General Body Meeting


9:00PM-12:00AM, Benjamin Franklin Room, Houston Hall

  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  3. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. University Council 2016-2017 Undergraduate Representatives
  2. Administrator Meetings
  1. Council of Undergraduate Deans/ Undergraduate Working Group August Meeting
  2. Cabinet VPUL Meeting
  1. Peer Community Wellness Guide
  2. Commencement Speaker Selection Survey
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. UC Working Group with the NEC
  2. UA Steering Schedule
  3. Next UA Steering
  1. UA Report
  1. NSO Presentations
  2. Collaborations
  3. Social Media Contest
  4. Administrator Meetings
  5. Cabinet
  6. Retreat
  7. Member of the week
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Election of Budget and Finance Committee 2016-2017
  2. Funding Steering Assembly Membership Confirmation
  3. Penn Wellness CFA Addition
  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. Exploring New Pass/Fail Options
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. TA Guide Discussion Paper
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Peer Tutoring Outreach Initiative
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Updates
  1. Hey Day Access
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Class of 1978 Pavilion (in the Kislak Center) Study Space in 6th Floor Van Pelt Schedule
  1. Social Justice
  1. Project Updates
  1. Pennvolvement
  1. Student Life
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Wharton Financial Times Subscription
  1. Communications


President’s Report

  1. University Council 2016-2017 Undergraduate Representatives
  1. The NEC and the UA Executive Boards agreed to appoint the following undergraduate students to University Council this year.

○      Kat McKay, UA President

○      Sola Park, UA Vice President

○      Travis Shingledecker, UA Speaker

○      Nile Nwogu, UA Wharton Representative

○      Aren Raisinghani, UA SEAS Representative

○      Ian Jeong, UA Nursing Representative and Lambda Alliance

○      Brianna Krecji, PAGE (Penn Association for Gender Equity)

○      Tunmise Fawole, UMOJA

○      Ramon Garcia Gomez, Latin@ Coalition

○      Sean Egan, College Republicans

○      Anea Moore, Penn First

○      Zuhaib Badami, MSA (Muslim Student Association)

○      Nayab Khan, PRISM (Programs in Religion, Interfaith and Spirituality Matters)

○      Anny Hu, AIS (Assembly of International Students)

○      Yen-Yen Gao, APSC (Asian Pacific Student Coalition)

○      Will Wang, United Minorities Council** This is a permanent seat separate from the 15 allotted to the UA        

  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Council of Undergraduate Deans/ Undergraduate Working Group August Meeting
  1. The Council of Undergraduate Deans (CUD) and the Undergraduate Working Group (UGWG) held a joint meet at the end of August. They discussed overviews of the Perry World House, the New College House, the Year of Media, Campaign for Community, and the Wellness Ambassadors program. Associate Vice Provost for Equity and Access Will Gipson reviewed the administration’s early summer Summit on First Generation Low Income (FGLI) students, which was divided into seven levers: Academic Advising Assistance, Student Financial Services, Admissions/NSO, Community Building, Food and Shelter Insecurity, FGLI Admin and Faculty, and Funding Support for Research and Internships. The administration is working to create an opt-in database of first-generation faculty and administrators. They are also developing a free food pantry at Greenfield Intercultural Center for students to access during breaks when campus dining halls are closed. VPUL created a “First Look” preceptorial that was marketed to first generation students so that they could have a personalized introduction to campus life. If you’re interested in a more detailed update about FGLI student initiatives feel free to reach out to Rev. Gipson. Finally, administrators from the NSO office gave an NSO preview and Rob Nelson from the Provost’s Office gave a status update on NGSS.
  1. Cabinet VPUL Meeting
  1. Vice Provost for University Life Dr. Val Cade invited Cabinet to meet at the beginning of this semester in addition to our planned meeting in October. One of the results of this meeting was the joint email sent earlier this week from VPUL, the GAPSA President, and myself welcoming students back to campus and introducing them to wellness resources. Over the summer VPUL’s office changed their policy so that all university communications regarding campus tragedies, like student deaths, will be sent by email to the entire undergraduate population and parents. This was one of the main recommendations from the Penn Wellness-headed Tragedy Communications working group. We also discussed TAP, Campaign for Community, the new Program Director for Student Sexual Violence Prevention, the 2 new associate directors in OFSA, improving the Wellness App, and improving CAPS’ website and expanded counselor hours.
  1. Peer Community Wellness Guide
  1. Over the summer I worked with Peter Moon, the Chair of Penn Wellness, Mounika Kanneganti, the Chair of the Penn Undergraduate Health Coalition, and SHS to revamp the wellness guide resource that was created two years ago. We modified the guide so that its focus is peer-driven groups and spaces. You can find the guide on the UA website under the “Resources” tab. We also have around 400 printed copies and are working on a distribution plan so that as many students as possible see and have access to this great resource.
  1. Commencement Speaker Selection Survey
  1. The UA and the 2017 Class Board partnered to send out a commencement speaker preference survey to the Class of 2017. I sent the results of the survey to Secretary Kruhly’s office. Top choices included Barack and Michelle Obama, Tina Fey, and Elon Musk. Sola and I have seats on the Commencement Speaker Advisory Group.

