Online Movement Resources

Compiled by Mariah Meyer LeFeber, MA LPC BC-DMT

March 2020

I have heard from many of you how helpful you’ve found these resources – and I am so glad! During this trying time, please remember that for many artists and movers out there, teaching is their livelihood – and this is currently very compromised. I hope you’ll engage in the below in order to benefit your own holistic well-being, and as you are able, that you’ll also support local artists and movement teachers through virtual or live-streamed classes (I’m working to build a list of those if you scroll down). Let me know if you have additions to this growing list by sending me a message at Thank you!

·      Do Yoga With Me


o  Free online yoga classes; you can choose the focus, length and difficulty

·      Barre3


o  Typically subscription based but currently offering a free 15 day trial for their online workouts!

·      Open Source Dance Class


o  Brand new YouTube channel created in response to dance courses moving online; different dance professors/educators will upload elements of dance classes online for access

·      Dancing Alone Together


o  Another source created especially for the unique time, this online resource offers livestream classes and performances, as well as prompts to create

·      Fitness Blender


o  YouTube fitness channel; variety for focus, length and difficulty

·      Lazy Dancer Tips


o  YouTube dance classes; variety of ballet based classes and workouts

·      Yoga With Adriene


o  YouTube yoga classes; free yoga classes of different lengths and styles

·      Rachel Meyer Yoga


o  YouTube yoga channel; vinyasa style yoga you can do at home (also, that’s my sister!)

·      Ballerinas by Night


o  YouTube dance channel; created for adults beginning ballet or returning after a long time

·      Kathryn Morgan


o  YouTube channel; ballet based classes and workouts led by ballerina Kathryn Morgan

·      Dancio


o  Online dance classes with professional dancers; typically subscription based but currently offering a free two week trial

·      The Balanced Life Pilates with Robin Long

o  YouTube fitness channel; features different lengths and levels of pilates and barre workouts

·      Laban/Bartenieff Warm-Up


o  This is a Laban-based movement warm-up; some of it might feel/look familiar to our class floor warm-up (for my dance students)

·      Developmental Movement Patterns – Somatic Groundwork


o  Another warm-up that might connect to what we’ve done and talked about in class (for my dance students)

·      Fitness Marshall


o  YouTube fitness dance channel; workout dances set to popular music songs (also, super fun!)

·      Pop Sugar Fitness


o  YouTube fitness channel; variety of dance based workouts

·      Progressive Muscle Relaxation


o  Calming progressive muscle relaxation for body awareness and relaxation; maybe you could finish with this after doing some other movement?

·      Eight Pieces Qigong


o  YouTube Qigong channel; includes a full 20 minute daily routine

·      5 Minute Guided Meditation


o  One example of many different guided meditations available on YouTube

·     Apps (so many more, this is just a list to get you started!):

o  Down Dog Yoga

o  Just Dance Now

o  Yoga Anytime

o  Yoga for Everybody

o  Headspace (Mindfulness)

o  Calm (Mindfulness)

Kid Friendly Online Movement Resources

These are great for anyone, but especially for kids! All YouTube videos and channels that cater to movement for children. These are amazing and my own 7 and 9 year olds are benefiting from them so much right now!


·      BrainDance Example Video


·      GoNoodle


·      Cosmic Kids Yoga


·      Kidz Bop Kids


·      Moovlee


·      P.E. with Joe (on The Body Coach)


Support Artists: Virtual & Streamed Classes

The quickly evolving and emerging library of virtual and streamed dance and movement classes is an amazing testament to the resilience, flexibility and creativity of the dance community. I hope this list keeps growing as we all learn new ways to move together / while not together.

·      Classical Ballet Academy, Portland, OR

o  Virtual, synchronous classes for ages three to adult in ballet, contemporary and more

o Email for more information 

·     Dance with Joy Studios, Portland, OR


o Virtual ballroom and much more; check out the full schedule online

·      Vancouver Wellness Studio, Vancouver, WA


o  Livestream yoga and dance from a wonderful, dance/movement therapist owned wellness studio

·      Lix Sexe Dance & Pilates, Madison, WI

o  Adult intermediate/advanced modern Sundays at 5:30 p.m. CST with the amazing Liz Sexe