Attendee: akr, hsbt, ko1, matz, naruse, nobu

[Feature #7148] Improved Tempfile w/o DelegateClass (glass_saga)

matz: I have some issue on this proposal. Tempfile should not be a subclass of File. It is different concept from File. I’m okay to implement Tempfile without delegator. However, I’m not sure it implemeted with subclass of File.

File is a wrapper of fd. Tempfile is not only a wrapper but handle other information.

Action: Matz will reply this issue.

[Feature #11218] FILE_SHARE_DELETE (naruse)

naruse: (explain about this proposal). This proposal is only for Windows.

(discussion) It is simialr to Unix behavior, but not same.

ko1: What’s happen on unsupported platform?

naruse: just ignore it.

matz: How about providing Interger constant?

akr: How about larger than 32bit integer


matz: integer is preferrable, symbol is also ok

naruse: I need modestr2modeint for add the new integer flag (rb_io_modestr_oflags)

Action: Discuss on ticket

[Feature #11251] pthread_set_name_np (naruse)

ko1: Interface?

naruse: Thread#name, Thread#name=

akr: As a spec, this API specify Thread object’s name, setting pthread’s name is platform dependent.

matz: no idea. “name” is too general? -> no problem. Approved.

akr: show it in inspect

Action: naruse will implement it

Fix String#+ when subclassed #920 (hsbt)

Action: reply on issue.

[Feature #5455] $SAFE should be removed(hsbt)

matz: $2 and $3 can be removed.

Action: Matz will reply on ticket. hsbt-san will try implent.

[Feature #10730] Implement Array#bsearch_index(hsbt)

matz: go ahead.

Action: Matz will reply. nobu will merge.

[Feature #10017] Add Hash#values_at!(hsbt)

matz: approved (Hash#fetch_values).

Action: Matz will reply. Nobu will merge it.

[Feature #9108] Hash sub-selections

Action: Matz will reply.

Did you mean gem -> #11252

Action: continue to discuss how to implement (nobu)

[Feature #11215] pack/unpack for (u)intptr_t

Action: Matz will approve it.

[Feature #10769] Negative counterpart to Enumerable#slice_when

[Feature #11253] rb_io_modestr_oflags for Ruby API

matz: add keyword argument “flags”, which is OR-ed with 2nd argument mode.

[Feature #11158] Introduce a Symbol.count API as a more efficient alternative to Symbol.all_symbols.size

naruse: If they use this for metrics, it should show 3 different count for each symbol types

akr: the number of existing symbols is implementation specific information. which should be in ObjectSpace.

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Date: 7/28 14:00- (JST)