Vice-President’s Report

  1. UC Working Group with the NEC
  1. The UA Bylaws allocate seven of the 15 seats on the University Council to the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) to select representation from mis- and/or under-represented organizations. Last semester, UA Exec and the outgoing NEC Executive Boards met to discuss the allocation of one of our flex seats. Earlier this semester, UA and NEC Executive Boards met again to determine allocation of the remaining UC seats. We came to the conclusion that the UA will have two flex seats to ensure that all four undergraduate schools are represented and NEC will have one flex seat to appoint to a mis/under-represented student group. To prevent future conflicts of the same matter, both Executive boards felt it was necessary to form a UC Working Group with the NEC. I will be sitting on the Working Group along with a few UA members, NEC Nominations Chairs and some members of the NEC.
  1. UA Steering Schedule
  1. UA Steering will meet seven times this semester. These meetings are September 13 (SFRS), September 27 (EVP, Executive Director to the EVP, Associate Vice Provost for Student Affairs), October 4 (Perry World House), October 18, November 1 (Provost Price and Mental Health Task Force), November 15, November 29.
  1. Next UA Steering
  1. The first UA Steering meeting will be on Tuesday September 13th, from 7:30-8:30 in JMHH 350. We will be meeting with SFRS Senior management.

UA Report

  1. NSO Presentations
  1. Kat and I spoke at the Department of Public Safety presentations for all new Penn students.
  1. Collaborations
  1. The UA joined Active Minds Penn and the Class Boards in a Chalk Out Stigma event on September 8th. We left encouraging notes all over campus in honor of National Suicide Prevention Day on the 10th.
  2. The UA collaborated with CAPS and Penn Wellness (and some of their constituent groups) on September 3rd in an ice cream social to give out information about mental health resources and CAPS. We handed out all of the Wellness Guides that we brought.
  1. Social Media Contest
  1. Our Communications Director, Michael Krone, has been working hard to promote our social media presence through a social media contest. All likes until September 10th were entered to win a prize from a selection of donated items.
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Sam Shea and I met with Deborah Hardly and Peter Lim from the SVIO office. We talked about the student body’s familiarity with what the office does and what the disciplinary procedure looks like. We made suggestions on other groups they could talk with in order to reach larger networks on campus (beyond the ones they have already contacted).
  1. Cabinet
  1. Cabinet took part in a StrengthsQuest assessment through Career Services on September 9th as part of a leadership development opportunity. I look forward to arranging more professional development-related cabinet meetings.
  1. Retreat
  1. Our retreat will be held from October 1st  to October 2nd. Having the retreat at this time gives the New Student Representatives the opportunity to join us. Please email me this week if there is anything I need to be made aware of.
  1. Member of the week
  1. This week’s member of this week is….

