anar shoot after marching in a skirmisher unit?

A: Yes.

18.11.  Q: Can Walk Between Worlds move War Machines out of any terrain?

A: Yes, because the machine is ethereal for the move.

18.12.  Q: How does Korhil’s regular hand weapon work with Chayal?

A: It grants an extra Chayal attack.

18.13.  Q: Can Alarielle’s Star of Averlon heal mounts?

A: No.

19 Lizardmen

19.1.    Q: Does Predatory Fighters work with Supporting Attacks?

A: No.

19.2.    Q: Is the Bastiladon's Thunderous Bludgeon S10 attack always carried out?

A: Yes, but the +1 to hit only applies against enemies engaged by the rear.

19.3.    Q: Does the Piranha Blade confer Multiple Wounds and Armour Piercing to any attack?

A: No, only close combat attacks made with the Piranha Blade have those Special Rules.

19.4.    Q: Can Engine of Gods’ and Lord Kroak’s spells target units outside front arc and in close combat?

A: Yes to both.

19.5.    Q: Can Slann join skirmishers?

A: Yes. He’s not mounted, despite the Palanquin.

19.6.    Q: What is the unit type of a mixed Skink & Kroxigor Cohort?

A: Infantry. Infantry characters get a Look Out Sir! roll. Note that Dreaded 13th spell may not kill any Kroxigor.

19.7.    Q: Stegadon Howdah rules seem to conflict with the Ridden Monster rules when a skink character mounts a Stegadon. Do Howdah rules apply to characters?

A: No. They only apply to non-character skinks. Characters use normal Ridden Monster rules, meaning the skink does not have an unmodifiable 3+/4+ armor and can be targeted separately in cc.

19.8.    Q: Can you use Contemplation to forget a spell that was lost due to Power Drain?

A: No.

19.9.    Q: When can Bolt thrower single shots hit characters in Temple Guard or Skink-Kroxigor Cohorts?

A: The bolt hits the model closest to the bolt thrower with the Guardian rule (TG) or that is a non-character model (Skink-Krox). If killed, the bolt penetrates to the model directly behind the model killed in the same file. If shot from flank, to the next model in the same rank. Any characters on the path will be hit. If two different models are both directly behind a killed Kroxigor, randomize which is hit.

19.10.  Q: If both players have Bloodtoad Rage counters, how are they placed?

A: Both players write the units down and reveal simultaneously.

19.11.  Q: Does Egg of Quango gain Armor Piercing from Razor Standard?

A: Yes.

19.12.  Q: When in a 4 or less wide unit, does Slann’s Palanquin rule override the usual requirement for the command group to be in the first rank? Can the Slann Make Way normally? Can the rank in front of a Slann shrink in casualty removal while the Slann stays in 2nd rank?

A: No. Yes. Yes, down to 4 wide.

19.13.  Q: Is Lord Kroak affected by broken concentration and other casting limits normally?

A: Yes.

19.14.  Q: Does Tetto’eko have to roll D3 and declare which units have Vanguard before rolling who Vanguards first?

A: Yes.

19.15.  Q: How exactly does a Slann/Kroxigor move to the first rank when his unit drops to 4 wide if there are characters in the first rank?

A: Stop removing casualties when the unit is reduced to 4 wide. Move the Slann/Krox to the side where the last casualty was removed from, extending the unit back to 5 wide. Displace the closest eligible non-command r&f model to the second rank. If there is none, displace a character. Then continue removing casualties as normal.

19.16.  Q: Can Tiqtaq’To join units? Can he ambush with a unit of Terradons?

A: Yes, Mask of Heavens allows him to join Terradon units. No, his ambush roll and arrival are separate.

19.17.  Q: Is Kroak’s unit still Unbreakable, if all the Temple Guard are destroyed but other characters still remain?

A: Yes. The unit and any characters have gained Unbreakable from Kroak, despite “leaving” it on its destruction. If Kroak physically leaves the unit, everyone loses UB. Characters that physically move away from the unit lose Unbreakable.

20 Ogre Kingdoms

20.1.    Q: Does Runemaw work against templates, vortices, area spells, spells that target a single model in the unit, recurring spells (Plague, Chain Lightning), lines, random length lines? Does Runemaw work against the Comet of Cassandora?

