The End of Kush

Previously on Future Tushu, Tushu was in the year 2072 using an IPad. Tushu was attacked and Tushu’s future self saved Tushu because Tushu killed his wife. The Tushu’s reached Kush, the Tushu’s put a bomb on Kush and ran away. Then an evil scientist made Kush into a cyborg/human that took Tushu’s brother and drained all his power, luckily Future Tushu saved him and called the police. While Kush and the evil scientist were in jail, they called evil people around the world to break them out and fight Tushu. When they were out of jail, they hacked into the satellite dish to find Tushu and kill him. When the Tushu’s found out this, they had to get to Kush and take his watch to disable it. When they found Kush, Kush used his heat vision and almost turned Kush’s head off, there was only 2 minutes left. Future Tushu fought Kush and Tushu took the watch and disabled the satellite. Then the Tushu’s used the satellite to kill Kush and his army. After the Tushu’s killed Kush, they celebrated with a cake and pie!

The End

(For Now)

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