November 16, 2016

Pine City District Parents/Guardians,

Winter weather will soon be upon us, and along with it, the decision whether to have school or not. The safety of our students is our biggest concern and is always the top priority, along with other factors, when making these decisions.

The variables that will be taken into consideration when making the decision are:

Here are the options that we consider when determining what to do on a day of inclement weather:

When it is determined that the buses will travel on plowed roads only, this will apply to all roads in the district. We work closely with all of the local municipalities by giving them the bus routes and where we would like to see additional assistance in snow removal and salting. Our input is helpful to them, but they have a big job and they cannot be everywhere at once.

If you live on a dead-end road and the road is not plowed, parents can call and arrange for the bus to pick them up at the end of the road to prevent the bus from getting stuck and causing further delay in the route.

As a reminder, if the bus cannot get to your students and/or you are not able to get them to school due to weather, your child will be excused from school for that day. Students are responsible for making up any school work missed. If you have questions whether the bus will be able to get to you please contact 4.0 School Services at 320-629-2032. Please be patient if you are trying to call the school or 4.0 School Services because the phones are extremely busy due to the number of people it takes to put the plan into action.

The school district uses an emergency notification system, which allows the school district to send out a message by phone to all phone numbers (home and cell) listed in our school database. Therefore, it is imperative parents/guardians keep these phone numbers up to date throughout the school year. You may check your contact information through ParentVUE. Please contact the school if any information needs to be updated.

We appreciate your cooperation as we all work to ensure everybody’s safety during Minnesota winters.


Annette K. Freiheit

Annette K. Freiheit