A: Yes to all except for templates that scatter onto the unit and Vortices. If an area spell is deflected, it affects another unit in the range twice. Deflected lines of random length are not rolled again and must be re-placed not touching the Runemaw unit. No, Runemaw can only be activated after the spell is cast and/or while it’s resolved, not some turns later.

20.2.    Q: If you fail a fear test while in btb to Yhetees, do you have ws 0?

A: No. The WS is set to 1 after the Yhetees have applied their aura. See 3.17.

20.3.    Q: How and when do I specify what weapons Maneater command group carries?

A: Write in the armylist, unless everyone has the same weapon. Example: “6 maneaters, scout, itp, 4x gw, 2x adhd, champion (gw), musician (adhd), standard (gw), standard of swiftness”.

20.4.    Q: Can you retarget a spell at another model in a Runemaw unit, if the first target passes the 2+ Runemaw test?

A: Yes. That character can try to deflect the spell with a 2+. You can’t retarget those who have passed the test for that spell.

21 Orcs & Goblins

21.1.    Q: Do you fully resolve the first released fanatic before declaring other fanatics’ directions?

A: No, their directions are declared simultaneously and then resolved and moved one by one. Complete this process before other units release their fanatics in an order decided by the active player.

21.2.    Q: How does the goblin spell Itchy Nuisance affect the Steam Tank’s movement?

A: If attempting to move, Steam Tank moves with D3 dice less, to a minimum of one dice.

21.3.    Q: Is Doom Diver a template weapon? Can it hit more than 1 unit at the same time? Can it redirect into combat? Can it move less than D6? Redirect back to battlefield after scattering partially off it? How about completely off?

A: Yes, use a 30mm template. Yes. No, except to units it already scattered onto. No. Yes. No.

21.4.    Q: Does a Hand of Gork target count as moving for the purposes of shooting, Flame Cage etc.?

A: No.

21.5.    Q: How are Fanatics released when teleporting with Hand of Gork or Skitterleap?

A: If the teleporting model would be placed within 8 of a unit with Fanatics, it stops at 8 from that unit as if it were doing a Fly move straight to its destination.

21.6.    Q: What happens if a flying unit can’t land when it comes within 8 of a unit with fanatics?

A: The unit stops for the fanatics to be released, but doesn’t have to land. Despite not landing, the unit can still be hit by Fanatics.

21.7.    Q: Brain Bursta has the Sniper special rule. Do you need to see the target?

A: Yes.

21.8.    Q: If a Doom Diver scatters into combat, must you  redirect it away from the combat?

A: No.

21.9.   Q: Are Fanatics affected by spells on their parent unit when released?

A: No. They are a new unit the moment the rule activates.

21.10.  Q: Can you take 0 Squiggs in a Squigg Herd? Does a unit with 0 Squiggs left blow up?

A: No. No.

22 Skaven

22.1.    Q: Can the Plague Furnace or Screaming Bell do a Make way move?

A: No.

22.2.    Q: What happens if a character passes his Look out, Sir! to the 13th but the unit is destroyed?

A: As per Skaven FAQ p7, Clanrat unit is created and character stands next to it as close as possible to its former position

22.3.    Q: Does Grey Seer and Vermin Lord need to choose lore(s) in the armylist?

A: No. You may choose any combination of Ruin, Plague and/or Undeath even 0/0/4, before rolling for spells. You can swap any spell to Skitterleap or 13th, but only an Undeath spell can be swapped to Undeath signature.

22.4.    Q: Can you direct the Crack’s Call through friendly units?

A: Yes, unless they are engaged and don’t have the Expendable Special Rule.

22.5.    Q: Does a character on a Bell or Furnace change his troop type to Unique?

A: Yes.

22.6.    Q: Do unique models stop cannonballs if they’re hit but not killed?

A: No.

22.7.    Q: Are Screaming Bell and Plague Furnace and the unit that pushes them two different units for ranged targeting purposes?

A: Yes. Ranged attacks can target the Bell separately. Area effects hit both the unit and the Bell separately. Doomwheel lightning can hit just the Bell if it’s the closest target. If a player targets the unit pushing the Bell, any hits can still be allocated to the Bell following normal hit allocation rules. In close combat, Impacts and Breath Weapons are used against the combined unit, again possibly hitting the Bell with normal hit allocation.

22.8.    Q: Screaming Bell rolls a result that allows it to move. Can it wheel? Move half D6’’ to the side or rear? Must it spend the whole movement allowance? Can charged enemies react?

