the rest of the universe

in the second world, things are quiet.

there is a clock hanging on your wall

with feet instead of hands,

a paneled picture frame of a young girl

playing on the beach.

she is afraid of the water. she is being

sung to by the mermaids.

she will drown at sea.

every inch of your skin is

supple-soft; looks like buttermilk.

your insides are the colour of daffodils.

you have never seen a mother before.

you are lying in a field with your

eyes closed. the earth rumbles and you hope

it swallows you whole.

the fourth world is dancing flames and

you are frightened. they reach their hands

out towards you, fingers scalding your wrists.

you cannot pull free.

you are in the centre of the circle and your mouth

will not wrench open, you feel your body

turning to ash. your words are soot.

there is a hallway lined with doors,

and each one looks alike, and each one

is exactly the same. you touch one handle

and it shocks your palm.

you try another and there are bells,

ringing in the distance.

one of the doors is locked.

one of the doors is the only thing standing

between you and the rest of the universe.

you choose a door. you open it.

you walk through.

love (ii)

love is a man in his thirties

made up entirely of different shades

of grey. he is in a suit

but his hat is creased in the wrong places.

he didn’t shave and it wasn’t intentional.

you always cross paths while waiting

at the bus stop. you sit a the opposite end

of the bench, and he casts his eyes downwards

and you cross your legs at the ankles.

what else are you to do? love is always

a little nervous about smelling bad. love sits

at a table for two by himself. love is lonely,

and no one warns you about that beforehand.

no one told you that love lives alone.

love is weak. love has a bad left knee.

if we lived in a time of conscription,

love would be overlooked, left to work

in a factory while the others would

venture across seas to die valiant deaths.

no one would cry if love were to die and

he knows this. most people don’t realize

that love has left the room until after he is

long gone.

Pride and Envy

Envy wrote a note

to Pride

asking just how he could stand

to show off what he had

when he was without so much

and Pride jumped from his roof top

to show that he could fall

like nobody else had ever fallen