Thanks to everyone who took part in We are Family spring 2017 tour !

Archive document coming soon !!!



1 - 31    We Are Cosmos Family exhibition, Shimbashi, Tokyo

20    Kamakura Carnival electric parade little miss paradise how do you get to wonderland puppet show

11 - 17    PDC Part 2


Jan ? Jogja


Nimbin Mardigras 2018

all information kinda correct as of 1 June 2017; for latest version, please check  We Are Family evolving 2017 original text  woodfired fire engine    handmade earth dome oven     pop up live house      free minding improvised MUSIC sessions      OPEN OVEN experiments    wonderful creative pizzas any  shape’n’flavour  you like, hands in dough    cookie sculptures  knead you  eat     vege umami school of easy yummy good nourishment karmically sound  beautiful useful kitchen tools .