A: Yes. Yes, but can’t charge. Yes, unless there is an obstruction. No.

22.9.    Q: Can you join a unit with Skitterleap? Can you leave Screaming Bell’s unit?

A: No to both.

22.10.  Q: Must a Doomwheel shoot or attempt to restrain after rallying? Is it 1 or 3 attacks with regards to Stormbanner, Net of Amyntok, Pha’s Protection, etc.?

A: Yes. 1 attack, meaning 1 test.

22.11.  Q: Does Warp-Lightning Cannon straight line hit only 1 model per rank? And the small template? Is it stopped by obstacles? Can it fire grapeshot?

A: Yes. The small template can hit more than one model per rank but cannot hit models already hit by the line. Yes, no small template is placed in such cases. No.

22.12.  Q: Can Warpstone Weapons get Flaming or Poisoned Attacks? Do they affect special attacks?

A: Yes. All attacks and hits except Stomps are magical.

22.13.  Q: If an Abomination with 1 wound left takes 3 wounds at the same initiative, 1 of which is flaming, does it roll for Too Horrible to Die? Does it roll if it dies to a Pit of Shades, Purple Sun, The Dwellers Below or Arnzipal’s Black Horror?

A: No to all questions.

22.14.  Q: Can the Stormbanner be activated on any player’s turn? Do you test its ending every player turn? Does it stack with another Stormbanner? Does the storm end if the bearer dies, leaves the board or the Stormbanner is destroyed?

A: Yes to all. The storm stops if the bearer or banner is not on the board, but resumes if he returns alive. While he’s gone, don’t test to see if the storm ends.

22.15.  Q: With regards to Plague Banner, what models count as plague monks? Can you activate it after rolling to hit or wound?

A: Plague Monks, their champion, Plague Priests and the Plague Furnace’s crew. Yes, you can activate it at any time, but it doesn’t grant re-rolls to already rolled dice.

22.16.  Q: How are characters placed in a Rat Ogre pack?

A: 40mm based models are placed normally in the front rank beside Rat Ogres if there’s space. 20 mm based models are placed as packmasters and don’t contribute to ranks.

22.17.  Q: Do Warplock Jezzails still have Move or Fire and Warpstone Weapon rules?

A: Yes.

22.18.  Q: Can you double a spell if its not swappable for you, but to another wizard?

A: No. If a Warlock Engineer already knows Warp-lightning, Grey Seer can’t take it and must select another spell. However, if the Grey Seer rolled the spell before the Warlock, any Warlock can still swap his randomly generated spell for it. Warlocks can’t select another spell if they actually roll Warp-lightning.

22.19.  Q: What terrain are buildings ruined with Crack’s Call or Screaming Bell?

A: Ruins.

22.20.  Q: Does the GW Skaven errata mean WLC and PCC have only 3 wounds?

A: Yes.

22.21.  Q: Do characters lose Death Frenzy if they leave the unit or the unit is destroyed?

A: Yes.

22.22.  Q: Is Boneripper a character?

A: No. It’s deployed at the same time as characters, but can’t join units or be the general.

22.23.  Q: Screaming Bell rings 2-4, but there aren’t enough models to move at all. Can it move?

A: No, but if it has enough models to move, the move isn’t reduced by lack of models.

22.24.  Q: Can summoned Undead shoot at enemies only engaged with Skavenslaves?

A: No.

23 Tomb Kings

23.1.    Q: What happens if a unit Entombed beneath the Sands scatters off the table?

A: Roll on the mishap table.

23.2.    Q: How does Look Out Sir! work with chariot mounted characters? 

A: Roll a single LOS! before randomizing a hit or allocating template hits to the rider and chariot. If passed, a single hit is transferred to the unit. Neither the chariot nor the character suffer a hit in this case. With Stonethrowers and similar, the hit Str is the higher Str if the central hole was over the character and lower otherwise.

23.3.  Q: Can Skeleton Archers’ BS be reduced, if they’re using Khalida’s unmodified BS?

A: No.

24 Vampire Counts

24.1.    Q: Does Invocation of Nehek affect lone characters or character units in range? Can it heal more than 1 wound on Ethereal units?

A: No. No.

24.2.    Q: If you have a unit of zombies less than 5 models wide in 2 or more ranks, can you summon more models in the unit?

A: Yes.

24.3.    Q: Nightshroud. Is setting the Strength to a certain value a Strength bonus? Is doubling your Strength (Rune of Might)?

