Uchu Taishikan Schedule Jan 2018

Jan 6(土)Sat

宇宙大使館 Grand Opening !

DJ: Keiji Spacy Ito and friends

色の日, Epiphany, Armenian Christmas Holiday, Armed Forces Day 


ドゥイのクリエイティブ な遊びの時間  Dui's Creative playing time  14:00~18:00 参加費 ¥500

Lazy Sunday puppet theatre

Coptic Christmas Holiday, Orthodox Christmas Holiday


Gorogoro pink Monday

外国郵便の日, 勝負事の日, Epiphany Holiday


Easy and lazy Tuesday



Thank you letter Thursday

鏡開き,塩の日, International thank you day


Hot bath with Dr. John

Hayato Higa's Tarot & Astrology  スキーの日


Happy playing Saturday



神田蚤の市 Kanda Flea Market

11am ~ 4pm


15 (月)Mon

Sleepy blue Monday

ウィキペディアの日, アダルトの日, 手洗いの日, Martin Luther King Day, John Chilembwe Day


Where's The Music ?  18:00 ~ 23:00   DJ: Shohei Fujimoto,

DJおにぎり, Yumicco, and More


Relaxing and calming Thursday  新月2, new moon 2



Angie Mimi's feet up friday, Hot bath with Dr. John

Hayato Higa's Tarot & Astrology   カラオケの日,




19:00 open 20:00 start

door: 1500 yen


ドゥイのクリエイティブ な遊びの時間  Dui's Creative playing time 14:00~18:00  参加費¥500



Gorogoro yellow Monday

カレーの日, ジャズの日, 飛行船の日, Plurinational State Day


Let's get drunk and be useless Tuesday

電子メールの日, 八甲田山の日, アーモンドの日

25 (木)Thu

Sweet Thursday

ホットケーキの日, 中華まんの日, お詫びの日, Saint Sebastian's Day


Spacy & Spicy Night

DJ: Keiji Ito  Curry Master : Magic Kobayashi  Hayato Higa's Tarot & Astrology

パーキングメーターの日, Australia Day


Saturday Night Fever !


求婚の日,  Saint Devata's Day

28(日)Sun - Finale

ドゥイのクリエイティブ な遊びの時間  Dui's Creative playing time 14:00~18:00 参加費 ¥500

Special Guest DJ / VJ till 11pm.

 ダンスパーティの日, コピーライターの日  衣類乾燥機の日, Data protection Day, Jose Marti's B.Day. Finale  

宇宙 大使館 >> Uchu Taishikan >> the Embassy of Out of Space >> ありがとう 大好きだよ 

thank-you, love you >> we are big family >> 6 ~ 28 jan 2018 >> te.to.ka, kanda, earth

open everyday for embassy business 4 - 11pm, closed wednesdays

food, drinks, good company, future visions*, live animation and puppet theatre, micro deluxe and selected works from our archives from the last 30 years of joyous living with our mad and beautiful species on this precariously thin crust of inhabitable paradise on a boiling rock hurtling round an almost eternally exploding star.

celebrating and honouring the past with feet grounded and earthed

enjoying the here and now with full guts and beating hearts

and dreaming of a future where everyone is happy with fading minds far outer space

thanks to everyone who has shared and will share this exquisite journey

courage, calmness, trust (in universo) and curiosity

onwards to the stars !

yada + michael, dec 2017 yen








愛してるぜベイベ、この地表には人類女性35億。     ヤダ

Very special thanks to:

Oto, Hana & David, Chiekochan & Tezukakun (Tetoka), Mike & Mako Kubeck, Dr John Ricketts & family, Phil, Aina & Riya, Yuka & Keiji Ito, Hamish, Yoko, Hugo & Max, Magic Kobayashi, Naoko Hashimoto, Konoko, Atokochan & Gakukun (Dui), Kanchan & family (Toziba), Marichan, Tamechan, Soshunkun,KYOTARO, Kamechan, Acchan, Eff Ludecki, Neo & Chika, Hide, Sunja,  Strange Kinoko Dance Company, Azumi Akai (Tottori Hospitale), Mari Sato (Kobe KIITO), Hoya Crystal, Koji Sato (Minpaku), Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Kirin Plaza Osaka,  David D’Heilly (2DK), Eva Kumlin, Miyuki Maruo, Mari Sato (Hara Museum), Mark & Astrid (KDa), Nam June Paik Art Centre, Swedish Embassy, SuperDeluxe, Deluxe Azabujuban, Toshi Sako, Yoshihi Futana, Yasunori Ikunishi, exonemo, Satoshi Minakawa,Romana Keiko, Junpei & Kurio (Paradise Alley), Emilinco & Shige (Kamakurayama), Chun, Seinoshin, Wonchan, Mayan & Bibichan, Afrirampo, Fujinoya Mai, Eichan,  Yoshiro, Taro & Katarina Iida, Hideki.T, Okitakun, Graf Osaka, Seijun, Naoko, Hanau, Fujikayo, Eru & Emu, Pero, Kazuo Kimura, Yoshie Tsuda, Koji Yamashita, Honolulu, Bunkochan, Harunachan, kanaechan, Taka & Sayaka, Takeshi kajihara,Tokyo Ale, Yorocco beer,Uma, Pascale & Mote, Nemeth Family, Zook Co.Ltd.  and all our other friends and collaborators ...

Background story.

Having had their budget cut drastically by the space council who have largely given up on earth ever progressing beyond planetary stage 0 due to our lack of care for natural systems, reckless use of nuclear energy and love of war. Uchu Taishikan is running on a skeleton staff, confused, lazy and often drunk they nevertheless still romantically believe in the possibilities of this blue marble they call home. The embassy still opens every day (except wednesday) to share dreams and processes and connect people who are working hard to build a brighter future for the next generation. Please come and join us ...

Rough pretentious incomplete notes (best ignored)

*  Yet another Future Vision, (just like the last future vision but NEW)

A garden (or a connection of gardens) planned with an understanding that some trees live to be over 1000 years old. A free food forever food forest full of flowers and insects and animals living happily in the healthiest lowest-maintenance way possible. A few families with kids and old people. Private spaces. communal spaces. Shared resources, healthy and resilient. Nestled in and supporting a thriving local community, providing a playing, learning and working environment for local kids of all ages.

A collection of tiny and mobile houses, built with materials from the land, low impact, etc. etc. all the right words, all correct boxes ticked. Larger community spaces. Support for travelers to stay short or long term and to share skills, and culture and visions. A simple, self correcting, evolving operating system to keep harmony and peace and deal with complexities and difficulties. A place to live and a place to die, surrounded by loved ones and light. It has been tried a million times since we crawled out of the swamps and grew lungs. And it has failed nearly always and may not even be possible.

So many simple technologies being tuned and shared all over this planet to support such a network of places, there is no need to try and list them all, we just trust that whatever we need can be found.

You may say we are dreamers and 30 years of dreaming has led us to so many fascinating people and places it feels like its time to take stock and see what we can do with it at a new scale. We have looked all over the planet for a place for inakadeluxe, spa-deluxe, kinky muff land, ultradeluxe, honki tanuki mugen do, yama wonderland etc. etc. We have written concepts and manifestos. Drawn sketches and lists of edible and useful plants. Planted perennials on swales, grafted trees. Learned to light up our chakras, communicate non-violently, compost our humanure, butcher wild boars and deers, ducks and chickens. To extract essences from herbs in both modern and ancient alchemical methods. Build ovens from earth and straw and bake bread and pizzas better than we can buy in the best city shops. Learned to sing and dance and improvise and explore esoteric tunings. Build houses from the materials of the local forest or the local homecenter. To program complex audio media processes and harness the deep awakening power of the intertubes, sometimes well before the big boys even started up.  Learned to be rich, to be poor, to be sick and healthy, to love and to help our loved ones rest in peace.

We have picked up tiny shards of deep wisdom from the very few true artists we have been lucky enough to cross paths with and we learned that for us art is not about individuals or products, but the communal co-creating and holding of a special space where anyone who enters is an artist and we can all be surprised together by whatever magic happens.