Lore of Dark Moon



Welcome fellow spies, mercenaries, and Garry the corporate wage slave. If you are reading this we suspect you have taken an interest in our humble canon. Whether or not you join us, this document is here to tell you about the world of Dark Moon and it’s history to date.

Feel free to use this document as little or as much as you would like. Whether you learn about the world from this document or from an actual character in the setting, it doesn’t matter. The lore is here for YOU to play with and we’re all here to build something fantastical.


__The world__

Dark Moon takes place in a somewhat cyberpunk dystopia after the collapse of the equestrian government and the disappearance of the princesses. Along with them, the Elements of Harmony.

In the wake of the intercorporate war(s), most landscapes outside the cities and settlements are dusty and mildly irradiated wastelands formed as a result of several dirty bombs used right before the end of the aforementioned wars. As you may imagine, the world is still recovering and greenery (that isn’t faintly glowing) is quite rare. The resulting scarcity has made real greens and edible plant life luxury items (organic/free range items, without being a corporate head, ahhahaha…. you can’t afford it. Period). Soy products among other replacers and supplements have taken up the edible slack at reasonably profitable prices.

The story and interactions are set mainly in the city of Canterlot which is the hub of the corporate powers that arose from that uneasy time and the Dead City residing along the exterior walls of Canterlot. Not to say that the world ends at Canterlot’s borders but most of the action tends to take place there. The world at present is practically run by the “CCC” and the three mega corporations that comprise it.


The world - “CCC” & Authority:

After The collapse, three corporations claimed power and began to economically dominate Equestria. Eventually after much competition they made a tenuous peace with each other and formed the “Committee of Corporate Control” (more commonly known as the “CCC”)  along with other smaller influential corporations such as “Datapress”. Although other corps are part of the “CCC” The main and original three corporations are as follows:

- Daedelus Armaments: Current leader of Military manufacturing in equestria. Guns, gun mods, armor, “bigger than your gun” guns. Whether it’s personal defence or because it’s your job to place yourself in harms way, Daedalus makes what you need for the right price.

- Blackworks Pharmaceuticals: Specializing in the treatment of common ailments, this corporation is known for it’s medical breakthroughs, rumors of unethical experiments at it’s headquarters, and it’s well trained commandos.

- Titanite Mining: As it’s name suggests it is a mining corporation. With almost a complete monopoly on earthen minerals, metals, refining, and even the trade of precious stones mainly controlled and under the watchful eye of Titanite, it is without question the largest of the three corporations.


                Although each of the three have their own private militia to protect their interest and secrets, making sure corporate rule is enforced on the streets is something that none of the corps particularly have the time or manpower to carry it out. The Corporate Authority was formed/hired to fill this niche.

- Corporate Authority: The imposed mercenary police force and the hand of the CCC on the street. The Corporate Authority (lovingly referred to as “Auth” by the populace) is known for it’s armored “Enforcers” and it’s draconian methods of keeping the peace (e.g: using live ammunition on rioters). While being effective at getting results, none of the corps particularly like the Authority because they are also in charge of keeping the peace between them as well, along with having it’s own private goals and designs. The Authority are not cops. They are a professional killers playing cops because the pay is very impressive.


(More in depth looks at the Corporations and the Authority will be given in “Factions, groups, and  Corporations.”)


The world - Magic:

You may notice in the above there is no Magic corporation. Surely someone would have had the bright idea to try and turn magic into an industry... right? Wrong. In fact, magic for an unknown reason has slowly begun to disappear from the world and almost in response, unicorn birth rates are at an all time low. While both unicorns and magic still exists, they are few and very far between in Equestria. Diminishing by the generation, magic has slowly become more… fantastical. While just any unicorn would be considered a powerful mage before, with the slowly dwindling lack of tutors, those who do command magic effectively captivate and cause a certain awe and mysticism in the eye of the uninitiated public. The last of the great magi have formed the Benevolent Order of the White Mages, and they live in the mountainous region bordering Vauxia (A nation occupying the area north of Equestria). They allow few visitors in.


The world - Technology:

With the decline of magic, Technology appears to have taken up the slack. Most technology is advanced by today’s standards and is fairly easy to obtain (within reason).