Treasurer’s Report

  1. Election of Budget and Finance Committee 2016-2017
  1. This committee is comprised of the treasurer and two additional UA members, which we will elect tonight.  Responsibilities include overseeing the funds of the UA, preparing the annual budget, reviewing all contingency requests, and periodically auditing the records of the UA and all of its constituent parts (Constitution Article IX Section 34).
  1. Funding Steering Assembly Membership Confirmation
  1. The Funding Steering Assembly (FSA) is responsible for facilitating constructive communication between all student-run funding sources on campus and for coordinating a cohesive timeline for student group funding request timelines.  Membership is determined by the treasurer with the advice and consent of the UA.  This year’s FSA will tentatively comprise of representatives of the following student organizations
  1. Penn Wellness CFA Addition
  1. The new mental health initiative and umbrella organization received $8000 from the Vice Provost for University Life for this school year.  We are currently working on adding them to the Common Funding Application and they will be part of the Funding Steering Assembly this year.

Academic Initiatives

Project Updates

Exploring New Pass/Fail Options

Authored by Eric Tepper

I am in very initial explorations for making changes to pass/fail grading in the College. Some ideas include uncovering p/f classes a few weeks into the next semester, including a D in addition to pass/fail and allowing the classes to be uncovered. If you have any thoughts let me know.

Discussion Papers

TA Guide to Penn Undergrad

Authored by: Kat McKay


Background: Many Penn graduate students serve as Teaching Assistants for undergraduate classes, but they don’t necessarily have a good understanding of undergrad life here. TAs come from a broad range of educational and personal backgrounds-- many have never studied in the U.S. Undergraduates are better served when our instructors understand what our lives at Penn are like.


To help address this, the UA is collaborating with GAPSA to create a concise guide about the Penn undergrad experience that we hope will become a part of the TA training curriculum. The UA will create a draft of the guide, send it to GAPSA for review, make changes based on their input, and then put together a PDF version for GAPSA to circulate among TAs.


This is the information the guide will include.



      4 undergrad schools, selected by the student before application

      4-year graduation average

      Percent of students who study abroad


Demographics (Penn’s Incoming Class Profile)

      Number of Penn undergrads and breakdown by school

      Acceptance rate

      Home state/ country

      Diversity metrics

      Self-identify as students of color, Pell grant recipients, international, first-generation college student, and legacy status


School-specific information

      Number of courses required to graduate

      Graduation requirements within that school

      When in their undergraduate careers students select their major/program of study

      Number of majors/programs of study offered

      Average number of courses taken per semester by students in that school



      Number of SAC-recognized student groups

      Percent of students who conduct research for professors or programs on campus

      Overview of PSG and the DP



Discussion Questions

1.     What other information should we include?

2.     Do these categories work well?

Completion Reports

Peer Tutoring Outreach Initiative

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

Travis and I met with Ms. Donna Brown (Director of the Tutoring Center) to check on the status of the peer tutor outreach program for the fall semester. To recap, the pilot program (run in the Spring for CHEM101/102 & MATH104/114) sent an email to students (signed by their Professor) who met the criteria to be peer tutors (>3.25 GPA and A/A- in the course) after students were approved by their Professor.


The results of the outreach are shown below:








# of students who were sent an email






# of students who responded






Response rate (%)






# of freshmen who responded






# of sophomores who responded




5 (1 junior)


# of students in training (as of the spring)






# of students who did not respond after the initial response






# of students who changed their mind about becoming tutors






# of students currently tutoring (as of the Spring)







For this semester, Rob Nelson (Executive Director of Education and Academic Planning, Office of the Provost) is working on creating a computational system (with the Undergraduate Working Group) to perform the outreach in future semesters while the Tutoring Center is running another pilot with CHEM241 and PHYS101 as they have sufficient tutors for the subjects that were piloted last semester. This year, the Tutoring Center has 160 returning tutors, compared to about 90 in past years.



Dining, Sustainability, and Facilities

Project Updates

Hey Day Access

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

Tomorrow I am meeting with Licinia “Lulu” Barrueco Kaliher, Ed.D. (Director of First Year Houses & Paraprofessional Training for the Office of College Houses & Academic Services) to discuss allowing students into freshman residences on Hey Day, an important Penn tradition. The reason access was cut off in recent years was due to issues with vandalism. Does anyone have any ideas about how to avoid vandalism in upcoming years?

