myBlueprint Login Instructions for Students

myBlueprint is a new tool we are using at Woodland to help students develop their post-secondary pathway plan.  It is similar to Career Cruising, but students find it much more user friendly.

Go to 

Use the Activation Key: woodland

Enter your Ontario Education Number (OEN).  You can find this on the top of your latest report card (or you can ask at the office for it…. or email Mr. Johnson)

Once you’ve entered your OEN and birthday, the program will recognize who you are and will take you to a welcome screen.

Here are a few myBlueprint tools you might find helpful:

Who Am I: Questionnaires that will help to identify what careers you may be interested in.

High School: A list of all the courses you’ve taken in high school (and you’re marks).

Post Secondary:  The most interesting tool for most of you.  Search for University programs.  It will tell you the requirements, tuition cost, and info about every program in Canada.  You can also compare two programs side by side.

Money: To help you calculate the actual cost of attending a post-secondary program.