- General: Digital watches are still pretty cool (not as cool as those new fangled holo-watches the kids are talking about these days), Some helmets that can be programed to offer a functioning HUD to their drivers about the vehicle’s status (Fuel, oil, speed, rpm, engine heat, etc), SMART weapon targeting system (think a FPS Heads up display in your vision), computers are sleeker and run faster than ever, The Clapper V-5, the list goes on.

Indeed there are many impressive products to emerge thanks to the corporate uprising but for all the pros it is not without its cons. Although spectacular advancements have been made, almost all of the more techy and new aged stuff comes with a high price tag. You will certainly see a person checking their email on a holo-screen projected by their glasses, but not often. Not unless you are in high Canterlot.

- Mechanical Integration/Augmentation: What cyberpunk world would be complete without “augs”? As you can probably imagine this is your run of the mill mechanical limbs, plugging your brain into computers, and generally making yourself harder, better, faster, stronger, and more… awesome then your average joe. Augs can range from being subtle like retinal enhancements allowing for binocular vision all the way to having a Machine gun built into your arm or hoof. They are easy to obtain from corp sponsored and supplied street surgeons, varying greatly in levels of legality but share one common factor: They are very expensive, and have a recovery time/resting period for your body (be it pony or human) to recover from the actual integration surgery. The length of the resting period depending on how invasive it is. Couple that with a potential for body rejection and it is a rather harrowing experience, both physically and financially, for the working man. More than anything it’s the price and recovery that deters the potential customer. (implying you aren’t a puritan and want to keep yourself completely organic).

- Arcana-net: A digitally modified/alternate/virtual reality project that was officially closed and/or shut down for undisclosed reasons. However, underground rumors persist about the Arcana-net being active and accessible to lucky or unlucky users who stumble into it. Keep in mind, these are just rumors and closed forum banter… ...right?


The world - Corporate citizenship and ID chips/cards

Besides your race, this aspect of everyday life in Dark Moon will greatly affect how the world interacts with you as a character. Since the CCC was formed there has been a split in society; The Chipped “Corporate citizen”, and the Chipless “unregistered citizen”. Both of these classes of people have their own benefits but each has their own disadvantages.

- Corporate citizen (chipped): The term "Corporate citizen" refers to one who lives in Canterlot and has the identification required to exist in the system. Everyone who lives in Canterlot and is corporately registered has a chip under the skin of their wrist or a card (which is considered more shady and leads to more "Random searches" and scrutiny from higher ups) which can be used for identification. These chips can also be used to apply recommendations on positive elements and mark dangerous elements in the population. It's pretty nifty and actually makes it easier to find and keep a job as well as find employees if you are a registered business owner. Not to mention, if you are registered, the Authority is there to protect you… as long as there aren't bigger fish to fry nearby.

The Authority still controls the streets and keeps order as they see fit but corporate citizens have higher priority for protection over those who aren't registered. The more you’re worth as a citizen, the harder they'll fight to get to you. Doesn't mean they won't try and screw some profit out of you at the nearest opportunity but it's still better than nothing.

There are benefits to being Corporate citizens, but it means you are the corporations proverbial bitch. They have your name, contact information, eyes on your bank account, age, birthdate, where you live, blood type, marital status, etc… They in essence know everything about you that can be put on paper or quantified.


People who have committed a major crime against a corporation or corporate citizen may also be placed under a form of “Forced” citizenship, so they can be better kept track of. by the Authority, but still have the denial of treatment of the chipless. See below.

Of course, along with corporate citizenship comes corporate taxes and dues as well. Those who aren’t born with corporate citizenship find it difficult to afford the dues and fees to maintain it (As, of course, preferred citizens get discounts on their dues), thus keeping those who ARE registered safely in the upper class.

- Unregistered citizen (chipless): In stark contrast to the registered citizens, the unregistered citizens do not have an identification chip or card and their personal information is unknown to the CCC and Authority. As a result they can act with a greater degree of freedom. It is significantly harder for the Auth to locate you, know your physical description, know your occupation, etc. Also in contrast to many registered citizens, there is very little upward progression when it comes to financial situations and many corporately sponsored services such as health care, legal augs, banking, firearms licensing, are either completely withheld or provided at a far steeper price. Since the unregistered are not the corps main source of income in Canterlot they try and make some profit off them, but they are not high on the priority list and most chipless end up living in the lower and sometimes middle class districts because that’s all they can afford.