Completion Reports

Class of 1978 Pavilion (in the Kislak Center) Study Space in 6th Floor Van Pelt Schedule

Authored by: Kyle O’Neil

After reaching out to Vice Provost & Director of Libraries H. Carton Rogers, I learned that the study space can only be confirmed to be available during Reading Days and Finals due to the number and nature of events which occur in the space. However, the Penn Libraries are open to setting up new study spaces on campus.

Social Justice

Project Updates


Authored by: Kaylee Slusser

“Pennvolvement” has gone through its beta version this summer and is now officially live. Over the summer, we worked closely with Penn Labs to ensure that the website had no glitches before we sent it out. 5 randomly chosen organizations out of the 33 seed organizations tested the beta version, corrections were made based on that feedback, and now we are sending it out to the full 33 seed organizations. Our next steps are getting these organizations to sign up for Pennvolvement and to start using the tool. Once we have around 20 organizations, we will be reaching out to the DP and start marketing the tool. Please feel free to reach out to any civic engagement organizations that aren’t currently signed up on and get them to start using the tool.

Student Life

Completion Reports

Wharton Financial Times Subscription

Authored by: Sam Shea

Unfortunately, "Wharton has discontinued the FT subscriptions due to skyrocketing subscription rates. The School can no longer cover the costs of the subscriptions. However, students can access the FT archives (articles that are over a month old) via the library." - Per Lee Kramer, Director of Student Life-WUG

Penn Reflections Student Program

Authored by: Kat McKay

A group of students involved in the mental wellness community started a program called “Reflections”, which aims to give freshmen a platform to talk about their lives at Penn. These leaders reached out to me and Sola asking if we could help market the program, so I reached out to College House Staff members who forwarded information about Reflections to the House Deans in Du Bois, Gregory, Stouffer, the New College House, KCEH, and the Quad.


  1. Roll Call
  2. Open Forum
  1. Recent student groups
  1. Kat- In the recent weeks there have been misogynistic messages. This can serve as a forum for people to express their opinion. In the past the UA has served as a forum for people to talk about it.
  1. Tonna-What does this mean?
  1. Kat-In the past when things happen, students would come to the UA asking them if they are doing anything or giving them suggestions as to what can be done
  1. Sam S- I think it's important to use our external boards to bring up these issues. I am sitting on the board of Office of Fraternity and meeting tomorrow.
  2. Justin- It’s important for people in fraternities to speak out. Going forward, there has to be more programming as to what is okay and what is not. 70% of members are required to go to workshops, but I think that it should be a 100%.
  3. PAGE- When things like this happen, our organizations are the first to respond. However, our groups do not reach the entire student body. It would be helpful for the UA if they could help spread the word. If there are men who want to work together there are ways to get involved.
  4. Sam S- To PAGE: is there a way where sororities and fraternities can get involved
  1. No not currently but we are working on it
  1. Kat- If it is possible to have an IFC representative on PAGE board. In some weeks, maybe you can have interest groups who are more broad in what they handle
  2. Justin-Who would an ideal male member be?
  1. It doesn’t have to be a president, but just someone who is passionate about this issue. I think a lot of positive work can come from this group. These groups can look to other departments as mentors
  1. Eric- Karu and Chaz Howard have a working group that is male and are currently addressing similar issue. I think you guys should try reaching out to other umbrella groups because they want to be involved in this.
  1. PAGE- we will do our best to reach out. If anyone on the UA wants to be involved please reach out
  1. Hannah- PAVE is currently by request only, but if there is a way to get more groups to sign up for training. A beneficial idea would be having male members in the group
  2. Kaylee- Do you think it would be useful
  1. ASAP - I think it’s important to have women’s voices
  1. PAGE- Our GBMs are open to the public
  2. Kat-I just want to say thank you for coming out. The work that groups do is great and if you need anything please let us know.

