League Rules

Southern Maine Middle School Conference

2012 Baseball By-Laws

  1. Game times are 3:30 pm unless another  time is mutually agreed upon by both schools.
  2. All Games are scheduled for 7 innings.
  3. At least 3 new balls shall be used to start each game.
  4. NFHS rules are used with these amendments:
  1. 15 Run rule after 4 1/2 or 5 innings unless by mutual agreement the game may continue.
  2. No new inning shall start after 2 hours from the time the game actually starts.
  3. Visiting team has the field from 3:05 to 3:15 pm and Home team from 3:15 to 3:25pm for infield practice, based on a 3:30 game start
  4. 6th Graders can not play on the 8th Grade team
  1. Home team is responsible for notifying the assignor of postponed games and also for make-ups.
  2. Pitching rest rules are as follows:
  1. One pitch constitutes an inning.
  2. More than one inning but less than 4, need one day rest
  3. Four innings or more, 3 days rest.
  4. Maximum of 7 innings for one day.
  5. A day of rest is defined as a calendar day between days pitched.
  1. Only board officials used unless mutually agreed because of lack of supply.
  2. All Umpires are assigned  by league assignor.
  3. Teams in SMMC league are as follows:

Cumberland County –8th Gr

York County –8th Grade

7th Grade

1.Bonny Eagle





2. Biddeford



3.Bonny Eagle



4. Gorham












8 .Saco

9.So.Maine Catholic


9. Sanford



10. Scarborough



11. St. James



12. Thornton Academy



13. Westbrook

  1. Any team personnel ejected from a game must not participate in the next league game.
  2. Fees for Umpires: Plate $41.00; Bases $39.00; One official = 1 1/2 fee ($61.50)
  3. Travel is 44¢ per mile-No travel to officials 10 miles or less round trip.
  4. Bring these rules with you on your clipboard or  scorebook to clarify with Umpires and other coach.

2012 Triple C Guidelines

  1. The philosophy for the Triple C baseball league is to provide opportunity for everybody play with winning not being the priority.  Therefore, there is no league champion established.
  2. Weekday games will begin at 3:30 PM unless a change is made in advance.  Officials and assignors must be called with changes.
  3. There are NO metal cleats allowed in CCC games.
  4. The MPA pitching rule for baseball is in effect for all teams.  Violations of this rule will result in the forfeiture of the game for the use of an ineligible player.
  5. Federation rules will apply with the exception of the Nine Batter Rule.
  6. Ejection rule for players and coaches - If a student or coach is ejected or disqualified from a game for unsportsmanlike behavior of any form it will result in the suspension of that student or coach from that game and the next regularly scheduled game.
  7. Baseball bats must have the BBCOR stamp on them.  
  8. One piece catcher’s mask must be worn by all catchers and those warming up pitchers (coaches included).
  9. Face masks attached to batter’s helmets must match in order for the NOCSAE approval to be enforced.
  10. Batters must wear helmets during any pre-game batting practice.  An L-Screen will be utilized for pre-game batting practice.
  11. For safety purposes, during pre-game infield, the opposing team will vacate the playing field so that the team taking infield may have full use of the playing field.
  12. The ten run rule will be in effect after five innings.
  13. All base coaches are required to wear an approved helmet.  Catchers’ skull caps are not allowed.
  14. No new inning may begin after 2 ½ hours and games may end in ties.

MPA Pitching Rule for Baseball:

  1. A player who pitches in four or more innings may not pitch again until three calendar days have elapsed.
  2. Throwing one pitch constitutes an inning pitched.
  3. A day of rest shall be a calendar day, for example a pitcher throws four or more innings on May 1 may not pitch again until May 5.
  4. A player who has pitched in more than one inning and less than four innings may not pitch again until one calendar day has elapsed.  Exception:  In the event the team plays two games in a single day, a player may pitch a maximum of three innings per game.
  5. A player may pitch in one inning on consecutive days.

Pitching Advisory:

  1. A coach who has the best interest of the player in mind will remove that player once a total of 80-90 pitches are thrown.
  2. 3.5” X 7” lineup cards need to be used for all Middle School Baseball games.
  3. An illegal player will only be removed for the remainder of the game, but will be allowed to participate in the next regularly scheduled game.

Nine Batter Rule:  To insure participation and fair competition at the middle school level, there will be a nine batter rule.  If the point spread between the two teams reaches 10 runs, the teams will continue to play using the nine batter rule.  If at any point a team’s lead reaches ten runs, the team that is ahead may only bat nine batters per inning so long as the ten run lead is maintained.

Points of Clarification:

  1. The nine batter rule will begin after a team is behind by 10 runs.
  2. The team that is ahead will continue with the nine batter rule or three outs, whichever comes first.