CTDS Minutes 5/9/2016

In Attendance: Derek, George, Margaret, Steve, Suzanne

Folk School May dance was cancelled, but Laura will keep us apprised of other events.

Shoe policy at BUMC: We will set up a shoe cleaning station with sticky mats and brushes and will start to train dancers to wear/bring soft-soled shoes. We will ask Deb to come by and help us advise dancers.

Next Dance: George will run sound. Heather will host. Chrissy Davis-Camp will call and Horse Mountain will play. Suzanne submitted local publicity notices to The Pulse and Chattanooga Now. The listing got picked up by Arts Build.

There will be no Advanced Dance in May.

Suzanne wants to pursue hosting an English dance the afternoon of our regular dance, although not every time. Derek will check with the church about availability, and Suzanne will acquire a boombox to avoid having to have a sound person present that early.

Grant is not as available to run sound as he has been. Since we need a core group of people who can run sound, we will recruit through social media and announcements at dances. Incentives were suggested.

Chattaboogie: At this point in the year, publicity is key. Margaret will make an announcement and post on social media. Suzanne will look at posting in local groups on FB and creating a FB Ad Campaign. George will look into starting a Twitter account. Margaret will set up a meeting dedicated to Chattaboogie planning. Steve will contact dancers who have registered to inform them of the church’s shoe policy. Margaret will work on a list of volunteer jobs.

George will order a Square card reader so we can start taking cards for admission. The company charges each time you use it, but we can charge dancers $9 for a card to make up the difference.

Derek requested a Board Member section of the website. Margaret will create.

It was suggested that the Board change the by-laws to create new Board positions: Communications, Producer, Chattaboogie. Steve made the point that producer and Chattaboogie positions probably should not be elected.

Next Meeting: Monday, June 6, 2016 at 6 pm at Yellow Deli