Student Sample

Social Studies






One stormy night I was walking through the dark feeling my way around when I found what I wanted; a nice, grassy field. I started to bathe when there was a strike of lightning. Scared, I jumped back as a red blob flew up. I screamed loudly and a bunch of villagers came running. One of them said, “Is it an animal?” “No, Jerry, it’s giving light!” a woman shrieked. A man walked up to the flaming orange thing and put a stick into it. When he took the stick out the flame stuck like a cobweb. “Yes!” the man yelled, “I can see!” All of the sudden he dropped it on what looked like a deer. The man took the deer out of the red thing and yelled, “All villagers, we have a new discovery! This red flame provides a burnt deer and light!” I screamed with delight and decided not to bathe in a thunderstorm again.