#158 - The Angry Chicken: “Title”

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Ben Brode on player concerns

This started via a reddit thread saying the Hearthstone’s dev team doesn’t communicate as well or as often as the Overwatch team. Ben jumped into the thread and reminded folks that he tries to make himself available as much as possible, through Twitter, Twitch, and reddit. Then he asked for questions from reddit and questions were asked!


Warlocks / Demons


HCT AM Spring Finals

Cydonia took $25k back to Canada and earned his seat at BlizzCon 2016.

For those of us in the Americas Cydonia joins Amnesiac as our list of champions representing us at BlizzCon grows.



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Cydonia’s Dragon Warrior


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Good day P.O'ed poultry,

I used evolve for the first game the other day, and with a result like this, I have very high expectations for the future!


The game seemed to be going well, both players around 10 ish health if my memory serves. But it all took a horrible turn when the enemy played Rafaam, following that up next turn with mirror of doom, filling all board slots with the 3/3 zombies and attacking Rafaam taking me down to 3hp. With a 7/8 and 6 3/3s on the board, it was certain death. Until I was able to bust out a Leeroy style evolve, transforming my totem into wild pyromancer and my fire elemental into...ACIDMAW!!!

The evolve acted as an activator for the pyro and cleared both boards with Acidmaw's effect inducing a concede on that poor poor warrior.

Keep on clucking!


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Hey guys,

I have an ethics question on dreamcrushing once you make legend. Today, I was playing against a Control Warrior that had a rank 1 icon and in the late game I had him on the ropes when I cast my second Call of the Wild. However, rather than conceding as most people do, he started spamming the 'Thanks' emote. I figured he wanted me to concede so that he could get into legend from rank 1. I was at legend and did not care particularly about my rank, so I conceded and let him have it. I was wondering what you guys would have done?

Peace and keep up the good work!


Hey guys and gal,

Since it was mentioned that Team 5 was considering Titans and Old gods but decided it was too much, what if the whole year of the Kraken was themed around Old Gods and Titans. First expansion is old gods, adventure would be a bridge between the two expansions introducing the Titans a little bit. Then the last expansion would be all Titans building on the first expansion and adventure for the year. This could be a regular cycle going forward for each year of the blank. The expansion at the beginning and ending of a year are related with the adventure between them as a bridge from one to the next!




Hey people, love the show. As a long time fan, it is really nice to follow how you keep on improving and revitalizing your work!


I’ve got a short question: In January I had virtually zero time with Hearthstone, taking care of our newborn and stuff like that. As I sat down at the end of the season just to get a few games in I climbed to 15, some 7-10 levels below what I usually have time for, and felt that was good enough.


Come February and my surprise: ”Congratulations, you are in the top 30% at rank 15.” Like, really? It does seem like not too many people. What would you say, does1/3 of ranked players at 15 or above reasonable? (I’m on EU btw.)


Clucked love,

PCA Rant-mode Engaged

Consider these three chickens enraged.


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