1. An electric plug adapter for your laptop or phone charger.In ireland we use the 3-pin 13A plugs amp sockets for mains electricity,

  1. Raincoat or umbrella & suitable warm clothing. The average max temperature in March is 10C, Weather data here: http://www.met.ie/climate/monthly-data.asp?Num=375

  1. Casual/sports clothes & sports shoes(sneakers): During your stay you will have chance to play 5-a-side soccer and our national games, Gaelic Football & Hurling

  1. (If you want to go hillwalking) Hiking boots & rain-wear: The I.T.Carlow hillwalking society will be  organising a hillwalking outing on Saturday 29th March. You will be welcome to join the outing, but you must bring hiking boots and rain-wear.