Because of this level of anonymity to the corps and living in mostly poverty, many chipless criminal street gangs (most notably the Canterlot Kings, and to a lesser extent, The Immortals) have formed for many reasons such as profit, a sense of community, or to simply “Fight the Man”.


- Mutants: When it comes to identification, these are on a class of their own. Where as registration is optional for most citizens, it is mandatory and enforced for any citizen classified as a “mutant” thanks to the mutant by-laws put in place by the CCC.

With the economic privileges and service withholdings of the chipless and the oppressive vigil of the Corporations and Authority, Mutants have the shortest end of the stick possible. Most CCC functions and member corps bare a level of contempt for the mutant population with the notable except of Blackworks. Being the medical and genetic giant that it is, Blackworks adores mutants. One of the few ways for a mutant to go up in society is to sign on as a blackworks employee but even that is dangerous. Although many top members are mutants, there have been tales of under performing mutant staff being put under the knife for research.


The World: Geography and locations

The world has changed much in the years since the Vauxian-Equestrian war, and the Coprorate War that followed. Nations have risen and fallen, and much of the world is different than what was known before. While the canon does have its central location, The Dead City and the Canterlot Sprawl, a few other areas have been detailed out as well, listed here.

- The Dead City:

        A settlement built along the outside of the walls of the corporate mega-center of Canterlot. For the most part it resembles a slum surviving against the wastes created during the corporate wars. Inhabitants here are for the most part wanderers from the wastelands who have settled down or come to trade, criminals escaping from the law inside and out of canterlot - taking advantage of the lack of any real police force and very sparse Authority presence, ponies/people looking or waiting for a way into the city legally, and mutants who refuse to abide by the discriminatory by-laws within the city towards along with many others becoming a melting pot of the surrounding country and the internal elements of the city. Being next to the wastes, cultivable ground space is a premium (residing mostly on the green zones, areas above the collapsed buildings high away from the irradiated soil) and water is a commodity but luckily has enough runoff from the ever drenching canterlot rain to keep it in a steady supply which commonly slows down during the colder months. Being runoff from the Canterlot metroplex, the water must of course be purified before it can be safely consumed by the outside populace. It is this purifying necessity that has allowed “the immortals” gang to control two such plants, Titanite owning one, and the anomalous “free pump”. The free pump (rumored to be under the protection or control of the Serenade’s) has had many attempts to control it, all of which failing and ending up with the invaders floating away down the water they attempted to control. Occasionally in multiple pieces.

- The Ponyville Free State:

During the fall of the Equestrian Council, a group of former mercenaries and ex-soldiers from the Vauxian-Equestrian war banded together under a figure calling himself the “Unknown Soldier”, forming a group called the Warriors of Harmony. During the short period of lawlessness before the rise of the current corporate state of affairs, they secured the area around Ponyville through promises of fairness to the people and following the ideals of Harmony, as preached by the now-absent Elements of Harmony, and their wielders. A dividing wall was built up between the areas around Ponyville, which was much more of a city than just a town by that point, and the rest of the nation of Equestria, to protect the area from corporate influence… However, the original ideas of the Warriors of Harmony slowly fell to corruption, and each of the principles was taken to their extreme, with the society beyond the walls eventually becoming a sort of communist police-state. The Harmony Guard in particular are known to be absolutely ruthless in their pursuit of these ideals.

- New Silas:

A technological city-state that grew alongside a crater made by mysterious circumstances. Few are allowed in, and fewer still can see the wonders that are inside the city… What little is known is New Silas is the home of some of the most advanced robotics in the world, and the few expatriates that have left have been instrumental in the development of cybernetic technology. Silasians are almost exclusively shorter than average, with larger upper skulls with tough bones, large nostrils and the ability to hold breath for incredible periods.

