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Establishing a Vision for 1:1 Learning


1. Working in small groups, review Nipmuc’s core values and beliefs.

2. Explain how 1:1 learning aligns with our values and beliefs. See the example in blue to help you get started. Feel free to add multiple comments.

Beliefs about Learning

How does 1:1 learning align

with the beliefs about learning?

We believe students should be able to collaborate with others, think critically and creatively, and communicate their ideas effectively.

  • EXAMPLE: Students will be able to collaborate in new ways including sharing documents through Google and working together online.
  • Students can share ideas and demonstrate those ideas with podcasts, online art and learn about differences in our community.

We believe that critical thinking, communication, teamwork and civic skills are a significant part of a student’s ability to contribute to society.  

  • Peer writing and editing documents/slides outside of the classroom will be easier.
  • Google classroom, twitter, etc...will guide communication
  • Students can learn about people, stories and learn to act ethically and responsibly in this environment that will be a constant in their lives.
  • Students can develop skills in inference, critical analysis and collaboration that will allow them to be a productive member and influential member in society.  They can become more informed global citizens with the information and the skills to be able to

We believe that academics should provide students with opportunities for exploration, inquiry, and creativity.

  • Differentiate learning experiences, provide opportunities to focus on students artists, songwriters, powerpoints, written work  etc etc
  • Student shave access to unlimited resources
  • Students have the opportunity to create media that would otherwise be impossible
  • Authentic learning opportunities are readily available to teacher and students.