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Gun Safe for Android
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Seven Bit Software releases its new firearm data storage app for home and range use.

Available on the Google Play Store and

Fort Wayne, IN. Oct. 30 -  Seven Bit Software today announced its new Gun Safe app for Android phones and tablets.  Gun Safe is a dynamic new app that allows users to easily and securely manage their firearms, ammunition, license, and range data.  Gun Safe provides unlimited storage of data and pictures in a totally secure and encrypted app.   With this announcement, Seven Bit Software enters the marketplace with the best new app for gun owners focused on tracking their inventory, range progress, carry permit data, gun rights organization memberships, and other firearms related information.

Gun Safe requires no network permissions, utilizes password protection along with strongly encrypted databases, and has no backdoor entry.  Its quick locking and full database purging capabilities provide total security for sensitive information.  Users make secure backups of their data, both on their Android device, and with cloud services including Google Drive and Dropbox.  Databases can be shared across devices through the import and export features and can easily follow the user when devices are upgraded.  

“As gun owners ourselves, we saw a need for a high quality, secure, and convenient app for keeping track of our shooting related information,” said Andrew Newton, co-founder of Seven Bit Software and co-developer of Gun Safe.  “For us, the current apps had security concerns and some supported only limited sets of data.  Gun Safe is secure and supports all the data a user needs to track a large collection.”

User and tester response has been positive - one user wrote, “Very easy to take a quick picture of my guns and ammo to load up my entire inventory. I like that these pictures are only saved within the safe and not to my sd card or automatically uploaded to google plus.”


Gun Safe provides gun owners with a secure tool to store all firearms related information.  Unlimited photos of each item can be stored.  Auto-complete text fields allow for easy data entry.  Targets can be photographed and scored, with average grouping arranged in app for reliable tracking of skill progress.  Ammunition is easily inventoried and permit and membership information is kept up to date with helpful reminders of upcoming renewals.  Information is easily available to the user, but not accessible by any other party. Gun Safe information is stored in a 256-bit AES encrypted database and requires NO network permissions.  The users data can be easily exported to their other Android Devices, and securely backed up to various cloud services if desired.


Gun Safe is an app for Android phones and tablets and can be purchased for $4.99. It is available on Google Play Store.

Seven Bit Software, based in Fort Wayne, IN, develops high quality apps for Android users.  Its first product release was Regexenator, followed by Tiny GPS.  Seven Bit Software’s premier app, Gun Safe, allows for secure firearms related data storage for gun enthusiasts.  Contact Seven Bit Software at