- Vaul’Theima:

A state far to the north of Equestria, Theima has thousands of years of history, centered around the city of Theima itself, the farthest-north cold water port that remains ice-free year round. This has made it a major target for invasion for hundreds of years. While they have been occasionally conquered, it has never been for long before the inhabitants rallied against the occupiers. The people of the country are very, very good at what they do, and that is violence. Theiman mercenaries and bodyguards are the highest-paid in the known world, trained to a point of excellence few others can, the Starlight Military Academy known as one of the greatest in the world, and is the almost exclusive recruiting hub for Blackworks Commandos. In the past twenty years, it has become increasingly isolationist at the rapid technological advance of its neighbors, dedicated to the traditions of its thousands of years of existence and its isolated location.


- The Village of Random:

                Founded ten years ago around the massive and stately Langzaat Manor, Random is known as a haven for those who cannot find acceptance anywhere else. Whether they be mutant, outcast, criminal, or any variation of the three, solace can be sought within the gates of Random. Founded by a small sect of rather unique mutants, the people of Random quickly sent out a call to gather the steadily growing number of mutants produced elsewhere in the world. (TBC)



__Factions, Groups, and Corporations__

There are many groups active in the world of Dark Moon but few are worth mention. The groups and factions listed here will be mainly in the city of Canterlot and be either well renowned, powerful, or controversial. These groups will mainly fall under the categories of: Corporate, Terrorist, and Other.              


Corporate Factions

- Committee of Corporate Control, CCC:

The CCC is the group that represents the largest corporate heads, the de facto, not de jure, leaders of Equestria. These are NOT the same as the corporate heads, as of course, each one suspects the others of plotting assassinations and attempts on their lives, thusly in all but one circumstance, a representative is hired for them. Represented prominently, as the chairs of the board, are Blackworks Pharmaceutical, Titanite Mining co., and Daedalus Armaments. These three corps are known collectively as the Triumvirate, and hold most of the CCC's power. Several other corporations round out the voting majority, the competition to hold one of these seats fierce among the smaller corps. Notable members of this group are DataPress Newscorp and... They meet rarely, and even more rarely completely agree, usually only on light issues that rarely treat the underlying problem behind them, and almost always in the Triumvirate's interests rather than the other member corps.


- Daedalus Craftworks and Armaments:

Makers of fine tuned, hard hitting, durable, and cutting edge military technology. Currently dominating the general market for anything that slings hot lead as well as protect you from it. They are credited with the modern “SMART” weapons targeting system and their signature auto-shotgun: the “Daedalus Sl3dgeHammer-IV” for it’s reliability, lightweight design, and recoil reduction technology. While the originating country of this corporation and it’s founder are a mystery, many speculate them to be from the technologically advanced and isolationist city of “New Silas”.

- Titanite Mining Company:

A vauxian company devoted to the mining, refinement, and sale of most minerals, metals, and any other profitable resource that comes from the ground. Since after the failed war effort against Equestria, Titanite is reputed with being one of the only reasons the nation has not declared bankruptcy. Despite their main source of stock and income being the earth beneath them, rumor has it they have also been recently paying attention to more archaeological studies, caves mainly. While not as well trained as Blackwork’s private Commando's or as heavily armed as Daedelus infantry, Titanite’s militia is very well funded and noticeably larger by comparison then both of it’s competitors.

- Blackworks Labs and Pharmaceutical:

Works, naturally, with medicines. Specifically ones that treat common conditions, and has a strong grip on this part of the market. Has a small but incredibly well trained corp of commandos to protect business interest, secure additional resources...And to discourage the curious. Their armaments are secured through a deal with Daedalus Armaments... But the relationship is getting tense, as Daedalus has sent several potentially deliberately defective weapons to them, one of which nearly caused serious injury to their chairman. Native to Equestria, one of the few with their master headquarters in Canterlot itself. R&D is well funded, with several advancements made in researching equestrian genetics and body systems. Rumors abound of horrible experiments into new medicines and treatments conducted at Blackworks headquarters. Blackworks also is the only corp that fully embraces the arisen mutant population, and many top members are in fact, mutants.