A: No. Yes.

24.4.    Q: Must the wizard with the highest Leadership value in the army be the General and therefore use the Lore of Vampires?

A: Yes. If two wizards are tied for the highest Ld, the player decides who is the General.

24.5.    Q: Can an engaged Terrorgheist use Death Shriek against units it is not fighting? What protections work against Shrieks and Howls?

A: Yes. Note that Banshee may not use her Howl in this way. When Howls and Shrieks are used against units not in base contact with the model making the attack, they’re ranged and shooting attacks, meaning Stormbanner and Pha’s Protection work against them. When used against btb units, they’re still shooting attacks, but no longer ranged attacks.

24.6.    Q: Can Death Shrieks and Ghostly Howls be used after reform or failed charge? Can they be used against enemies outside the front arc?

A: Yes. No, not even in close combat, as they’re shooting attacks.

24.7.    Q: Can you move a Mortis Engine with Blasphemous Tome away from the caster during an IF Vanhel’s Dance Macabre and avoid rolling twice on the Miscast table? How does Earthing Rod interact with Blasphemous Tome?

A: Yes. Roll twice, decide whether to re-roll the other roll, opponent then chooses either result.

24.8.    Q: How do multiple Beguiles work?

A: Test once for each. Multiple failures have no additional effect.

24.9.    Q: Can you choose whether the rider or the mount is healed with the lore attribute?

A: Yes.

24.10.  Q: Can you use Red Fury extra attacks to attack models that emerge after removing casualties caused by the first set of attacks?

A: No. You only remove models after assigning and resolving the attacks, possibly wasting them.

24.11.  Q: What is Kemmler’s leadership?

A: 8.

24.12.  Q: What happens if Mannfred’s armor is destroyed?

A: He loses 2 wounds permanently, possibly dying.

25 Warriors of Chaos

Notice: If a question relates to both Demons of Chaos and Warriors of Chaos but none of the other armies, the question is located under the DoC section.

25.1.    Q: Does the Warshrine have effect on Chosen’s The Reward of Chaos?

A: No.

25.2.    Q: Does the self-inflicted wound of Hellfire Sword have Flaming Attacks special rule?

A: No.

25.3.    Q: What wounds count towards the Soul Feeder?

A: Those caused by close combat attacks, including unusual ones like Stomps or Breath Weapons.

25.4.    Q: Do Hellscourges grant Always Strike First to the steeds?

A: No, they are weapons wielded by the riders.

25.5.    Q: Can a marked character join a unit devoted to another god either with a mark or another similar upgrade?

A: No.

25.6.    Q: Can a character or champion without Eye of Gods accept or issue challenges if another model in the same combat with the rule could do it?

A: No.

25.7.    Q: Does the mark of Tzeentch improve all ward saves available to the model?

A: Yes, even conditional ones like Parry, in addition to giving the 6+ regular ward.

25.8.    Q: Do units destroyed by a character in a Hellstrider’s unit count for the Soul Hunters Special Rule? Do characters benefit from such special rule?

A: Yes, as they are part of the unit. No, as they don’t have the Special Rule themselves.

25.9.    Q: If you take multiple hits from Galrauch’s breath, do you take multiple tests?

A: No, just one.

25.10.  Q: Which happens first, rolling Blasted Standard’s effect or allocating hits?

A: Allocating hits.

25.11.  Q: Does the opponent gain vp from a model turned to Spawn or Daemon Prince with Eye of the Gods table?

A: Yes, except for the 100 general points, since he’s still the general in case of DP.

26 Wood Elves

26.1.    Q: Can you duplicate the same Enchanted Arrows on different units and characters? Does Arcane Unforging destroy only one model’s arrows at a time? Can you take Enchanted Arrows on a character with a magical standard?

A: Yes. Yes. No.

26.2.    Q: Do Wild Rider steeds get +1 Attack from Frenzy?

A: Yes.

26.3.    Q: Can you combine Bow of Loren with Waystalker’s special rules?

A: Yes. Multiple Shots does not stack with itself, but Aimed Shot and Sniper do.

26.4.    Q: When Forestwalking, the unit counts as having marched. Does this mean it might have to take DT from Dreadquake, test and possibly fail to move with Net of Amyntok, Trigger Flame Cage hits and similar? Do you need to test for marching? Can you forestwalk if you have Random Movement?

