Narrative Planning Sheet

Characters (Major and minor characters - give names, descriptions, traits, feelings … etc)

They are peaceful

Harriot is smart Harriot is brown and fuzzy guinea pig and she has a white lightning strike in her hair.

Angel is not smart and is very white but likes to be muddy and likes to roll around in grass.

Co Conut is not smart but loves to eat grass and carrots and her nickname is Co Co and she is brown.

The big pie is mean and does not like the three guinea pigs and really likes candy and pizza and is a mice and chess pie.

Setting (When, where, … be descriptive)

There in a big open field.

On November 10th 2017.

They left their mum and their sisters.

Problem/Conflict (The main dilemma that leads the characters to act in the way they did)

The pie wants to eat them.

The guinea pigs just want to eat grass and live their lives properly.

They probably want to eat some carrots

Plot (Major sequence of events in order … the action)




They leave their mum and dad

And they start building their house angel builds a house out of

candy and Co Conut builds a house out of pizza Harriot builds a house out of fur.

 The big bad pie comes and eats the candy house and the pizza house and the guinea pigs flee to Harriot’s house.

The fur house is too fluffy and he can not hand the fuzziness and he runs away They live happily ever after.

Solution/Resolution (How the problem got solved)

The big bad pie runs away because he can not deal with the fuzziness of the fur house.

The big bad pie just wants to eat them and their houses

Theme/Author's  message (What can you learn from the story? How should the characters avoid this problem in the future?)

To not build a house out of candy or pizza and build a house out of fur.


I found this hard because I could not find something to write about but when I got the idea and then I found it a little easier to write it all down. Next time I will try to add more information and make it longer.