- DataPress NewsNet:

DataPress is a relatively recent addition to the CCC, at the expense of its main rival, PTV. DataPress has a large hold over media coverage, and if one believes the word on the street, it bribed government officials to gain its status during the most corrupt period of the fall of the Equestrian Council. And in a continued policy of keeping its competitors down, DataPress is always known to slant articles at least slightly in the favor of the corporate majority, or whoever has paid to have an article run, at the cost of most (But not all) of the company’s journalistic integrity. DataPress is rather unique in its status of actually being personally represented by the CEO at board meetings of the CCC and a few other public events, and not 120 floors up behind hundreds of walls of security like other CEO’s. DataPress’ assets include a popular television entertainment channel that is well known for making decisions in blind ignorance of public opinion in favor of profit.


- PTV:

PTV used to be nothing more than a television channel until Filthy Rich bought it out so that his daughter Diamond Tiara could turn it into a real corporation. It has since grown beyond what most ponies would have guessed in their wildest imagination, thanks to Diamond’s ruthlessness and keen mind for business. Her goal has always been to have her beloved corporation join the CCC, but she formed a rivalry for the spot with DataPress, as only one television network could join at once. PTV lost, and Diamond Tiara has been working hard ever since, milking the juiciest stories she can find to get more money so that one day, she can take the spot that she knows she deserves.

- Corporate Authority:

The name and originating country of this large private military organization was either lost or never given at the point they signed on with the Corporations, but whatever it was, it doesn’t matter now. The Authority (as they are now known) are the eyes, ears, and fists, of the CCC on the street to enforce its will as they see fit and keep the tenuous peace between the corps in exchange for exorbitant amounts of funding from the CCC as well as being supplied most things they may require to do their job.  Easily recognized by their above average height and thick body armor, the authority’s enforcers are generally auged to give them another leg up above the general populus. They are also known for their draconian methods of enforcing corporate law, loyalty to money over morals, and widely feared heavy response unit: “Disposal”. Despite the hardware they are supplied, several pieces of equipment on higher ranking enforcers and notably the Disposal team are strangely advanced compared to most technology supplied to them by their emplyers. Whether these pieces are jury rigged from what they are given or the Auth having a strangely capable R&D beneath the table has yet to be confirmed or denied.

Terrorist/Gang factions


- The Serenades:

 Serenades are a unique faction in the Equestrian landscape. They do not have open recruitment. They do not operate publicly. There is no open-kept secret place to meet them. The Serenades are the most infamous, and selective, organization in operation in the modern world. They often perform incredibly well-trained surgical strikes against corporate interests, and are of particular ire to the bigger corps, notably the Triumvirate of ruling corporations. The skill of Serenade assassins is legendary, their exploits infamous. Serenade membership numbers are unknown, their true resources and their source is unknown, and their main base of operations has never been discovered. The CCC and the Auth have a 24 hour task force dedicated solely to finding information about the Serenades. The Lady Serenade herself is also known to make appearances, and while she has occasionally been caught, has never been truly unmasked, and has been sighted in multiple places at one time.

- The Canterlot Kings:

Among the many chipless street gangs of lower Canterlot, the Canterlot Kings are suspected to be the largest and most successful. Under regular circumstances the Auth would be negligible to them and other gangs unless they directly interfere with their business. It should tell you something when the Auth is currently on a manhunt and extermination mission against them. Although most known members are generally fit for grunt work, they manage to maintain a sale of illegal narcotics, firearms, and used cyberware. Anarchistic in their view, many other groups seen as “Working for the man” discovered on their turf usually end up the target of drive-by shootings or extortion. Kings have a particular hate for the Authority and when in groups tend to assault them on sight.

- The Immortals

Among the factions of the Dead City, The Immortals stand supreme. The Immortals are total anarchists, holdouts and leftovers who rarely fit in anywhere else. Normally more a rallying cry among wasters rather than an actual group, their standards for entry are absurdly low, taking anybody and everybody into their fold. The Immortals, as opposed to the more civilized Canterlot Kings, are batsh*t insane on the whole, and many members are downright suicidal, employing melee charges in an age of firearms. Their also have a very large amount of mutant members, those too poor, too violent, or too ill to survive in the city. The Immortals, on the whole, still defer to the Immortal Council. Who makes up the Immortal Council is subject to extreme debate, but rumors abound that they are, indeed, immortal and undying, as occasionally a corporation will send a strike team claiming to have “Killed the Immortal Council”, only to have them pop up again weeks or even days later.