  1. Information (Tonna)
  1. Tonna- I was really happy to see Kat’s articles and the DP’s article on different forms of government. I hope this happens in the future as well. One of the Wharton speakers that was there was working on a UA project which I might take on. The UA retreat and the OSA retreat are at the same week.
  1. Travis- The UA retreat was already scheduled before we were  made known of the OSA retreat. We do think it is more beneficial to be at the UA retreat because it has an educational component to it.. Also you can go in the spring to the OSA retreat if you want.
  2. Kat- Also there are a lot of nominators here so that will not be a problem
  3. Tonna- This was scheduled later because we wanted to include the new students?
  1. Travis- Yes
  1. Reports
  1. President’s Report
  1. University Council 2016-2017 Undergraduate Representatives
  1. We appointed these people that are listed on the list. 5 of these people are UA members
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Council of Undergraduate Deans/ Undergraduate Working Group August Meeting
  1. They talked about various things that have been going on. We spent a lot of time talking about low income/first generation students. This was the results of the summit that took place earlier this year. They talked about the 7 levers and what they are working on. Then we talked about Next Generation System, which is the next Pennintouch. It does a better job of integrating multiple things
  1. Naomi- Did they talk about xCAT
  1. Nope
  1. Eric- Did they mention exams and holidays
  1. Nope
  1. Eric- Ben Bolnick sent me an article about low income talking about their experiences on campus and this might be useful.
  2. Aren-Are they adding a student portal or are they replacing everything?
  1. Other people can talk more about this. It will have Pennintouch, penn course review. This is something that Ai and scue talk about it. NGSS will have a timeline of 2019
  2. Eric-You can talk to AI and UA in general about what should be included
  1. Tunmise- With Penn course review, did they figure out that it won’t have student run problems
  1. I am meeting with Rob Nelson and Naomi on Tuesday to talk about this
  1. Riad- I am on the external seat for NGSS. Can I reach out to you or if we can talk after?
  1. Travis- Yes
  1. Naomi- If you have anything is mind, please let me know send it to be. I will be meeting if Rob. They want to hear even if it is a small thing
  1. Cabinet VPUL Meeting
  1. Kat- They invited cabinet to brunch. The biggest outcome of this meeting was the all university email. Most people don't usually hear from VPUL unless something tragic happens. This was a way for VPUL to say that this is what happens and they offer more things. There have been very inconsistent communications when a student death occurs. VPUL’s new policy is that when something like this happens, they will email all the students and also parents who are subscribed.
  1. Peer Community Wellness Guide
  1. UA came up with an idea years ago to list all of the resources and it was 15 pages. The chairs of PUHC, Penn Wellness and myself met to come up with a new guide. The focus of this guide for groups that are for students by students. If you have any ideas of how to give them out please let us know
  1. Commencement Speaker Selection Survey
  1. The Class of 2017 got this email in the summer. A survey was sent out of what the students would like. There are over 500 responses.
  1. Aren-If Obama were to be chosen, do we have to reach out to him?
  1. The Office would reach out to him. With Lin Manuel a board of trustee member was friends with him, so that made it easier.
  1. Vice-President’s Report
  1. UC Working Group with the NEC
  1. Our exec and NEC exec met to determine the allocation of flex seats. We decided that UA would keep 2 seats and one seat would be given to the NEC. We came up with an idea to come up with a working board, so that this problem is avoided in the fall. Who is interested in being a part of the working group?
  1. Nile, tonna, sam s, justin, hannah, ssam, eric, krone want to help out

