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Critical Thinking

Students use higher order skills of evaluation, synthesis, and analysis. App lends itself well to a true project based environment.

Use is interactive and would be difficult for teacher to recreate without technology. The teacher will use the product as a resource.

Skills are practiced and refined when using this app. Students are engaged in lower order thinking activities.


App provides opportunity for users to discuss and share information.

Students use the app to share information within their class only.

No collaboration is present with the app. Teacher will plan activities to collaborate face to face after using the app.


Users can easily create and share media for others, using accounts they already have.

Students can create media, but sharing and creation are difficult and not user friendly.

Users do not create educational material with this app.


Students use the app to communicate with other students, teachers, and community.

Students may be able to communicate with the teacher only.

Students are unable to communicate with others OR students are unable to create accounts to allow for communication.

Knowledge Gained

or Purpose

Information available in the app is thought provoking and engages students in problem solving.

App may is a resource that would be difficult for the teacher to recreate.

Examples: Productivity, Diagrams, Calculators, Reading

Users are consumers of information

Examples: Games, Videos, Rote Memorization

Curricular Tie

Use of app has a direct curricular tie for current classroom studies.

App would be used for spiral learning activities and reteaching.

Activities are not an appropriate grade level for students.

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