Other factions


-  Benevolent Order of the White Mages:

The Benevolent Order is something of an anachronism in the modern age of Dark Moon. The Benevolent Order is a poorly-kept “secret” society, of sorts, of loose unicorns and the extremely rare other species born with recognizable magic talent. Many of them are incredibly nostalgic older stallions/men, pining for the lost days when magic was a

- Children of the Mantis:

The Children of the Mantis are an exceptionally well-funded religious group that began in Manehattan and soon spread to various locations around Equestria, including Canterlot. Their belief system holds that all of humanity and ponykind alike is being watched over by a mysterious cosmic entity known as the Mantis Lord. The Mantis Lord has no intention of helping the everyday worshipper with their daily suffering, and cannot be pleaded with to grant miracles. However, he also has no intention of using his vast cosmic power to obliterate all life as it is currently known. Thus, the Mantis Lord is seen as a merciful, if not kind, god by his followers. Their belief system is summarized by their oft-repeated mantra: “In His mercy, He allows us to suffer.” The Children of the Mantis publically view themselves as a global support group, formed to help their worshippers accept the fact that they must overcome their own suffering. Despite this, they very rarely accept unregistered citizens among their ranks. (Officially, this is to avoid granting lower-class citizens the financial burden of their compulsory tithing process.) They are also very protective of the internal structure of their organization, keeping it secret through a serpentine network of nondisclosure agreements and a very well-funded security department.

- D-Cit Rackers

Based in the Dead City, this group specializes in one thing. Guns. The rackers (named for their copious gun racks littered around their establishments) are run by a merc known as “Frag Farann” and while not the most powerful group in terms of social status and overall military might in the dead city, they are likely the best armed barring actual corporate personal such as Titanite mercs and the rare Authority personal wandering the area. The exact origins of their higher end armory is somewhat of a mystery but the rest is clearly from their willingness to buy your used firearms, their parts, and refinable scrap for what they think they are worth to supply their many gunsmithing sites scattered around the area, guarded quite carefully by their own men with their own crafted guns. If they want to be safe from lunatics looking for quick firepower by rolling them over, they’d better make good guns. This group in fact may be held accountable for most of the firearms and ammunition in circulation in the dead city thanks to their relatively reasonable prices compared to buying straight from a Daedalus source with the lower-to-mid quality arms being sold or traded for their necessities of life and much needed resources. High end is kept for themselves and the occasional reward for very helpful people.

__Character Creation__

In terms of creating characters, there are admittedly few absolute rules. These rules are quite simply:

●     No overpowered characters or shenanigans.

●     No aliens.

●     Corporate heads and Authority occupations are reserved for managers only [Unless by approved by managers]

●     Corporate affiliation must be approved by managers.

Aside from these, race, occupation, and so forth are mainly up to you.


Character Creation: Races

Race is certainly your decision as mentioned above, but the common races of Dark Moon for Canterlot are listed below in order of how prevalent they are, most common at the top.

●     Earth Pony

●     Pegasi

●     Human - Low population.

●     Unicorn

●     Mutant (uncommon but not rare. Derivative of above races.)

○     Requested races (May be subject to mutant by-laws)

If you wish to play requested races or mutants, please contact a manager and check for approval.

Note/Reminder: Unicorns are rare and magic is not something that is as common or as powerful in Dark Moon’s “Modern Equestria”.

Character creation: Backstory and Occupation

This section here, is the part where you can do what you like as long as it does not conflict with any of the ground rules set down. You want to be a… I don’t know. Maybe a: Mercenary who works to take care of his mutant sibling, Corporate wage slave just trying to pay the bills, retired stage actor, telemarketer with a heart of gold, fast talking thief who wants the finer things in life, Poster boy for a new mouthwash, hobo with a shotgun, Go right ahead. It’s up to you what you want to make.

Note/Reminder: Please keep in mind Corporate citizenship or lack thereof and what it entails when creating your history and occupation.

-Welcome To Dark Moon-