  1. UA Steering Schedule
  1. It is starting on Tuesday and we will be meeting 7 times.
  1. Next UA Steering
  1. We will be meeting with SFRS and it will be in Huntsman
  1. UA Report
  1. NSO Presentations
  1. We presented to the freshman during NSO. We told them about the Penn Mobile app and more about the UA.
  1. Collaborations
  1. Sept 9- we collaborated with Active Minds and Class Board to strike out stigma
  2. Sept 3-partnered up with Penn Benjamins, Active Minds, and CAPs and held an ice cream social
  3. If you have ideas like this please let me know
  1. Social Media Contest
  1. Michael has been doing a great job promoting our presence on social media. I will yield to krone
  1. Krone- Bookstore was very generous. There will be 6 prizes in all.
  2. Sam- What happens if they are not penn students
  1. They are
  1. Tonna- I think its great that we did this. Was this in some email to us? It would be beneficial to have it more clear
  1. I was mostly posting in the facebook and twitter
  1. Kyle- Everyone should like everyone of the UA posts so we expand our reach
  2. Krone- If anyone has any events that should be posted, please let me know
  3. Kat- Please go like the page and keep an eye out.
  4. Kelly (prospective UA)- You guys can also invite people to like the page
  1. Administrator Meetings
  1. Sam and I met with Deborah. It was a great opportunity to ask about questions that were lingering. We talked about different venues of how students could hear about them. We also gave them groups that they could get into contact with.
  1. Cabinet
  2. Retreat
  1. Our retreat will be held Oct 2. It will be held at the Chamounix Mansion. To include new members, if you have any reqs please let me know
  2. Tonna- Is there an opp for people to express what they look forward to in the UA this year?
  1. Yes there will be time. If you have any other suggestions
  1. Kaylee- when will we know time constraints
  1. 12 to 12
  1. Eric- does any part of this count for attendance
  1. There is an education part so we would love to see everyone there
  1. Riad- will there be a meeting that sunday
  1. Yes
  1. Aren- If the retreat of overnight on Saturday, and it is a huge time commitment. I think that having a retreat an hour away can pose as a problem.
  1. Kat- Our GBM is open to the public, while the retreat is not. It is more for us to bond together and the overnight aspect is an integral part. You have times that you can miss, and you are a student leader
  2. Tonna- Kat I am hearing what you are saying, I did not really like that the time was just picked and that we have to be here at the retreat or meeting. It would be beneficial to make that meeting after optional
  3. Aren- Implying that not being able to come to a retreat does not imply that a student is not a leader.. We just found out when mid-terms are.
  4. Kat- We are not saying this. This is all written in the bylaws. There will be free time for homework and plenty of time for work to be done.
  5. Ivan- Just because it was longer in the past, does not mean that 27 hours is okay. Maybe exec should consider a shorter retreat where information can come in a shorter time
  6. Michelle- Fall break is that week so its only 3 days
  7. Kat- we budgeted for an overnight retreat, so budget would be a good time to bring this up. And it has been booked.
  8. Travis- I did send an email saying to email me if you had questions or concerns
  9. Taylor- If the future, it would be good to be aware that some people going to church on sunday
  10. Kanishka- Is the duration of the retreat set in the bylaws? Is the location mentioned?
  1. Travis- It says its necessary to have an educational component. We did budget money for this. This is a place just to calm down. It was mentioned in the spring if you had any suggestions, so you could get to me.
  1. Tunmise- Having been on these retreats, I did feel that I was closer to the people on the body after coming back from the retreat. But I do also see what people are saying with the work.
  2. Tonna- I see the point for the retreat. All I was asking to be considerate of people’s time, such as shortening the meeting. It has been shown that working for longer hours is not beneficial. It would be better in the future if you could give out some dates that we could consider.
  3. Eric- It is important to go on these retreats. As rep students, it's our job to best represent them and for that it's important that we get to know each other. In terms of GBM times, the times are set between the first 2 weeks so nothing can be done about that. Try to prioritize to the best that you can.
  4. Justin- I think there is room for compromise. I think this can be really fun and that we have to make the most of it
  5. Aren- If the bylaws state that an educational component is mandatory, it also doesn’t say that it has to be an overnight retreat.
  1. Travis- The education part of the retreat will happen on campus. We can talk about how we can go about this after. It’s just a great opp to get to know people

