2016-2017 R&J Broadcasting, Inc. Scholarship


R&J Broadcasting, Inc awards the R&J Broadcasting, Inc. Scholarship to Minnesota and North Dakota residents who meet the criteria below. The Incorporation will award four $500 scholarships to qualified candidates for the 2016-2017 school year.



General Information



Failure to meet or submit all requirements results in disqualification. Incomplete applications are not considered. Applicants must provide the following:

·         A writing sample of no less than 3 pages in length

·         2 letters of recommendation: 1 from a teacher or professor discussing academic achievements, and 1 from an employer (if the applicant is not employed, a substitute letter from a teacher, coach, volunteer coordinator, or another adult supervisor is acceptable.)

·         An OFFICIAL high school transcript

·         A copy of the letter of acceptance or other documentation certifying admission/acceptance to an accredited post-secondary educational institution.

·         A 500-word essay on why the applicant wishes to pursue a career in broadcasting/communications media.

·         Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

·         Any additional information or supporting materials that may aid the scholarship committee (audio/video material, graphics/web design examples, published written articles, etc.)



·         Applicant must be a current high school student, attending classes & demonstrate with a letter from school to be receiving a diploma upon your high school graduation.

·         Applicant need not be employed in the broadcasting industry.

·         Applicant must be Minnesota or North Dakota resident within the R&J Broadcasting, Inc. Broadcast area.

·         Current R&J Broadcasting, Inc. officers, directors, office staff, and their immediate families are not eligible to receive the scholarship.

·         Applicant must verify acceptance by, or enrollment at an accredited post-secondary educational institution. The Scholarship Committee assumes that many applicants will be enrolled in courses or programs that will prepare them for work in the radio broadcasting industry. However, the Committee recognizes that some students may elect to pursue majors or courses not directly connected to media studies. Such students must demonstrate a sincere desire to seek an eventual career in radio broadcast or media through work at a campus radio station, involvement with production, broadcast, web design, or online social media/marketing.

·         Scholarship funds are payable directly to the education institution and may be used to defray the cost of tuition, books, supplies, fees, and school sponsored on-campus housing and/or meal programs.

·         R&J Broadcasting, Inc. funds may only be used to pay for the costs remaining after federal and state government scholarships/grants an applicant has secured have been exhausted.

·         The R&J Broadcasting Scholarship Committee judges and selects the scholarship recipients. All decisions are final.

·         Winners will be notified by mail or telephone call.

·         Winners awarded scholarships acknowledge/approve their names can/will be used by R&J Broadcasting, Inc with news or on air & social media promotion.

·         Winners awarded scholarships acknowledge/approve their names will be used with publications at High School graduation events.


 To Apply:        ***All applications must be postmarked no later than March 31st, 2017

*** Please return the application and accompanying materials to:

R&J Broadcasting, Inc.                                                                                                                         Attn: Communication Scholarship

312 West Main Street

Ada, MN 56510


Questions should be directed to:

Jim Birkemeyer - Email: jimradio@loretel.net

R&J Broadcasting, Inc.

Phone: 218-784-2844 or Toll Free: 800-569-4171

                                2016-2017 R&J Broadcasting, Inc. Scholarship


Name:   _____________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City: _________________________ State ___________

Zip Code: ____________               Phone: (____) - ____- ______

Email: ________________________________________________



1)        Which college, university, or technical school do plan to attend? State your anticipated high school graduation date. Include official confirmation of your acceptance or enrollment at the institution and an OFFICIAL high school transcript.

        School Name: _________________________ City/State: _______________

2)        Are you employed by a radio or television station?

Check ONE - YES _____   NO _____

If yes, which station/city? _______________________________________

*Employment at a radio or television station is not required to apply for the scholarships*

         3) Please attach a 500 word essay, writing sample, and 2 (two) letters of         


               *See 2016-2017 rules for a detailed explanation of requirements*


3)        Feel free to include any additional information or supporting materials          

that you believe may aid the scholarship committee in its decision-making process.


Signature:_______________________________________________  Date: _____________


                                       Submit your application by March 31st, 2017