Jan 2018

宇宙 大使館 >> Uchu Taishikan >> the Embassy of Out of Space >> ありがとう 大好きだよ

thank-you, love you >> we are big family >> 6 ~ 28 jan 2018 >> tetoka, kanda, earth

open everyday for embassy business 4 - 11pm, closed wednesdays

food, drinks, good company, visions, selected works from our archives from the last 30 years

of living and having fun with our mad and beautiful species on this precariously thin crust of

inhabitable paradise on a boiling rock hurtling round an almost eternally exploding star.

celebrating and honouring the past with our feet grounded and earthed

enjoying the here and now with our full guts and beating hearts

and dreaming of a future where everyone is happy with our fading minds far outer space

thanks to everyone who has shared and will share this exquisite journey

courage, calmness, trust (in universo) and the other one*

onwards to the stars

yada + michael, dec 2017 yen