  1. Member of the week
  1. We have had a lot of events going on before and this member made it to all of them. This week's member is Nile!!
  1. Treasurer’s Report
  1. Election of Budget and Finance Committee 2016-2017
  1. It’s going to be me and two other members. It can’t be any member of Cabinet. The biggest duties are going to be Contingency and Budget.
  2. Travis-Opening up the floor for nominations
  1. Nile accepts
  2. Taylor declines
  3. Riad accepts
  4. Tunmise declines
  5. Tonna declines
  6. Ivan declines
  7. Calvary accepts
  1. Candidate speeches
  1. Nile- My name is Nile and on AI and on university council. Budget is very important and one of the reasons why I joined the UA. It’s important that they work well with Treasurer and me and Michelle get along. I have been talking with some people on NEC and just getting closer to them. It’s important that we know how we value other groups. I'm excited to run
  2. Riad- I am a dual degree and I want to run for budgeting committee because I am interested at how money works at Penn. I was president of Engineering Council and I have been at SAC Exec. I am really looking forward to working with Michelle. I am a senior so in terms of time commitment I will definitely have time.
  3. Calvary- I am on the track team and really involved on campus. I have a lot of friends in other groups and I am positive in my ability to represent other groups. I think I can also work on transparency about how some groups can get funding.
  4. Questions: Tonna- How would each of ensure that the budget process if fair
  1. Riad- I am not that familiar with what happened last year. I was on SAC so I understand the process of being fair. I would work on communications and exactly how the budget works
  2. Calvary- for me it's all about Transparency. Explaining why a groups did not receive the full amount of funding.
  3. Nile- For me it's about clear expectations.
  1. SAm- what other groups do you do?
  1. Calvary- Track, University council, umoja, class board
  2. Nile-UC, wharton ppi, investment group, think tank
  3. Riad- two external seats, SAC exec, conference chair
  1. Krone- What experience can you speak to in terms of budgeting
  1. Nile- I have been involved in groups in high school and involved in Boys State
  2. Riad- I was also in charge of class in high school, I was the president of engineering council, and then I was on SAC
  3. Calvary -I did a lot of projects in high school. I have worked with UMOJA here and deliberating when clubs come up for money.
  1. Justin- What is your strongest quality?
  1. Riad- The fact that I can communicate with people and understands their needs.
  2. Calvary- Being transparent and representing others.
  3. Nile- I smile a lot, laugh a lot, when things get tense I can ease things off.
  1. Eric- What are your thoughts for new groups on campus?
  1. Calvary- The first step is to recognize why the group is starting and why they couldn’t go through another group.
  2. Nile- I think it’s all about looking at the context and not taking away from other groups.
  3. Riad- We definitely should keep taking new clubs, but we should definitely limit that. When starting a club it's important that it is needed. It has to be a club for a year. There are so many clubs for resume building and others that are important.
  1. Kat- Two of you are on other PSG branches, what position will you take?
  1. Nile- I'll pass.
  2. Riad- My SAC appointment will end before budgeting season. I will have a better understanding and knowing SAC will help in the process
  3. Calvary- I don't think that working with other clubs will be a disadvantage.
  1. Michelle- In February, it can take up to 5 hours a day for a couple of weeks. Will you have time?
  1. Riad- I don't think that will be a problem
  2. Calvary- Track seasons starts in February, so my course load is not that much
  3. Nile- It won't be a problem
  1. Naomi- How are you guys at saying no?
  1. Calvary- I think it's important to be clear cut and can't be nice to everyone
  2. Nile- I think i'm good at saying no. I have experience with other clubs
  3. Riad- I have experience because that is what we do on SAC
  1. Kyle- What are the biggest challenges you see being on?
  1. Nile- Communication
  2. Riad- It is really hard to meet everyone’s needs, so it will be communication.
  3. Calvary- It’s transparency and communication. It's important that they know that they know why they didn't get funding

  1. Funding Steering Assembly Membership Confirmation
  1. It's a group that the Treasurer chairs. It is a great way that the UA helps maintain transparency. There are the groups that have been in FSA for the past couple of years. We are adding Penn Wellness
  1. Tonna- I was wondering why Lambda is not on?
  1. Ian-They don’t operate on a budget
  1. Pro and Con
  1. Penn Wellness CFA Addition
  1. Penn Wellness we are working on getting them on the common funding app.
  2. Sam-Will they always be getting funding from VPUL
  1. Michelle- I will be meeting with them to discuss this.

