Episode 141 Part 4- EFNW 2016

Show Notes


Alca7raz (@alca7raz_)

Nemesis (@nemesisprime1)

Quick Hits

Friendship is Magic:

  1. Daniel Ingram and Meghan McCarthy have been teasing movie stuff:
  2. Lionsgate had the MLP movie (along with others) at Cannes Film Festival to look for an international distributor:
  3. Two extended synopses have been revealed. Also, “Spice Up Your Life” is a mid-season finale, and the show will go on hiatus again:


Alca7raz and Nemesis, at the end of a convention weekend, had some more stuff to talk about. First off, a comic. It’s Friendship is Magic #42! It’s about Pinkie and Rarity. Plus, it’s Katie Cook’s final MLP comic. How much did they like it?

After that, they move over to the show, and talk about the new episode, “A Hearth’s Warming Tail!” It’s a holiday episode, airing in the spring. Interesting choice. It becomes pretty clear it’s an adaptation of “A Christmas Carol,” but how good of an adaptation is it? That’s the question they answer.

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