A: Yes. Note that if you have already tested for Dreadquake or Net earlier in the movement phase, you don’t test again. No marching test. Yes.

26.5.    Q: Do Asrai Spears (mounted) work after the charge round?

A: Yes.

26.6.    Q: Can Protection counters be used against things that don’t allow any saves? Can they be used if the models wounded don’t have any save? Can they be used against Arnzipal’s Black Horror?

A: No. Yes. No.

26.7.    Q: Is Arrow of Kurnous fired before Vanguard moves?

A: Yes.

26.8.    Q: Do Sniping Waystalkers fire at the same time as their unit?

A: Yes, declare targets at the same time.

26.9.    Q: How do Naestra & Arahan on Gwindalor work?

A: The model has T4 and 3 wounds. It heals to full wounds at the end of every phase.

26.10.  Q: Does Orion’s spear work in close combat too?

A: Yes. It’s a magical close combat weapon that ignores armor saves.

27 The End Times

27.1.    Q: Can you summon characters with Lore of Undeath signature and 6th spell? Can you ever summon Magic Items that are or were already in the army? Can you summon a BSB? Do multiple BSB effects (Undead or not) stack in any situation?

A: No. No. Yes. No, though they all have Hold Your Ground.

27.2.    Q: Exactly who can take lore of Undeath?

A: Everyone with magic levels except some that are forced to a specific lore or spell. Can’t take examples: OK mandatory Maw caster, VC general with lore of Vampires, Hierophant with lore of Nehekhara, Lord Kroak, anyone with specific Loremaster. Can take examples: Alarielle, Teclis, Eltharion, Morathi, Vlad, Kemmler. Blue Scribes can choose to roll its spell from Undeath. Grey Seer can choose any mix of spells from Undeath and Skaven lores. Wandering Deliberations Slann & High Elf Loremaster have the Undeath signature. Mazdamundi can choose to have Loremaster: Undeath. Contemplations can be used to swap a spell for an Undeath spell. Kairos chooses at the start of game which head knows Undeath spells.

27.3.     Q: Does Dark Breath work on TK units and Morghasts? Are Morghasts healed by Nehekhara lore attribute? Do several Herald of the Accursed rules stack?

A: Yes. Yes. No.

27.4.     Q: Does lore of Beasts lore attribute activate when casting spells on End Times models such as Blightkings in a Beastmen army?

A: No. They’re not models from Warhammer Armies: Beastmen.

27.5.    Q: Are Stormfiends Stubborn in a forest? Can their accidental fire hit cc? Are tunneling units that don’t arrive during the game or scatter off the field destroyed? What if they can’t be placed when they arrive?

A: Yes. Yes. Yes. They arrive next turn instead, dying if the game ends.

27.6.    Q: Exactly what do you have to declare when casting a Summoning spell?

A: The power level and 1 point the summoned unit will occupy. You don’t have to declare facing, alignment or which specific unit you’ll summon.

27.7.    Q: What is the duration of the Hand of Dust? Is it a Magical Attack? Does it use model special rules? Bonuses from Magical Weapons?

A: Until the beginning of your next Magic Phase, meaning you can use it in both close combat phases. Yes. Yes. No.

27.8.     Q: Can summoned units join non-undead units? Use Hold Your Ground & Inspiring Presence? Do they ever crumble from a dead general or Hierophant? Can they march within 12" of the general?

A: Characters can, if nothing else prevents them. Yes. No. Yes, if nothing else prevents them, such as being a chariot or having Hover.

27.9.    Q: Do summoned wizards immediately generate spells?

A: Yes. They choose a lore and can even generate spells that were rolled at the start of the match by another wizard on the same side, but only if that wizard was already removed as a casualty.

27.10.  Q: Does End Times Mark of Khorne really work differently from the WoC mark?

A: Yes. Mark of Khorne on a chariot grants Frenzy to steeds pulling the chariot too.

27.11.  Q: Do Blight King champions turn into Daemon Princes from WoC or DoC if they roll 12 in Eye of the Gods table?

A: WoC, though they also get Unstable and the inability to use differently aligned BSB/General from Glottkin.

27.12.  Q: When is the Stormfiend tunneling marker placed?

A: It’s placed after all regular units (including characters) from both sides have deployed. It doesn’t count as one of your deployment choices in Alternating Deployment and doesn’t influence the starting roll bonus. If both players have tunneling markers, roll-off. Winner deploys first.