  1. Academic Initiatives
  1. Project Updates
  1. Exploring New Pass/Fail Options
  1. Eric- Laura, the past SCUE Chair, had mentioned this. We are allowed to take up to 8 courses Pass/Fail in the College. We’re looking into switching to P/D/F and uncovering grades after a semester.
  2. Krone- what does the D mean?
  1. You get a D instead of a Pass or Fail mark.
  1. Kat- I don't think it’s advantageous to students to add the D.
  1. We can definitely think about that
  1. Tunmise- I am just worried about the D. It shows up. I think the focus should be on learning.
  2. Ivan- Uncovering the D helps students out because it could count as a sector requirement.
  1. Eric- Adding the D helps bc it forces students to try harder
  2. Jay- I could put you in touch with a student from Columbia because they allow the uncovering of some courses
  1. Kaylee- In my classes there were two students who were taking it pass/fail. The learning might be worth more than the grade.
  2. Tonna- I do not think that students would agree with this. Pass/fail gives a sense of security
  1. Penn’s policy is that you count classes that go towards your major
  1. Kanishka- How does this work?
  1. Eric- You have to say pass/fail by deadline.
  1. Discussion Papers
  1. TA Guide Discussion Paper        
  1. Kat- A lot of TAs did not go to Penn and many did not go to school in the US. They are not very informed as to what life is like as an undergrad here. It has school specific information, class profile information, and other information about clubs.
  1. Kyle- Engineers do choose major coming in. Include more about extracurriculars and something that TAs don’t understand.
  2. Taylor- Could you clarify who is putting this together? It might be beneficial telling them about the qualitative aspect of life.
  1. Kat-I would like people from each school sending over information. Anyone who wants to be a part of this, please get involved.
  1. Kaylee- I think it's good for them to know about student life. I think there has to be a line drawn so that everything that is written is not negative.
  2. Eric- I think there should also be cultural sensitivity if we are going down that path, especially related to religion.
  1. The UA is not involved in that training but it does already exist.
  1. Kanishka- I have been a TA for 3 classes. We do go through that sensitivity training. The most important thing for TAs is the goal for students. Telling them the time when things happen like club meetings or classes. Other things like PennApps or recruiting. I want it to know whether it would be possible to include demographics.
  2. Naomi- The quantitative research are in Penn’s annual report so we can get it from there. I think it’s better if someone like Kat or Sola can talk to TAs and maybe answer questions face to face.
  3. Sam I- There are a lot of resources that are not mentioned such as the writing center. Some TAs don’t know if students are allowed to use these resources, but they are.
  4. Kat- One way we could incorporate one on one is that every department has an advisory board. We could suggest that each advisory board meets with the grad students in the department at the start of the year.
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Peer Tutoring Outreach Initiative
  1. Kyle- On Friday Travis and I met with the director of the Tutoring center. It was a great success. They will kept doing the program and will work to make it automatic process.
  1. Krone- Is there a way to make this for other classes?
  1. Yes, they are working on it.
  1. Dining, Sustainability and Facilities
  1. Project Updates
  1. Hey Day Access
  1. Kyle- Last year some upperclassmen were not allowed to go in their old residences. Tomorrow I will be at a meeting about this. The biggest concern was with vandalism so we will work to address that.
  1. Eric- Have RAs stationed outside their halls.
  2. Sam- What other buildings does this happen?
  1. They are allowed in Kings Court.
  1. Sam- Since it involves vandalism, it might be beneficial to include DPS. Calvary is on the board.
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Class of 1978 Pavilion (in the Kislak Center) Study Space in 6th Floor Van Pelt Schedule
  1. They have a lot of events planned so they can't say when tables are put out. They are making new spaces on 5th floor.
  1. Social Justice
  1. Project Updates
  1. Pennvolvement
  1. The beta version for this is now established. Right now we just need more people to sign up. I know SAC has a big listserv. We are planning to meet with the Netter center.
  1. Kat- I can do an all school email.
  2. Kanishka- This is any philanthropy group?
  1. Yes, it can even be fraternities and sororities.

  1. Student Life
  1. Completion Reports
  1. Wharton Financial Times Subscription
  1. Sam S- The rates for the subscription skyrocketed, so Wharton is no longer paying for it. I have been asked to serve on a new board that will help address concerns such as these.
  1. Ivan- What are some Wharton subscriptions that we can access?
  1. Students can still access the FT that are 30 days old
  1. Nile- It would be good to have something to put on Facebook
  2. Kanishka- I think it would be good to publicize this. And do you know how much we used?
  1. Nope.
  1. Michelle- I think you can access Bloomberg.
  1. Penn Reflections Student Program
  1. Kat- A group started this new program for freshmen. I helped pass the program along to House Deans, who sent out information to RAs and GAs.
  1. Communications