Using Melodïcore tracks in your projects

In this document I will declare usage rights of my tracks in your videos, games or other projects

General information

Noncommercial usage

If you do not gain any money from the project you’re using my tracks in, you can use any track of mine within the terms written above. Just buy the track and credit me in some way and you’re off. Go out there and create!

Commercial usage

If you are gaining money from any project that uses my tracks, you have to pay me a 5% provision of any money you make with the project, in addition to the terms written above.If a 5% provision is too much due to the size of your project or other reasons, we can negotiate on a better deal. In that case, send me an e-mail to

Tracks with limited usage rights

As I’ve started doing commissions, some tracks of mine are licensed to the commissioner only. I still post all of them to my SoundCloud, and in some cases release an album of them. Here’s a list of albums and/or tracks that you cannot use unless you’re the commissioner: