These 7 self-making practices are a response to UW Geographer Matt Sparke’s

satirical “Seven Habits of Highly Successful Neoliberals”

i) Contextual responsibility  a reflective awareness that individuals exist within historical, social, and personal contexts, which then fosters understanding of both oneself and others.

ii) Generative collaboration  involving members of a community using risk-taking, exploration, and competition to generate better ideas and experiences for the common good.

iii) Social Enrichment  viewing diverse, non-economic aspects of life like education, art, love, health, eating, parenting, and religion/spirituality, as valuable investments for the self and community - not as accessories to further one’s status.

iv) Self-Cultivation  involving the growth and refinement of the self based upon one’s own beliefs and the constantly-changing nature of one’s environment; an active self-reflection.

v) Interactive-Conscientiousness  respecting personal background and experience when engaging in discourse; exercising cultural competence and attention to personal triggers.


vi) Rhizomatic-Reciprocity  being flexible and accommodating towards change and opportunity; embracing not only vertical growth, but also horizontal exploration.

vii) Cultural-inclusivity the acceptance of things/people perceived as different or lesser, and acknowledging their significance - reflecting on the question, “We’re all sitting at the table, but who’s allowed to speak?”