211. Forbidden potion, done!

「Now, although it's a delicious treat,

 I have to go home soon.」

「Eh, you should stay here for the night~.」

「There will also be a junior college tomorrow and

 besides...I want to report it to obaa-san as well.」

「I see~.

 Well then, see you tomorrow.」

「Ah, see you tomorrow.」

「Wait a moment, I'll send you off.」

「Onii-chan, do you know the idiom『okuri ookami[1]』?」

「If you do『okuri ookami』to Mai-san, you will be beaten at your own game and it's instant death.

 In addition, as one would expect, a do-emu (どm[2]) girl......

 no, it's nothing.」

「Onii-san, did you say something just now?」

「Nothing, I didn't say anything.」

 I held Mai-san's hands and sent her home.

 It's because of【teleportation】that we held hands though......


 I who sent Mai-san home came back to the house,

 and resumed crafting potions.

 A little more, it will likely raise the potioncraft's level~.

 I have to do my best!

 However, when I continued to make about 50【curse dispelling potions】too, I've become tired as expected.

 I changed the feeling with a big stretch.

 When I suddenly noticed, it feels like the vibration of the twin magic stone becomes a little fast......

 I wonder if it's my imagination?

 No, that's not it!

 The interval between the vibration obviously becomes faster.

 Is there something happened with Lela?

 I think that she's not going through something dangerous since the【vigilance】magic isn't informing me of『danger』but......

 Just in case, I try to check the tracking beacon's video.

『It can't be viewed in order to not violate the【Privacy policy】.』


 I can't check the video.

 That fellow, Lela. What on earth is she doing?

 Umu, an action which raises up the heart rate in the middle of the night and it seems to be a violation to the【privacy policy】......

 Haha, yes, I understand!

 That being the case, that fellow, Lela......

 She must have been training, most likely in her underpants.

 Such things as push-ups, sit-ups, squats......

 Well, she seems to be likely doing such a thing since Lela is diligent.

 She doesn't neglect training in preparation for the surprise attack of the devil-kin.

 Lela is seriously making an effort to that extent, huh......

 I have to follow her example too~.

 That's it!

 I will also move my body for a change!

 When I start moving my body, my pulse rate rises too, because of the pleasant sensation of exercising.

 Umu, it's a good change of pace, huh.

 After a while, the throbbing of the twin magic stone becomes faster as well, as if in response to the rise of my pulse.

 That fellow, Lela. Is she burning with competitiveness toward me?

 I'm not going to lose too!

 However, the vibration of the twin magic stone becomes abnormally fast.

 Oi oi, Lela, are you alright?

 Aren't you hustling somewhat too much?

 Despite my concern, the vibration becomes faster.

 It will become dangerous for Lela if it remains this way.

 Should I go to help with【teleportation】?

 However, until the tracking beacon's video returned, the situation can't be grasped.

 Umu, what on earth should I do......?

 When I was confused on what to do―

 the twin magic stone suddenly began to shake with *bikun bikun*.

 Dangerous! Is she having convulsion!?

 But, why is my【vigilance】magic doesn't react??

 Eei, there's no point even if I think about it.

 I'm going to help her now!

 Then, when I tried to move with【teleportation】―

 the【teleportation】didn't invoke.

 Damn! The date has yet to changed!

 Shit! Please be safe until the date changes!

 However, after a while, the convulsion calmed down.

 The vibration too gradually became slow.

 Huh? Did she escape danger?

 Did you by any chance hustle too much and just have a cramped leg?

 When I waited for a while without being able to grasp the situation,

 the tracking beacon's video has suddenly returned.

 With a refreshed expression, Lela was sleeping on her bed snoring with *sou sou*.

 Although she has been carrying out such intense activity until just now, she is already sleeping......

 surprisingly, that fellow likes to sleep, huh.

 However, what was that a short while ago?

 What kind of intense exercise she did that it'd become like that?

 The mystery of Lela's intense exercise just deepens but

 well, if Lela is safe, it's fine, right......

 By shifting the mood, I resumed crafting potions.


 When the date has changed, and the night grows late, and Aya and the others have all been fast as sleep too,

『【Potioncraft】is now level 5.』


 It finally became level 5!!

 I've firmly held down the urge to shout.

 It will disturb the neighbors.

 And then, I finally start to craft the forbidden potions.

 When I kept crafting potions in a selfless state

 and finished crafting:

 【Elixir +2】x 3,

 【Hair loss treatment potion +2】x 3,

 【Fat reduction potion +2】x 3,

 【Huge breast potion +2】x 3,

 and a bonus,【stimulant potion +3】x 3,

 I noticed that it's already half past 3.


 I have to sleep fast!

 I cast【sleep】on myself and went into a deep sleep.



│【Elixir +2】

│Completely recovers physical strength and magic power,

│about 9% loss of body weight,

│and regeneration[3] takes effect in a week.

│Rarity: ★★★★★



│【Hair loss treatment potion +2】

│The effect of falling hair prevention and hair growth promotion

│lasts for 1 year.

│About half of the effect will remain after that.

│Rarity: ★★★★★



│【Fat reduction potion +2】

│Reduce 5% of body weight in a week.

│The effect increases the higher the degree of fatness.

│There will be no effect even if one drinks more during its duration of action.

│An additional effect of fat prevention for 1 year.

│Rarity: ★★★★★



│【Huge breast potion +2】

│Increase 5% of breast volume in a week.

│Improves the size and decreases the darkening of areola,

│it also has an effect of restoring it when it gets out of shape.

│There will be no effect even if one drinks more during its duration of action.

│The effect increases the smaller the breasts.

│An additional effect of stiff neck prevention for 1 year.

│Rarity: ★★★★★


[1] lit. sending wolf; a 'gentleman' who escorts a woman home, only to make a pass at her.

[2] Not really if ドM and どm is the same.

[3] 再生