We are always open to developing a new flavor
for your special event!

Triple Chocolate

Chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream, drizzled with chocolate ganache & topped with mini chocolate chips

Monster Cookie

Peanut butter cupcake dotted with chocolate chips with monster cookie dough frosting

Chocolate-Covered Strawberry

Chocolate cupcake dipped in chocolate ganache and frosted with strawberry cream cheese frosting, topped with a fresh strawberry slice

Salted Caramel

Vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream, drizzled with caramel sauce, sprinkled with sea salt, and topped with caramel candy pieces

Pink Lemonade

Pink lemonade flavored cupcake topped with a pink lemonade cream cheese frosting

Chocolate Mint

Chocolate cupcake with mint flavored buttercream topped with an Andes Mint

Carrot Cake

Carrot cupcake with a cream cheese frosting, rolled in chopped walnuts

PB & J

Vanilla cupcake filled with a peanut butter cream, topped with peanut butter buttercream & a swirl of jelly

The Zebra

Chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream, drizzled with chocolate ganache

White Out

Vanilla cupcake with vanilla cream filling, topped with vanilla buttercream



Chocolate or Vanilla cake filled with M&M’s, topped with vanilla buttercream and rainbow sprinkles

Boston Cream

Vanilla cupcake filled with vanilla pudding, dipped in chocolate ganache and topped with a dollop of whipped cream

Apple Spice

Spice cake with grated apple, topped with an apple pie spiced vanilla buttercream

Cookie Dough

Vanilla cupcake with a cookie center, frosted with a cookie dough buttercream and topped with a mini chocolate chip cookie

Chocolate Cookie Dough

Exactly like the traditional Cookie Dough, except with chocolate cake instead!

Cookies n’ Cream

Chocolate cake with an Oreo baked inside with a light cookies ‘n cream buttercream and garnished with a mini chocolate sandwich cookie

Golden Cookies n’ Cream

The lighter version of Cookies n’ Cream: Vanilla cake with a Golden Oreo hidden inside, topped with a golden cookies n’ cream buttercream and a mini Golden Oreo

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Chocolate cupcake filled with peanut butter cream, topped with peanut butter buttercream and drizzled with chocolate ganache & peanut butter

Marbled Cheesecake

Vanilla cupcake swirled with chocolate cheesecake, dipped in chocolate ganache and frosted with chocolate cream cheese frosting


Lemon –Raspberry cake filled with lemon cream, topped with raspberry buttercream and a fresh raspberry

Strawberries and Cream

Strawberry cupcake topped with strawberry whipped cream frosting and a sliced strawberry

Peanut Butter - Banana

Spiced banana cupcake topped with peanut butter buttercream and chopped peanuts

Red Velvet

Moist red velvet cake topped with a cream cheese frosting and sprinkled with red velvet crumbs

Coconut Almond

Chocolate cupcake filled with fluffy coconut cream, frosted with coconut buttercream, drizzled with chocolate ganache and sprinkled with sliced almonds


Chocolate cupcake with graham cracker crust topped filled with a marshmallow cream filling, then frosted with a chocolate-vanilla swirled buttercream

Wedding Bells

Vanilla cake with almond flavored buttercream, topped with dainty white pearls

Birthday Party

Vanilla or chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting, rolled in rainbow nonpareils

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Pumpkin spice cake infused with espresso powder topped with a white chocolate cinnamon light and fluffy buttercream

Snow Cone

Vanilla cupcake frosted with a coconut cream buttercream, topped off with tinted coconut flakes

Cherry Almond

Vanilla-almond cupcakes dotted with maraschino cherries and topped with a maraschino cherry-almond buttercream and garnished with a maraschino cherry

Chocolate Extreme

Chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream with a chocolate truffle filling topped with a chocolate chunk

Mocha Toffee Crunch

Chocolate cake swirled with toffee pieces topped with a whipped mocha buttercream and crunchy toffee


Chocolate cake topped with a caramel buttercream, sprinkled with toasted coconut, then drizzled with caramel and chocolate ganache and garnished with a Samoa cookie

Peach Cobbler

Rich vanilla cake filled with a peach pie filling, topped first with a brown sugar cream cheese frosting, whipped cream, a dust of cinnamon, and a peach slice

Banana Split

Banana cake frosted with a layer of vanilla buttercream, strawberry buttercream, chocolate ganache, rainbow sprinkles, and a maraschino cherry

Tie -Dye

Customized colored vanilla cake - choose any two colors to swirl together, topped with two layers of frosting for even more zing! Perfect for sports teams or birthday parties. (Keep in mind that if black is chosen as one of the colors, chocolate cake will have to be used to reach the correct level of darkness.)

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