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Oregon Trail Map 

Select the Oregon National Historic Trail.

View the map in different ways - topography, imagery, open street.

Why do you think they chose the route they did to Oregon?

How long do you think this trip took considering miles?

What do you believe some of the obstacles of this journey would be?

Story of Life on the Trail

Read how this 11 year old described life on the trail.

How does she describe life on the trail? What difficulties stuck out to you?

Oregon Trail Video 

Watch the video and answer the following questions:

 1. How did this video give you a visual of what life was like on the trail? What did it SHOW you.

 2. What sort of people made the journey?       Would your family be an example of one who would take the risk?

2 Brothers Podcast

Two brothers TODAY do the Oregon Trail in a covered wagon, listen to their podcast on what it was like.

Why would their experience be more difficult and more simple than the original people that tackled the Oregon Trail?

Oregon Trail Game

Play the game. When finished record the major things that happened to your family on the trail.